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By Ron Henderson | Agent in Kansas City, MO

Using Facebook to Sell Real Estate (part 2)

My last article told you one of the ways I can post my listings on Facebook buy using a service that allows me to create a real estate "tab" on my Facebook profile, but there are other strategies I use as well. 

I use a tool created by Postlets.com to create a single property website for all my listings. Once the "postlet" is created, I can then post a link directly to my Facebook wall and let my entire network of friends, family, past clients, and other Realtors know about my new listing. The beauty of doing this is I can get immediate feedback when people "comment" below the FB post. Sometimes no one comments about the home, but I still know they're clicking through to the website to view more photos and information. FYI, I don't suggest doing this more than one listing per month, maybe two at most. You'll run the risk of alienating people.

Another way to let people know I'm in real estate is to post what I call "little hints of real estate" here and there on my wall or on other people's wall too.  For example, I noticed a friend at Church posted on her wall that she was considering painting their kitchen this weekend and wanted to get some color suggestions. I posted to that link and let her know that I have color swatches in my glove compartment that I give to my clients and I would be more than happy to bring them over to her. She seemed to really appreciate that and after I got over there I could tell she really had no clue what to do.

I also like to recommend some of my vendors (A/C, painters, electricians, etc) on my wall from time to time. This serves several purposes. One, the vendors LOVE it. Two, it gives me the opportunity to be thought of as a "total home resource" to people I know. Many times my friends and past clients on Facebook will see these posts, then call or ask me through Facebook if I have someone on my list that could help them with whatever they need; roofing, landscaping, where to buy new appliances, etc.

These are 3 of the ways I utilize Facebook to sell real estate, but please let me know if you have thoughts of your own or if you have a unique way of using Facebook for your listings and/or buyers.


By Torang | Save $10,000's,  Wed Jan 9 2013, 08:52
Great post !

Thanks for sharing.

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