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By Robert Paul, 914-325-5758 | Agent in Bedford, NY
  • Cardinal Dolan Enjoys Event-Filled Visit To Westchester | Chappaqua Real Estate

    Posted Under: General Area in Chappaqua, Home Buying in Chappaqua, In My Neighborhood in Chappaqua  |  September 27, 2013 12:08 PM  |  1,128 views  |  No comments

    Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan commended Archbishop Stepinac High School for its upstanding students and technological innovation during his visit on Wednesday.

    Dolan, the Archbishop of New York who was identified as a close contender during the last papal conclave in March, visited the school to say Mass, meet students and faculty, answer questions and tour the new technology center.

    “Our board and the entire Stepinac community appreciate not only his visit, but the opportunity to show the Cardinal firsthand how Stepinac has transitioned to a 21st century education model while retaining our deep commitment to our faith,” William F. Plunkett Jr., chairman of the Stepinac Board of Trustees, said.

    Some of Westchester’s dignitaries were also present, including County Executive Rob Astorino, Deputy County Executive Kevin J. Plunkett and White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach.

    In his homily, Dolan told the 700 students, faculty and staff the story of Cardinal Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac, a Croatian cardinal who maintained his Catholic faith in the face of the Nazi and Communist regimes.

    He praised the school for continuing Stepinac’s legacy with its commitment to service and religious lifestyle.

    As part of the mass, he blessed over 700 rosaries for each member of the Stepinac community. Later, he answered questions from students about his religious journey and duties as Archbishop.

    Dolan concluded his visit by touring the school’s tech center, which has helped make Stepinac the first high school in the United States with a complete online textbook library.

    “It sends a message to the community that although Stepinac has a time-honored tradition,” Mayor Roach said of Dolan’s visit. “It is committed to moving forward every day.”

    The school presented Dolan with several gifts, including a painting to hang in the school in his honor, a Stepinac hat and sweatshirt, and a memorial tree planted in his honor.

    Dolan returned the favor by saying he would grant the students a day off in the near future, which elicited a loud round of applause.


  • House Cleaning Service Costs | Bedford NY Real Estate

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Bedford, In My Neighborhood in Bedford, Property Q&A in Bedford  |  September 9, 2013 4:59 AM  |  661 views  |  No comments
    t’s a magical feeling to open your door and find your home all clean and smelling fresh. Like Samantha from “Bewitched” just wiggled her nose and, voila, everything shines. A reliable cleaning service can do wonders not only for your home but your state of mind. But keep in mind that the value cleaning services offer may go beyond polished floors and spotless toilets. Sparkling windows, pollutant-free ducts and clear gutters and downspouts are critical to home maintenance as well. How much you’ll pay for a cleaning service often depends on the extent of the cleaning job and the specialized services needed.
    Maid Service

    The most significant factors affecting the cost of any interior house cleaning or maid service are the number and size of your rooms, whether you own pets, and how often you schedule your cleanings. Many maid services will charge you less per cleaning if you have them come once a week rather than once a month. Some companies will charge more for specialty services, such as window washing, fireplace cleaning, dusting shelves where a large number of books need to be removed and replaced, and cleaning high shelving or ceilings that require a ladder. Some services also will add a trip charge if you live far away from their place of business.  Continue Reading


  • Mount Kisco’s Farm Closes Its Doors For Good | Mt Kisco Real Estate

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Mount Kisco, Home Buying in Mount Kisco, In My Neighborhood in Mount Kisco  |  September 7, 2013 11:28 AM  |  669 views  |  No comments

    A Mount Kisco institution formally closed its doors this week.

    The Farm, located at 21 S. Moger Ave., announced in mid-July it was closing, after being in business for more than 25 years. The store was a a popular destination for Mount Kisco residents and also people in Pleasantville, Chappaqua and Bedford.

    The Kim family, which owned the store, blamed the economic recession for the closure.

    “We’ve experienced big drop-off every year since the recession,” George Kim said back when the closure was first announced. “Business has simply not been good. There’s no other reason to it.”

    Kim said the store had experienced drops in business before, but has usually recovered. Kim said he will miss his customers the most.

    “It’s sad we are closing,” Kim said. “People are upset we are leaving. We feel we have been a small part of their families.”

    Kim remembers meeting some of his customers as children and then watching them grow up, get married and have their own children.

    Kim said other factors including inadequate parking and not enough attractions in Mount Kisco led to the closure.

    “There are 17 banks in the village,” Kim said. “Why do we need so many? That doesn’t really draw customers into town.”

    Skyrocketing rent costs and other expenses, along with competition from supermarkets, have made it almost impossible for mom and pop fruit stands to compete, Kim said. He also noticed people are just not cooking as much.

    “Mom and dad, once their kids leave the house, prefer to go out to dinner,” Kim said. “We can’t keep raising our prices. You can only raise prices so much for certain things.”

    Kim said Mount Kisco used to be a nice town, but over the last 20 years, it has changed, with small businesses getting squeezed out.

    “Every time there’s an empty space, a bank goes in,” Kim said. “They are the only ones willing to pay all that rent.”

    Despite being forced to go out of business, Kim said he will miss Mount Kisco and its people.


  • Armonk Fighting over Funeral | Armonk NY Homes

    Posted Under: General Area in Armonk, Home Buying in Armonk, In My Neighborhood in Armonk  |  September 6, 2013 5:06 AM  |  692 views  |  No comments

    Dear North Castle Residents,

    Yesterday Town Clerk Anne Curran sent an email notice to our residents with considerable misinformation regarding Becky Kittredge’s funeral. I would like to provide the facts regarding the arrangements for the former Town Board member. As we enter election season, I would also like to express my deep disappointment with the political nature of Ms. Curran’s message which is unbefitting the Office of Town Clerk. This is the truth about Ms. Kittredge’s funeral arrangements:

    • The Town Board was pleased to hold Becky Kittredge’s funeral ceremony in front of Town Hall in order to pay tribute to this valued public servant and her many contributions to North Castle over the years.
    • We ceased all official town business on Friday morning August 31st, for the three hour period of the funeral and closed off Bedford Road from Maple Avenue to Main Street to allow for the proceedings. We gave all Town employees time off to attend both the funeral service and subsequent buffet lunch at Legion Hall.
    • We provided the procession with an official police and fire truck escort from the funeral home in Hawthorne to Town Hall.
    • This was the most extensive recognition of a public servant in recent memory and far exceeded what was done by the prior Town Board for Jack Lombardi.
    • In response to Ann Curran’s request to air Ms. Kittredge’s funeral video on NCTV, an informal email discussion was conducted by Town Board members. Contrary to Ms. Curran’s representation, NO VOTE WAS EVER HELD as there has been no Town Board meeting since August 14th 2013 well before Ms. Kittredge’s passing. We were also aware that “All About Armonk” and Channel 12 were already covering the funeral so that any residents who were interested could easily access the proceedings.
    • When asked about airing the funeral on NCTV, several Board members expressed that rather than showing a funeral, a video montage celebrating Becky’s lifetime achievements would be a much more tasteful and respectful tribute– and frankly more relevant to those residents who are unaware of her contributions. It would also address the issue that the Town had no policy or guidelines about how to handle the passing of elected officials and employees.
    • The Town Clerk chose not to pursue this suggestion or to inform residents about it.  Instead, she decided to send out a town-wide email deliberately mischaracterizing the nature of our discussions. I can only assume that her effort was an attempt to paint the three of us in a negative light and inflame voters’ passions.
    • As early as August 26th, immediately after Ms. Kittredge’s passing, Councilman Cronin began exploring and proposed to me a more lasting memorial to her service in one of our parks. Over the weekend he met with members of the Recreation Board to review the proposal. We hope to publicly announce our plans at the Rec. Board update at the September 11th Town Board Meeting.

    Given that some residents have expressed an interest in viewing Ms. Kittredge’s funeral on NCTV, we will of course schedule to have it shown. We will also add as an agenda item to our September 11th meeting the development of a policy concerning funerals for elected officials and Town employees including the appropriate level of funds to expend and televising such events.

    In closing I must point out that the Town Clerk’s office is required by law to be a politically objective source of accurate information, NOT a venue for expressing opinions about Town Board actions or for advancing political agendas. The fact that Ms. Curran used the passing of Ms. Kittredge to pass along misinformation and make a political statement is not only an ethical breach, it is in poor taste.


    Howard Arden, Supervisor


  • Armonk Weekly Real Estate Report | Armonk NY Real Estate for Sale

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Armonk, Home Selling in Armonk, In My Neighborhood in Armonk  |  September 3, 2013 3:48 PM  |  423 views  |  No comments
    Armonk   NY Weekly Real Estate Report
    Homes for sale84
    Median Ask Price$1,737,000.00
    Low Price$395,000.00
    High Price$17,000,000.00
    Average Size5188
    Average Price/foot$433.00
    Average DOM159
    Average Ask Price$2,349,718.00

  • Bedford Car Wash Subject Of Dispute | Bedford Real Estate

    Posted Under: General Area in Bedford, Home Buying in Bedford, In My Neighborhood in Bedford  |  September 2, 2013 9:41 AM  |  617 views  |  No comments

    A judge has ordered a Bedford area car wash to vacate its site by Sept. 30, in the latest battle between a landlord and tenant.

    Bedford Town Justice Erick Jacobsen recently ruled that Greenwich-based Splash Car Wash must vacate its site at 527 N. Bedford Road in Bedford Hills by Sept. 30.

    Splash Car Wash has a suit pending in State Supreme Court in White Plains in its attempt to remain on the site. Splash has been at the site since 1995.

    The judge ruled in favor of Shullman Family Partnership, which has been trying to force Splash off the property for months, though Splash has refused.

    The Shullmans have owned the property since the 1960s, and decided not to review Splash’s lease on April 30.

    Bob Shullman said he went to Splash on May 1 to pick up the keys and found out they weren’t giving up property, leading to a lengthy court battle. After taking Splash to court, Splash counter-sued asking for a temporary restraining order. When that was denied, Splash filed the injunction.


  • Bedford Farms Added to Westchester County Agriculture District | Bedford Homes

    Posted Under: General Area in Bedford, Home Buying in Bedford, In My Neighborhood in Bedford  |  August 28, 2013 4:52 AM  |  851 views  |  No comments

    Six farms, in North Salem, Lewisboro and Bedford, have been added to the county’s agricultural district.

    The farms are SweetWater Farm in North Salem (13.30 acres), Gossett Brothers Nursery in Lewisboro (5.50 acres), Sun Raven Farm in Bedford, (4 acres), Canterwood Farm in North Salem (19.11 acres), 102 Titicus Road in North Salem (1.31 acres) and Mill Pond Farm in Bedford (24.79 acres).

    Adding farms to the agricultural district allows the county to apply for state grants.

    “This protects these parcels,” county Legislator Peter Hatckham said. The parcels are all in Harckham’s district.

    Harckham said farming in Northern Westchester is becoming a big business, which is good for the county and the environment.

    “Farms help lower obesity rates,” Harckham said. “We need to make more of an effort to harvest locally and give our kids fresh produce.”

    Harckham said people in Westchester are beginning to realize how beneficial farms are, especially with tourism.

    “In the fall people are always going up to farms picking apples, pumpkins and berries. It builds sales tax revenue,” Harckham said.

    The properties are used mainly for farming crops, dairy production or raising horses. Agricultural land in Westchester, including family farms and homesteads passed from generation to generation, has been converted to other land uses in the past several decades.


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