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By Rob Purifoy | Agent in Plano, TX

Can the city police destroy housing demand?

We all know the draw of exemplary school districts and how it can raise property values based solely on that. But consider when the police force in certain areas are prodigiously using speed traps and becoming mostly revenuers for the city, basically fleecing the public.

I am tempted to call out a specific city but I'll leave the detective work to you on this, and I'm sure it's not the only city in the proximity with this practice. In fact I'm sure it's connected by at least three other cities. I personally have been run out of town ( figuratively not literally ) and sought out a kinder gentler area and I theorize that I may not be alone.   

So this begs the question, if a certain area is prone to what might be considered police harassment through over-revenuing, and fleecing it's citizens with ridiculous infractions, can it ruin housing in an area? Obviously a person new to an area would not figure anything out until move in and the next month's worth of commuting to work, but word eventually gets around. "Don't come to _______!!" etc. I'd love some feedback on this...


By JOSEPH RUNFOLA JR, BROKER, GRI,  Sun Jul 19 2009, 11:56
How many people in that city died from speed related deaths? has the number gone up or down since stricter enforcement has been implemented? Is it harassment when the Police enforce the law? Is this the only area you believe the Police should relax enforcement on? Do you have elections in this city? If so let the majority decide on this matter at election time. Until then stay within the speed limit. So, NO, I don't believe the Police will negatively impact the housing market, in fact many people are happy to have pro-active Police Departments.

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