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Good Morning Lakewood/12 days

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12 days


This means 12 left for shopping!!! 


2 Important Things Every First-Time Homebuyer

Needs to Focus On - by ComFree BLOGThings every homebuyer needs to focus on

It’s completely and totally normal to feel a lot of excitement and a bit of anxiety when searching for your first home- the homebuying process  is one of the most rewarding as well as stressful periods of our lives, and the decisions we make now will have long lasting impact on our future.

Making sure that you’re as prepared as possible before setting your sights on any homes in particular will go a long way towards helping you navigate some of the more stressful situations and should help you find the perfect first home with as little fuss as possible.

And though there are a million and one different tricks and tips that you can take advantage of, there are two particularly important things every first-time homebuyer needs to focus on that will have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your new home search – you need to have an outline of your expectations before you begin to look at homes to help you stay rooted to reality and should make every attempt to secure pre-approved financing  that fits your budget before you fall in love with a home that will strap you financially for decades to come.

To make sure that the homebuying process moves along as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure that you have outlined a “Need vs Want” list

It’s almost too easy to get swept up in all of the excitement of looking for your first home – your friends and family will want to pitch in as much as possible, and this is likely something that you’ve built up in your mind for some time.

The biggest problem that a lot of people face when the home buying process gets started though is that they have fallen to the temptation of that excitement and go into the process with unrealistic goals and desired outcomes. Too many people expect to find a lot more house for the money that they can work with (though there are still a lot of incredible deals that can be taken advantage of), and the excitement turns to frustration pretty quickly.

This is why it’s so critical to come up with a Needs vs Wants sheet, a collection of the things that you absolutely must have with your new home and some of the things that you would love to have but aren’t mission critical. This helps you more accurately judge the homes you’re looking at and will smooth the process out dramatically.

Get pre-approval for financing before looking at homes

The other big component is making sure the money side of things is as secure as possible, and one of the best ways to do so in this crippled and troubled global economy is to secure pre-approval for your financing.

This has a dual pronged effect – sellers will find you to be a more serious buyer and will work harder to make a deal and you’re more likely to spend inside of your budget when you have a cap on it. Pre-approval speeds up the process dramatically and should be taken care of straight away.

 Prevent package delivery theft


Are you expecting a package delivery? Package delivery theft is more prevalent during the holiday season, but it can happen any time. Most packages are delivered straight to your door, even when no one is home to accept them. This provides criminals the opportunity to steal them.

Thieves are known to target a home after a delivery is made. They follow or watch out for delivery trucks such as FedEx, UPS, US Mail and others. Many of these crimes occur during daytime hours while you’re away. Ensure your expected delivery arrives safely. Reduce your chances of having your packages stolen by following these suggestions:

· Choose a shipping option that requires a signature.

· Track delivery status online. Many retailers have this online feature and some will send an alert to your cell phone when items have been delivered.

· Arrange to have your package shipped to another location where someone can receive it.

· If you know you will not be at home to receive the package, leave a note with special instructions asking the delivery service to leave the package with a trusted neighbor.

· As a last resort, have the delivery service hold your package for customer pick-up.

If you do not receive your package on time, confirm the delivery with the retailer. If it was delivered and you did not receive it, report the loss to the retailer, the delivery service and to law enforcement.

If you see a delivery truck making the rounds in your neighborhood, be alert! Report anything that might seem out of place or suspicious, such as a vehicle following behind a delivery truck or unfamiliar persons walking in the area. Report this activity to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station at 623-3500. Be sure to be give descriptive information, such as type of vehicle or the number of persons. This will help deputies with their investigation.

Tell me what you love about Lakewood


As the holiday season approaches, it’s a perfect time to stop and reflect a bit on all that we’re fortunate to have in our lives, including what we’re grateful for right here in Lakewood. Tell me at

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If you feel you are ready to start the home buying process, give me a call.  It would be my pleasure to offer you my services and have the opportunity to serve you. 


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