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By Rick Ahmann | Broker in Helena, MT

It sure is steady...

My Father, Al Ahmann, always said that Helena was a great place to do business in. “It’s not flashy like Bozeman and not urban like Missoula”, he would say. “But it is steady”, he would end. I have figured out that slow and steady truly does win the race.

Nowhere is the stability of a town largely reliant on government jobs more evident than in the real estate market. While the market is not without its challenges, by and large it is in better shape than most around the region.

For years, we have been the beneficiary of stable a job market which has certainly impacted real estate values positively. Only time will tell if we can continue to have some insulation from the dire straights that other places around the country find themselves in. In the mean time, as long as you are the owner of a more modest home, things look pretty bright. If you reside in a handful of highly desirable neighborhoods, things again look pretty bright.

With all of that said, remember that real estate is local. And I don’t mean zip code local. I mean drilling down to your neighborhood and your block. It doesn’t take long for a foreclosure or a bottom priced corporate owned property to effect the value of your home. As always, call on a professional to get a more clear picture of your particular home or on the neighborhood you plan to buy in.

While buying or selling a home may be an emotional decision, analyzing and pricing a home’s market value is not! Let us know if you need assistance in evaluating homes and neighborhoods whether it’s time to buy or sell.

For more information on the local market, complete with statistics, charts and graphs, download our July 2010 Helena Market Report - Enjoy!



Rick Ahmann, GREY ROCK Real Estate Group


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