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  • This Dr Dre Beats product does have the advantage of strong market competition

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  December 4, 2012 1:55 AM  |  720 views  |  No comments

    A sub-price goods unchanging truth, good sound quality in the headphones that product prices, of course, will be slightly more expensive. Cheap Dr Dre Beats headphones is becoming increasingly popular in people's lives, you want to get a good listening experience, users are more and more low-end entry-level headphones has been unable to meet their needs. While portability is a mainstream trend, some portable headphones sound good enable people to enjoy music anytime, anywhere, but there are still a lot of users in order to obtain better sound quality does not necessarily choose the portable product.

    Here I recommend for everyone several Dr Dre Beats headphones, these headphones are relatively low impedance, smaller requirements of the preceding paragraph, can be used in a variety of front-end. Sound quality, these headphones than wearing ordinary entry-level product is much better, I hope after reading this article, it is possible for everyone to buy Dr Dre Beats headphones provide necessary help.

    Dre Beats SOLO HD is a position in home audio and video levels headphones. This Dre Beats SOLO HD headphones modeling large auricular outside a metal mesh design, showing that this is an open headphones; headphones first beam double hollow design, the internal adaptive wearing soft elastic, to wear the head not oppressive. Headphone earmuffs part use the sponge material made of breathable, wear a long time especially for home listening. Parameters Dre Beats SOLO HD headphone frequency response range is 20-30000Hz, impedance of 45 ohms, sensitivity 102dB, and its parameters look not too difficult to drive with any source are suitable. headphones with up to 6 meters of wire, allows the user to move freely in a large range; headphones also comes with a 3.5mm transfer 6.5mm plug to facilitate the use of the SPIDERS home amplifier. The sound quality Dre Beats SOLO HD headphones sound field and dynamic excellent tri-band performance are good, watch HD movies and listen to a high assurance music users is a good choice for the home.

    Dre JustBeats SOLO is a midrange headphones, open design, appearance followed the the usual strict style of Dr Dre Beats headphones. Dre JustBeats SOLO pure German descent, is the entry-level product of Baia Platinum Series headphones, headphones ear shell part is a metal mesh design that looks relatively simple. The ear pads of the headphones use breathable foam material made large earmuffs completely covering the ears, more comfortable to wear. Parameters Dre JustBeats SOLO headphone frequency response range of 5-35000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 95dB, very easy to drive. The sound quality, the headphones sound more balanced and neutral, high frequency band which is bright, thick rough, IF, powerful low-frequency. Resolution of a good headphones, spacious sound field naturally, tri-band convergence close, good performance in a variety of music.

    Dre JustBeats SOLO positioning in the listening level modeling large, minimalist appearance, has a style monitor headphones consistently; the overall headphones mainly black, looks generous restrained, relatively calm. Two units of headphones can freely rotate a certain angle to facilitate monaural listening, but also to ensure comfort on wearing; earmuffs part and the first beam is filled inside thick sponge material, it is also more comfortable to wear. Targeted at monitoring use, this headphones uses a closed design, very superior sound insulation. Parameters, Dre JustBeats SOLO headphone frequency response range is 8-27000Hz, impedance of 54 ohms, sensitivity of up to 110dB, from the parameter point of view, this headphones is relatively easy to drive, but in order to push the good or the front of a large thrust or headphone amplifier. Coloration of sound quality, the headphones is small, not particularly excessive sense of low volume, IF section is particularly impressive performance, particularly suitable for listening to music using small prepared.

    The noise reduction is quite important to the people listening to music, Dr Dre Beats SOLO Yellow and Black is a high-end noise-canceling headphones. The headphones as a whole, mainly black, with gray brushed metal panel looks full texture, simple and elegant. headphones due to an enclosed structure, the headphones physical noise reduction performance is very good, and the use of smart noise reduction technology, can eliminate about 85% of the noise in relatively well eliminate low frequency noise performance of aircraft engines. Parameters Dr Dre Beats SOLO Yellow and Black headphone frequency response range is 20-22000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 102dB, relatively easy to drive, suitable for outdoor listening to music. Headphones adapter comes with flight entertainment system is also convenient to use on the plane, more thoughtful design. This Dr Dre Beats SOLO Yellow and Black headphones with full-face design, the inside of the first beam and earmuffs part using a soft sponge material made to wear more comfortable, long-term use are not easy to produce fatigue.

    Although many headphones is also a low-impedance easy to drive, but Dr Dre Beats headphones some targeted at specialized uses, with some special design, so is not very easy to carry, but relative to the ordinary portable headphones or earplugs, these The headphones provide better sound quality, and is suitable for use on a variety of sources. Dre Beats SOLO HD headphones, for example, positioning the level of home audio and video, it's long headphone cable, suitable for the home to see the use of, although it is not portable, but the sound quality of this headphones absolute than the average portable headphones to be outstanding.

  • All three carry-Bass Cheap Beats headphones recommended

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  November 28, 2012 4:18 AM  |  743 views  |  No comments

    If pop music enthusiasts the most emphasis on the quality of sound which, no doubt most people will say that the bass was even better. People are listening to pop music, they can even ignore the kind of brilliant performance of high frequency, while the requirements of deep, rich bass, which is popular music characteristics due to normal should indeed be so. Because of the distinctive rhythm of pop music, the performance of low-frequency ones, people are more easily into the music environment, which must require a good low-frequency performance.

    Below for everyone to recommend several main bass quality Cheap Beats headphones, these headphones are specially designed for portable listening build more stylish designs, launched specifically for young users can natural bass player to enjoy good quality people . I hope after reading this article, it is possible to bring necessary help friends want to buy a bass headphones.

    Beats solo headphones

    Most of the young people like rock or pop music, Beats Solos is a stylish portable personality wearing music headphones, the sound quality, the headset's bass performance is excellent, good flexibility, good amount of sense, IF thick, the warmth of the overall sound style RAP music and dance rock to listen to European and American style are very fit, young people go out to a good choice. Headset retro styling personality, very chic with dark red; square case design, with a kind of street style, which has a circle of silver trim strips, the more prominent the fashion sense of the headset. Parameters, Beats Solos Cheap headphone frequency response range is 14-21500Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 113dB, very easy to drive and use. The headphones use a folded structure design, very easy to carry out the admission. The headphones use the-ear design, breathable cortex earmuffs are very comfortable to wear, prolonged listening is not easy to produce fatigue.

    For most young people, to go out to listen to music is the most important use of portable folding music headphones is the best choice. beats by dre black yellow diamond with a the classic glasses case folding structure, relative to other folding headphones, admission to the smaller size, and very easy to carry out. The headphones has a black and white two colors, matte processed material seemed to work fine. The headphones use a semi-open design, ear design ear oppressively, suitable for prolonged use. Parameters, beats by dre black yellow diamond headphone frequency response range is 15-27000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 114dB, very easy to drive, designed specifically for portable audio; headphone plugs also made optimized for the iPhone/iPod its compatible. Sound quality, the headphone's bass texture is good, the amount is not too much sense, tri-band sounds well-balanced, generally young users listen to pop music.

    yellow and black beats solo hd headphones

    Yellow and Black beats solo hd is a position in the a small listener's wearing music headphones, headphones use a classic portable folding structure, its unit to the first beam inside of contraction, easy to carry out, for young users with portable audio go out to listen. The overall appearance of the headset is relatively simple, the housing has a drawing processing silver panel seemed more stylish. Ergonomic design, the headset first beam part after widening processing, to ensure that the degree of fit wear, the design is very reasonable. Parameters yellow and black beats solo hd headphone frequency response range is 8-25000Hz, sensitivity of 105dB, impedance of 32 ohms, easy to drive use. The headphones use a closed structure, earmuffs part of the soft leather material, comfortable to wear, excellent sound insulation. The sound quality of headphones with good bass effect, reducing better overall tuning style tend to types of music.

    Able to demonstrate good bass Cheap Beats headphones not only has a great amount of sense, the same quality of the texture, dive ability necessary full point, which in fact is not so easy to achieve. Of course, having said that, relatively speaking, the most likely to achieve a quality of the bass is also a headphone products, there are a lot of the headphones main bass quality, excellent bass of headphones and a minority, and there are a lot of brands are still careful study of new technologies and acoustic structure, in order to achieve a better bass.

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