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By Roger A Johnson (828) 270-9330 | Broker in Hickory, NC

Do I Need a Buyer's Agent When Searching for a Home?

Do you need a Buyer’s agent when looking for your next home purchase?  The answer is probably, unless you have bought and sold several properties before.  Even then, the service that they provide still will prove invaluable to you in your search for the perfect home.

So what does a buyer’s agent do, you are likely asking?  The short answer is…a lot!  Any agent will drive you around looking at homes to buy.  A buyer’s agent will make sure that the homes that you do look at actually meet the criteria that you are wanting in a home.  How many times have you went with an agent that showed you what THEY wanted you to see instead of what YOU wanted to see?

With a buyer’s agent, you don’t have to be “on guard” with your thoughts and feelings about the home.  The agent is YOUR agent.  Not only can you talk about your likes and dislikes about the home in front the agent, you SHOULD be discussing your feelings about it.  That way, the agent can further refine the search for your home or knows what you want to do if this is the home you want.  A buyer’s agent is your buffer zone if you will.  If you really don’t like the home, you can say so.  You don’t have to be polite about it.  If you really love the home, there is no need to hide it to “protect” your negotiating position.

When it comes time to make that offer, the buyer’s agent works for you.  If you are simply trying to get the best deal possible, then the buyer’s agent negotiates for you with that in mind.  If you just have to have that king-sized bed, you guessed it, the agent will work to make that part of the deal.  You may not always get what you want, but you can rest assured that the buyer’s agent has your best interests in their negotiating.

Once the offer is accepted the buyer’s agent will work with your lender, attorney/title company, insurance agent, the seller’s agent and others to make sure that everything is on track and running smooth.  They will help setup the home inspection, pest inspection and other services to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for and go over those same inspections with you when they come back so you know exactly what they mean.

The above is just a same sampling of the work that a buyer’s agent does.  You can check out the Working with Real Estate Agents pamphlet for more information or visit me at www.RogerAJohnson.com or visit my blog at www.HickoryNCRealEstateInfo.com

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