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By Renee Porsia | Broker in Philadelphia, PA

To Ask Or Not To Ask, That Is The Question-The Life Of A Realtor

Being a Realtor, one thing that we must do constantly is ask our closest friends, family members and past clients for business and I have found that to be one of the hardest things to do by far. I also found that I am not alone in feeling that way. Most Realtors feel this way.

So I pose this question, would you be able to survive if you had to depend on your close family and friends for business? There is no paycheck every Friday, no health benefits paid by your employer, no room for advancement. Your entire well being is in the hands of friends and family. So, back to my original question, would you be able to survive if you had to depend on your close family and friends for business?

The general consensus is that Realtors make a lot of money for doing nothing or very little, we are uneducated, are right up there with used car salesmen and everyone can do our job and therefore we do not need anymore business. Talk is cheap though. I'd love to see most people give up there weekly paycheck and then put their life in the hands of someone else to survive. Yes, talk is very cheap.

I think what most people fail to understand or know about Realtors in general is the amount of work that goes in to selling just one property or helping just one buyer find a home, the amount of time that goes into just one transaction. After all, all Realtors have is our time. Every thing that I do, every second, every minute spent to either attract business, sell something or research something takes time and our time needs to be accounted for and then compensated for.  After all, if you went to an attorney, they work on a sliding scale so everything they do for you gets billed.  For example, if you call your attorney and talk to him/her for 5 minutes they charge you for ever minute spent on the phone with you, if they write you an email and its just 3 words (which most emails are from attorneys) they bill you for a certain amount of minutes not the seconds it took to write just those 3 words. Now, before I get emails or responses from those of you who will scream that attorneys have the right to bill for every single thing they do just because they are attorneys, I say &*^@@****!  Just because someone is an attorney doesn't mean they are a "good" attorney.  Just because someone is an attorney doesn't make it right. That type of thinking is prejudice in a sense because not every attorney is deserving of being able to bill whatever they want but I digress.  I think that if people really got just what Realtors do (or are supposed to do) they would then be better able to respect the profession, respect Realtors as a whole and therefore wouldn't waste so much of our time, insult us, be more inclined to use us, refer us business, see the value and benefit of using a Realtor and instead wouldn't be so put off by us asking for the business all the time.  Like it or not, it's what we must do to survive.

People seem to have no problem referring their hairdresser, plumber, mechanic, electrician or the like but  how often does the average person think of their Realtor or a Realtor for that matter?

Realtors understand that people are not constantly looking to sell a home or buy a home all the time, I know that I do but by merely mentioning to someone you know that one of your good friends or family members is a Realtor if they should ever need one or know someone who does, would really mean a lot to your friend or family member the Realtor especially in this economy.

Now that you have a little better of an understanding of what Realtors do and go through, do you think you will be more inclined to think of someone close to you who is a Realtor more often now and refer business to them or not?

Renee Porsia is an  Associate Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Action


By Timothy M. Garrity,  Thu Jul 22 2010, 19:43
Great post, Renee. You're right, Realtors do get the short end of the stick sometimes.

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