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Rose Wilkinson's Blog

By Rose Wilkinson | Real Estate Pro in Oklahoma City, OK

Any Buyers And Sellers Out There Feel Their Agents Are Lacking In Customer Service?

I have a lot of feedback, being a full time buyer and seller.

- Not returning phone calls or emails (This has to be #1)

- Always late to appointments and showings (And I do mean 99% of the time)

- Giving a blank stare when asked a question out of their level of expertise (Surround yourself with a team of experts)

- Calling creative financing "illegal" or "unethical" just because they don't understand how it works (Read up on it)

- Calling me every single day when I forgot to dot an "i" or cross a "t" on the contract, which can easily be corrected at the closing table because it's not red hot urgent (I understand the broker hounds Realtors about doing paperwork correctly, but investors make several offers per day)

- Depositing earnest money check before an offer is accepted.

- Not being pro-active enough. What I mean by this is I can't tell you how many offers I make per day, and the Realtor says, "Your offer was rejected." So, then I say, "Weeeeellllllllll... are you going to ask the seller to give me a counter offer?" And they say, "OK! I CAN DO THAT!" (Duh)

- Not updating the MLS to reflect that a transaction is "Pending" or "Closed" so I waste my time calling.

- Being so by the book that they will not verbally speak to the seller about what they "might" consider accepting so I don't spend 30 minutes filling out a 10 to 15 page contract for no reason. No, no, no! I have to drive into the office, sit down, whip out a pen, sign an offer, and write out an earnest money check just so the seller can tell me "No, thank you!" like 100 other sellers tell me instead of just having a conversation with the seller. After all, you are getting both ends of the commission if you are also working with the buyer. (This is more in dealing with investors who buy high volumes of properties)

- Having no clue about lending regulations. For example, most investors use hard money lenders. Those guys only lend 50% to 70% of the properties value. Most Realtors think a "good deal" is $5,000 off the retail sales price.

-Showing fixer uppers to buyers who only qualify for FHA / VA loans.

- Insisting that I physically drive to a house and take a look at the inside before I make an offer when the house is nothing but a piggy bank to me, not a place I'm going to live.

- Not enough advertising on the internet or Craigslist when I give them a listing

- Don't take enough pictures of the property to put on the MLS

- Don't give enough buyer feedback

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