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New Trulia Vanity URL! Customize Yours Today



Have you ever wanted to add your Trulia Profile URL on your business card? How about in your email signature? On a t-shirt? Did you find the url to be too long? If so, I think you’ll be happy because today we announce the new Trulia Vanity Url. Now you can customize your Trulia Profile any way you like. You can add your first name, full name, company, title or even a slogan. The choice is yours. We listened to your feedback and made your wish a reality.

1. Log in to your Trulia Profile


2. Click edit personal info


3. Create your unique and personalized Trulia Voices Url in the Public Profile section


4. Click Save


To be different, I used my title - Social Media Guru

Rudy Vanity Smurf

Before, my Trulia Url looked like this - http://www.trulia.com/voices/profile/Real_Estate_Pro-12345-123456/

Now, it looks like this - so pretty - http://www.trulia.com/profile/social_media_guru/

Pete Flint Trulia Voices Profile

Our CEO Pete Flint used his first name = short and memorable


So, how will you personalize your Trulia Profile Url? Please let us know by leaving a link here to your new profile and/or write a blog post announcing your new Vanity Url on your Trulia Blog and leave that link here.

Log in now to claim your Trulia Vanity URL


Thanks to Jeff Link for suggesting the option of using a keyword to personalize your Trulia Vanity URL.


By Jay Thompson,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 09:56
Cool. I used a stunning original: http://www.trulia.com/profile/PhoenixREguy
By Rudy Bachraty,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 09:58
Classic Jay! Looks good.
By Vicky Gkiza,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 10:00
good one jay! i love seeing how creative people like you, rudy and other community members are with their URL
By Zipvojames,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 10:46
Great addition to the site! I took "James"
By Randy Hooker,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 11:07
Sorry, Rudy... nothing strikingly original about mine either: http://www.trulia.com/profile/dreamcatcher/
By Luetta Newnam, Broker,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 13:43
Scottsdale! http://www.trulia.com/profile/scottsdale/
By Voices Member,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 13:47
Too cool! I stole mine from a comment by J R ....http://www.trulia.com/profile/armchairgeneral/

Don't tell J R...................
By Rudy Bachraty,  Thu Feb 19 2009, 14:41
@James - Nice.

@Randy - Somehow, it suits you :)

@Luetta - A city, cool!

@Dunes - Looking good general!
By Sandra Lynn McCarty,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 03:07
Wow that was easy? Thank you guys rock!
By Jim Near,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 04:08
Great idea.. I took Charlestonrealestate.
By Sonya Loose,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 05:18
Rudy, this is great!
By Bill Price,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 05:37
Thanks, this was easy to do..
By Jake Ritchie,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 06:04
does this Sell Homes?
By Paul Garver, Esq.,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 06:07
I used http://www.trulia/com/profile/lawyer

Also under the "Pro Types" can I humbly suggest either Attorney, Lawyer or Legal Professional?


By Key Yessaad,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 06:08
Well done Trulia!!!
By Kathy Toth,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 06:12
Great, I reaffirmed Ann Arbor Real Estate
By Jeff Link,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 06:37
You never want to use your name. Use the key word or phrase you want to be found for.
By Mini Samuel,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 06:57
By Karen Wenzel, e-PRO,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 07:36
Thanks for providing this new tool! I took Karen GoPackerUp. (since I'm in "Packer" Country and I tell people
Let me handle the details and "Go Pack'r Up!".
By Terri Hayley,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 07:48
I was going to go with Dallas Real Estate Diva as all my other vanity plates are like that, but I read what Jeff said about people using a key word you want to be found for and that makes sense. I went with Dallas Homes. It was waaaayy easy! Thanks!
By Rudy Bachraty,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 08:02
Good choices everyone!

I really like Jeff's suggestion for selecting a keyword for your Trulia Vanity URL......I'll add it to the list above. But I still think that using your first name or full name is a good option too :)

By Voices Member,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 08:16
I had to change mine cause J R pointed out to me that she said armchair quarterback and not armchair general.

J R and her requirements for being quoted accurately can be very bothersome...........Don't tell anyone I said that.
By BILL GOTTFRIED, Broker, CIPS,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 11:19
Perfect! Thank you very much for this additional content, outstanding!
Thanks again, and with best regards,
Bill Gottfried
Gottfried International Estates
By Joe Bourland, REALTOR,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 12:13
Great...Thanks! I snagged JoeArizona. Have a great weekend!
By Marilyn Katz,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 14:24
Thanks! http://www.trulia.com/profile/Westport_Moves/
By Ricquel Tennis,  Fri Feb 20 2009, 17:28
This is great! I used http://www.trulia.com/profile/SpringfieldMO
By Matt Fagioli,  Sun Feb 22 2009, 04:02
Very cool man! You guys rock. Check it out http://www.trulia.com/profile/atlantarealtor/

btw, see you in a few short weeks at http://www.retechsouth.com !!!
By Jody Jones,  Mon Feb 23 2009, 18:57
Good going!
By Debra Gladchun, ABR, GRI,  Fri Feb 27 2009, 16:51
Personally, I loved being able to use this one http://www.trulia.com/profile/NaplesFLRealEstate
By Josh Delucchi,  Mon Mar 2 2009, 14:22
THANKS for letting us customize!

By Ingrid Jackson,  Fri May 1 2009, 15:04
Love this new change!! Thanks!! http://www.trulia.com/profile/BaldwinCountyRE/
By Ingrid Jackson,  Fri May 1 2009, 15:04
Love the new change! Thanks! http://www.trulia.com/profile/BaldwinCountyRE/
By John Giordano,  Tue Aug 18 2009, 14:49
Still seems to long for a customer to remember.
By Jeff Link,  Sat Jan 23 2010, 14:16
@Rudy People don't search for names they search for specific areas. Asheville Homes gets searched over 1000 times a day. Asheville real estate is searched 683. Sadly Jeff Link gets no searches so how will being vain help generate me leads? It wont so I don't use my name at all in marketing any more. Another added benefit to using generic niche names is, when I decide to leave real estate I can sell my generic account's.(Think YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) I would not be able to sell my Jeff Link branded accounts. (Again YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

@John Giordano Long for a customer maybe, but not to long for Google.

@Terri Hayley You could still use Dallas real estate diva. Since you would still have Dallas real estate in the URL. However Dallas real estate gets 3,396 searches a day. However Dallas homes gets a whooping 5081 searches a day. I really like those odds. As for my URL, I just changed it to http://www.trulia.com/profile/ashevillerealestateashevillehomes/

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