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By Ron Griffin, BSCM | Agent in 40223

Forceâ„¢ For Earth Distributorships Now Available

ForceTM For Earth is the fuel&engine conditioner that is receiving a lot of attention these days. It has been used for decades by large vehicle fleet owners (think 55 gallon drums) but is now available to the consumer in a nifty 32 oz. bottle that you can measure out the right amount and pour it in your gas tank and engine oil.

Distributorships are available in this ground floor business for a very reasonable investment. $ 50 membership fee and $10 for your internet account (Your own full fledge website for $ 10 a month is pretty cool.)  You will receive 2 bottles per month for around $70 for your use and to give out to friends, family or colleagues to help spread the word and build your business. You can drop out at anytime as there is no contract. You can spend more if you want to have some product to pass out, that is up to you.

To really kick start your new business, follow these instructions like I did.
Purchase a case of 12 bottles for $ 395 + tax & shipping.
With the $50 membership fee & $10 website charge, your total investment is only around $ 500.
This entitles you to the rank of DIRECTOR, where you are now eligible for commissions & bonuses.
You will receive a $75 commission for each person you enlist under the $ 500 Director plan.
After your 6th sign up, you get a bonus of $ 400.
That's $850 back to you on an investment of $ 500. ($75 x 6 enrollees + $ 400). Pretty cool.
After that you're off and running, accumulating points for product sold leading to more bonuses. 

Yes, this is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business, kinda like Amway or Avon, except in my opinion, this business offers a superior product which benefits consumers and saves you gas money instead of trying to convince someone to buy something they don't need. But if you could turn back the clock and join one of those groups in the beginning you would be making millions right now.

If interested email me at Ron.Griffin@insightbb.com or call (502-396-9624) and I can give you more information, if not that's fine.

If you're in a hurry to sign up (someone did) go here. You don't have to email or call first-

Info Video & My Gas Savings

See a short 12 minute video at this link which explains everything.

"As the product benefits are seen by the prospect, I then have them consider how a cost saving and "green" product coupled with the fact that it's a ground floor opportunity to gain financially as it grows is a no-brainer to join in and catch the wave. With a relatively low investment to get in, the potential reward more than outweighs the risk. The product alone will return your investment and more at the net savings per bottle from increased MPG." 

When gas was $2.00 per gallon, many customers were seeing a gas savings on average of $80.00 per bottle. With gas prices expected to rise to $3.00 per gallon this summer, the savings will only increase.

Here's the numbers for my Grand Cherokee Jeep.

Use 2 oz. per tank fill-up. (1 oz. per 10 gallons; Most of us have a 20 gallon tank I think.)
A 32 oz. bottle gives you enough product for 16 fill-ups.
My fill-ups cost around $ 50.  (19 gallon tank @ $ 2.75 per gallon)
I'm getting around 15% savings like most reports, some get up to 20%, but I'm conservative.
15% savings = $7.50 saved for each fill-up.
$ 7.50 savings x 16 fill-ups = $ 120 in savings per bottle of FORCE.
At $35 cost per bottle, that is a serious saving in your wallet.
Imagine the savings when gas goes back up to $4.00 a gallon, as we know it will

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