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  • Pool Service Tips

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    Tips from http://www.commercialpoolpartsfast.com : Never use a petroleum product on gaskets such as Vaseline. Petroleum products will ruin the gaskets. Always use a lubricant made specifically for pool repairs so they won’t harm the O-rings and gaskets. Magic Lube is a very good gasket and o’ ring lubricant.

    Before you work on a piece of pool equipment, make sure you turn off the following: power and/or gas to all pool equipment.

    To order the correct parts, you will need the following information:

    • The make and model of the piece of equipment.
    • We need the model number for pool parts, not serial numbers.


    Tips on where you find the model number:

    • Heater - Most manufacturers have the model number of the pool heater inside the front door or the heater.
    • Pump - Most manufacturers have the model number of the pump on a tag, on a plate next to the motor. Don’t get confused with the pump and the motor tags. The motor will have a tag identifying the motor, but it doesn’t identify the pump model number.
    • Motor replacement - We need the following information for motor replacement. Either the make and model of the pool pump, or: horse power, voltage, phase, frame.
    • Filter - Typically the filter make and model numbers are located on the outside shell of the filter.
    • Filter Valve - Typically the filter valve model number is located on the top side of the valve.
    • Controller - There should be a tag on the outside of the pool controller specifying what make and model you have.
    • Chlorinator - There should be a tag on the outside of the pool controller specifying what make and model you have.
    • Light - You must remove the light from the niche, pull it up onto the deck to find the model number. The model number should be on the outside of the pool light. Always turn the power off to the light before removing it from the niche. Pool lights are water cooled, thus you must put the light back in its fixture prior to turning the power back on or you will blow the bulb in a couple second. Pools use special duty pool light bulbs that are different than standard light bulbs.
    • Lift Parts - There should be a tag on the pool lift with the manufacturer’s name and the model number.
    • Vacuum - This can vary by brand. There should be a name tag with the make and model number on the pool vacuum.


    If you need pool parts fast  try commercial pool than any other company with our 250 warehouses nationwide that we draw from. Please call the office if you need help determining what pool parts you need, how to work on the piece of equipment, or locating the model numbers and figuring out what you have. Parts for most major brands of pool equipment including: pump parts, heater parts, filter parts, chlorinator parts, controller parts, vacuum parts and pool lift parts.



    Their major brands for pool parts include: Pentair, Hayward, Sta Rite, Raypak, Jandy, Laars heater parts, Purex, Pac Fac, American Products, Chemtrol, CAT, etc.


    They sell most brands of pool pump replacement parts used on public pools - commercial pools. Such as Pentair pool pump parts, Aqua Flo pump parts, Hayward pump parts, etc.


    Most brands of pool replacement parts for filters used on public pools - commercial pools. Such as: Pentair pool filter parts, Hayward pool filter parts, Sta Rite filter parts, Harmsco filter parts, cartridge filter parts, sand filter parts, D. E. filter parts, etc.


    Most brands of pool heater parts such as: Raypak pool heater parts, Coates pool heater parts, Laars pool heater parts, Purex heater parts, Hayward pool heater parts, etc.


    Replacement ORP probes and pH probes for most brands of equipment. Chemtrol parts, CAT parts, Pulse parts, Polaris Watermatic parts, Rola-Chem parts, etc.


    Swimming pool vacuum parts for Aqua Products and Aquc Vac. Some of the vacuums include, Ultra Max, AquaMax, Jetmax, Magnum, Gemini, Dolphin, etc.


    Parts for most brands of equipment used on commercial pools such as: pool lift parts, flow meter parts, air blower parts, sauna parts, steam parts, pool light parts, pool chlorinator parts, etc.

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