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By Cleve Shirley | Agent in San Diego, CA

Best Dog Breeds for Downtown Condo Living

Living an urban lifestyle is all about luxury, fun, and convenience. Having a four-legged friend isn't a luxury you have to give up just because you’ve traded a yard for a balcony in your new condo. Cats are easy to accommodate, but among the hundreds of different dog breeds, from tiny Chihuahuas to massive Mastiffs, which will thrive in an urban condo or loft? A little research will help you determine what kind of dog will love living the downtown lifestyle as much as you do.

Every condo or loft community that has a homeowners association will have rules about what type and how many pets are allowed in each condo unit. It is also a good idea to check with the company that provides your homeowner insurance to see if they have breed restrictions before you begin searching for a pet.

You may assume that a small space calls for a small dog. Some small breeds are very energetic, or bred to be very social, and will not do well being left alone inside a condo all day. Conversely, there are larger dog breeds that do not require as much exercise or attention, and will happily nap the day away until it’s time for an evening walk. If you bring home a puppy of any breed, be prepared to spend extra time training your new pet for the first few weeks.

Great pets for downtown condo living
Big or small, there is a dog that will love downtown condo life as much as you do

Among small dogs, a compact Bichon Frise will do far less anxious barking than the petite Chihuahua. Poodles of any size, from tiny toys to tall standard poodles, require only a moderate amount of exercise each day, and due to their high intelligence, will take well to house training. If you want a dog that will be quiet and mellow all day, and then happily join you for a jog after work, either a petite Pug or a Great Dane can be a good choice. The American Kennel Club has a detailed list of the characteristics of almost 200 dog breeds. There is detailed information about how the temperament, exercise and grooming needs of different types of dogs.

Contact a San Diego Condodomain agent to arrange a tour of pet-friendly condos and lofts available in downtown San Diego, and save thousands on the commission in the process. Call 877-852-6636 to speak with a representative today!

Photo courtesy of By Charles Melton (USAG Fort Irwin) (United States Army) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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