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By ROBERT ENGLISH, President | Agent in 78723
  • Every Homeowner Needs One

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Austin, In My Neighborhood in Austin, Home Ownership in Austin  |  June 17, 2014 4:27 PM  |  74 views  |  No comments
    A water meter key is like insurance; buy it before you need it.

    Imagine a pipe has burst and there is water flowing like a river through your home.  There may a cut-off valve to each sink if it works and if that’s where the leak is coming from. Your home may have a master cut-off valve but if you haven't used it before, you might not know where it is. The last resort is to cut off all the water to your house at the meter.
    In most cases, you'll need a key to get into the meter.  With water starting to rise in your home, concern over the damage being done may add to your anxieties.  You don’t have time to call a plumber or even go the store to buy a water meter key.
    Emergencies are handled much better when you plan for them in advance and practice, even though you hope you’ll never need it.
    1. Determine what kind of key you need to open your water meter.
    2. Purchase it at the home improvement or hardware store.
    3. Practice opening the meter to be able to do it quickly and easily.
    4. If your meter key doesn’t have a wrench on one end, you need a wrench to turn the water valve.
    5. Practice turning the water off just to see how it works and feels.
    6. Put the key in an obvious and conspicuous place.
    7. Have the phone number of an emergency plumber, just in case you need it.
    While you’re planning for the unexpected, it might be a good idea to show some of the other family members how it works and where you keep the key.
  • The importance of home values at any age...

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Austin, Home Selling in Austin, In My Neighborhood in Austin  |  February 1, 2014 7:02 PM  |  198 views  |  No comments

    Like many conversations, people sometimes steer conversations with me at some point to real estate.  Everyone is always interested in how the market is performing and how home values are progressing in their area.  I never mind speaking about the industry I love, except on this one particular day.

    I was speaking with a group of neighbors answering their questions when all of the sudden one of the neighbors spoke up with her non-interest saying I really could care less.  The value of my house is going to be my kid's issue when I die.  I was floored and it took all I had to bite my tongue (which I did) and say nothing and hold my quick-witted mouth which sometimes gets away from me.

    What I wanted to tell her is that with all the signs leading to longer lives, the changes of her living in her house without moving to an assisted living community were few and far between. I felt like that was probably going to be no question that she would long outlive the days of owning that home here in the neighborhood.  In fact many of her neighbors had been relocated to such facilities and with the high costs associated with living in these assisted living communities, they've needed the funds from the home sell to pay the costs. When you find yourself in this type of situation, it is imperative to realize with associated rents in the $5,000 range it's amazing how important home values actually become.

    I guess she could have simply been saying she wasn't interested in the topic but I find it hard to believe that no matter how old we get, home values still remain an important aspect with homes still remaining the highest ranking investment most people ever hold.

  • Comparing Apples and Oranges

    Posted Under: General Area in Austin, Home Buying in Austin, In My Neighborhood in Austin  |  January 29, 2014 2:53 PM  |  203 views  |  No comments

    A very important tool to have when searching for a new home is the ability to compare potential new areas to what you already know.  Comparing the two zip codes empowers the buyer to feel more confident about their decision to move to a given area.  At Dewey Blanton Real Estate, we have that very tool available and we share it with each and every client but also wanted to share this with everyone.

    You can simply go to our newsletters or visit http://deweyblanton.housingtrendsenewsletter.com/dispneighborhood.cfm?loadid=52&id=3281# to obtain this comparison information on your own time.

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