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By Robin DeCapua | Stager in Glendale, CA

Visual Haiku and the Power of Home Staging

Visual Haiku and the Power of Home Staging: Addition by Subtraction

Close your eyes and ask yourself...
  • How many times have you walked into a seller's home and wished you could wave a magic wand to banish all clutter and visual distraction?
  • Have you ever wished your sellers could actually see their home in the same light as potential buyers do?
  • Why is it so difficult for a seller to clear away their personal items from a home?
  • And what is the secret to a well-staged home?

Now, imagine a home that is clean, clear of unnecessary clutter and personal items. A home that has functionality, flow, energy, style, simplicity and organization. A home that represents a retreat from the stress of modern life, as well as a warm and comfortable haven for a couple or a family.

  • What does this home look like?
  • How does it feel?
  • How will buyers react when they walk into it?
  • Will buyers breathe a sigh of contentment?
  • Will it "feel like home"?
You've just experienced what we call "visual haiku" -- an economy of objects placed in the most pleasing way possible for the highest positive impact.

In poetry, haiku is defined as "a short poem that uses imagistic language to convey the essence of an experience of nature or the season intuitively linked to the human condition." (Haiku Society of America). Haiku is defined as much by what is not there as what is.

The best home staging begins by clearing away that which does not work. Addition by subtraction is the key.

In home staging, we seek to clear the canvas for possibility.

We understand that sellers are attached emotionally to their properties, and we work sensitively with agents and sellers to make the clearing and organization process smooth and seamless. Each seller must ask him or herself if they are truly committed to selling their home. If so, the process begins by motivating them to pack away items in preparation for their impending move -- and to envision themselves living a new life in a new environment. Cutting the cord. Untying the knot that has attached them to their home.

We bring in our skilled organizational expert (with a degree in psychology) to help sellers detach themselves from their property and begin to de-clutter and de-personalize the space.

Once we have a clean slate, the architecture, style, neighborhood, potential buyer pool and age of the home are addressed. We recommend small or large repairs, as necessary. We consult with seller and agent regarding paint colors, flooring, lighting, hardware, window coverings and built-ins.

Once all of these issues are addressed, our home staging process takes an average of two days. Keeping the essence of the home in mind -- as with haiku -- we create the most impactful statement using the right amount of furniture, art and accessories.

Homes we have staged last on the market an average of just six weeks. We have staged homes that have sold in less than two weeks, and in two instances, in just one day.

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