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Short sale specialist/sell my house

Offering natioanal debt help for a mortgage, taxes, credit cards ect.

By Renee D | Landlord in Worcester, MA
  • FL Foreclosure Help or Short Sale Help_Homeowners Can Rebuild Their Life

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    Debt_Help_ How Homeowners Can Rebuild Their Life After a Foreclosure

    Let's face it, if you are facing the possibilities of losing your home due to a foreclosure and  you think that you may never be able to purchase another home anytime soon. I want to encourage you to hang on to hope and stay positive! Keep reading...I am going to share with you some ideas you need to consider  to prepare yourself for that transition down the road.  So, if you lost your home because of a foreclosure or you're about to, don't give up.  The worst thing you can do right now, is to do nothing.
    You can start by getting a copy of your credit report to see what a potential creditor will see and immediately start making repairs to clean up what you can. Alos, while you are rebuilding your credit, start putting together an emergency fund.  Start off by saving three months of your mortgage/rent payments and three months of car payments  for obvious reasons. You will feel less stress and more confident. 
    You should consider going to your local book store, library or online and start educating yourself on lease purchase. This would allow you to live in a home to call your own while paying rent to own it.  I mention lease purchase because of your temporary credit and money requirements.  You can normally get into a house with a small down payment and no credit check.  Just be prepared to purchase that property down the road.  That's why you need to clean up your credit and who knows, you might start making money with this new found information.

    Start setting some small but realistic goals for your future retirement and investments. You can start a business working at home, and make money online.  There is so much opportunity today with the use of the internet, you won't even need a car to go to work.  Find a financial planner one who will work with you and his motivation is not to sell you something you don't need,  just so he can get a commission.   

    When the time comes in a few years after you have put a down payment on your lease purchase home, rebuild your credit, raise your credit score; set aside an emergency fund and designed a financial plan, then you will be ready to buy your next house.

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