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By MJ Olsen & Mack Sikorski | Agent in Rockport, TX
  • Are You Ready For Hurricane Alley... New WATERPARK

    Posted Under: Parks & Recreation in Beeville, Home Buying in Beeville, Investment Properties in Beeville  |  June 10, 2012 10:12 AM  |  322 views  |  No comments

    Hurricane Alley Waterpark 

    Located at 
    702 East Port Avenue, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

    (361) 883-WAVE (9283)


    8 Park Attractions 

    & Summer Movie Night

    GET READY for a CAT 5 Ride… A 6-story slide complex reaching heights of over 65 ft; the only one of its kind in Texas! Grab a friend and enjoy the ride as you wind your way down the spiraling complex in 2-person tubes! 

    Are you a STORM CHASER …  this is a  breathtaking, 4-lane racer slide built for SPEED and ultimate FUN!

    How about a  refreshing GULF STREAM… 
    take a dip in a winding lazy river as you drift blissfully around Hurricane Alley…

    There's lots of FUN for everyone... 

    A Summer Day Trip provided to you by:
    MJ Olsen & Mack Sikorski
  • Summer VACATION At The BEACH...Texas

    Posted Under: Parks & Recreation in Beeville, Home Buying in Beeville, Investment Properties in Beeville  |  June 10, 2012 9:10 AM  |  286 views  |  No comments
    Vacation on the Beach... Rockport/Fulton & Port Aransas Beaches.

    Be prepared to  

    Rockport Beach is Texas' first Blue Wave Beach and one of only four on the Texas Gulf Coast.  

    Rockport Beach Information

     There is a daily $5 or $15 annual vehicle parking fee. There is no charge to enter by foot, bicycle, or if you are towing a boat or boat trailer to go to the public boat ramp.  No dogs allowed inside the beach since it is a bird sanctuary. 

    There are 61 individual picnic sites spread throughout the Rockport Beach.  Each site has a covered picnic table with barbeque grill.  These sites are first come/first serve. 

    No, overnight camping is not permitted in the Rockport Beach. 

    Fishing is permitted just about anywhere, including a popular 800 foot pier at the North end of the beach.  Two off-limit fishing sites are the boat dock and the Saltwater pool.

     Rockport Little Bay WATER SAFETY 

    All boats/personal watercraft pulling skiers within Little Bay must have an observer 13 years of age or older on board and facing rearward. 

    All traffic in the ski basin is one-way and must travel in a counterclockwise direction. 

    No motor vehicles or personal watercraft are allowed in restricted areas (shallow areas of Little Bay) marked by signs. 

    No sailing in the ski basin. 

    No airboats in the ski basin.

    Port Aransas 

    Beach Parking Permit Information 

    1. The City of Port Aransas requires a $12.00 permit to park along the beaches. This includes the area from Marker (0) to Marker (62) except in the free parking area.

    2. Free Parking areas include between the Jetties and Horace Caldwell Pier and between Markers 52-58

    3. RV, tent and other types of camping are permitted on the beach. 

    4. There is a three (3) night limit for camping during any three (3) week period. 

    5. Small fires no larger than 3 ft. x 3 ft. are permitted on the beach.

    • Check the beach at the water line for any marine life that has washed ashore, please DO NOT TOUCH! They can still be venomous even though they are not in the water.
    • If there are Jelly Fish or Man -O- War washed ashore, be careful when getting into the water, and try not to make contact with them.
    When walking in the water, shuffle your feet. This will frighten the stingray, causing it to move out of the way, and lessen your chance of stepping on them.

    Jelly Fish 
    Their bodies are hemispherical in shape, that are tough and thick, white, milky, or bluish in color. Their tentacles are short and fused into a tight bundle that contains a poison that will also cause a stinging sensation.

    Portuguese Man -O- War
    Also called the bluebottle, can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. The Man -O- War has a gas-filled chamber that is used like a sail to propel it through the water. The Man -O- War is iridescent blue, with long tentacles that can reach up 180 ft in length. The tentacles contain a poison, which causes the stinging sensation.


    1. Immediately get away from the creature as they can sting many times.
    2. Protecting your hands with a towel scrape the tentacles and/or slimy deposits from the skin.
    3. Packing the area with wet sand, and then wash it away with water (repeat as needed) will also help remove the remnants of the jellyfish from your skin.
    4. Make a paste from Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer and rubbing alcohol, and then apply the mixture to the affected area. Unless affected area is the genital area, then use water to make the paste instead of rubbing alcohol.
    The meat tenderizer applied to the affected area detoxifies the effects of the venom. Once the pain has subsided, wash away the paste, and treat area, as you would sunburn.

    ...call 911 if there is an allergic reaction... 

    For more in information about Rockport Beach visit 
                                            Port Aransas Beach visit  http://www.cityofportaransas.org/Port_Aransas_Beach.cfm 

    Have a SAFE Summer ~~~~ BEACH ~~~~ vacation

    Beach Summer Safety Tips Provided by
    MJ Olsen & Mack Sikorski
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