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By Rhonda Holt | Agent in 11203

Find Out If You Qualify To Buy A Co-op or A Condo?

Since I sell so many co-ops and condos I am always faced with the statement, "I'm not sure if I should buy a co--op or a condo."  The fact is, these two types of properties are very different when you go down the list of qualifications to purchase.

Most people don't have a choice between the two because of the requirements for each. Below I will share with you what I share with my buyers when they make that statement.

Below is an example of someone wanting to buy a two bedroom unit, but doesn't know if they meet the requirements to buy a co-op or a condo: 

- Price - The price of a co-op is usually much less than a condo and your mortgage will automatically be lower than a condo in the same area. So if your're mortgage broker pre-approves you for a two bedroom co-op ranging from $200,000 to $225,000 then you cannot go out and get a two bedroom condo that would most likely be $299,000 to $350,000, unless you plan to put down a HUGE down payment so your loan amount is less.

 - Down Payment - Most co-op buildings require at least 10% down when the contract is signed  (for example - if  the buyer has an accepted offer of $200,000, 10% of that will be $20,000 for the down payment. This amount is required no matter what your lawyer or mortgage broker tells you because the co-op board or sponsor will not let the deal go forward.

- Credit Score - Your credit score should be at least 680 or higher for the bank and the board to accept you at the same time.

- Income - If the buyer needs a two bedroom, to purchase a co-op the buyer will need to earn at least $80,0000. All the income must be verified with stubs and tax information.

- 1st Time Home Buyer Programs For Co-ops - First of all, there is no FHA loan for co-ops, just a conventional loan. But there are government programs that will give first time home buyers a grant and it can be combined with the governments FREE $8,000 tax credit given to first time home buyers for 2009 only (FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL ME TODAY, TAX CREDIT ENDS DECEMBER 1, 2009).


Example: Based on a buyer needing a two bedroom unit.

-Price - If  you look at co-ops and condos in the areas you are interested in, you will see that the cost is much higher for the same amount of bedrooms. A two bedroom unit in a middle income neighborhood in Brooklyn would be around $300,000 to $350,000 or even more. If your mortgage broker says you qualify for much less then a condo is not an option right now unless you are putting down a large down payment to lessen how much you're borrowing from the bank.

-Down Payment - The good thing is, condos are FHA approved, that means you can put down as little as 3 1/2% (example:a two bedroom condo for $300,000 x 3.5%=$10,500 as the down payment). Also, some banks offer down payment and closing cost options for first time home buyers.

-Credit Score - If you qualify for an FHA loan, your credit score has to be a minium of 640 (since I last reviewed FHA regulations they went up on the credit score requirements).

-Income - The income for a condo must be higher if your putting down the standard down payment because your loan amount will be much larger than if you were purchasing a co-op.

-1st Time Home Buyer Options - For condos there are government grants and bank programs that will assist you with closing costs and or the down payment.


As a buyer looking into purchasing a co-op or a condo you should look at the two scenarios above very carefully. Looking at the requirements for each, it's pretty easy to know up front which one a you qualify for. 

If you have any further questions about this article feel free to give me a call at 646-725-5941. 

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