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Offering natioanal debt help for a mortgage, taxes, credit cards ect.

By Renee D | Landlord in Worcester, MA
  • Debt the Cause of Many Relationship Problems – Restoration Debt Help For You

    Posted Under: Financing in Massachusetts, Foreclosure in Massachusetts, Credit Score in Massachusetts  |  September 29, 2010 2:17 PM  |  2,495 views  |  No comments

    Debt the Cause of Many Relationship Problems – Restoration Debt Help For You


    I like to start with the Good News first, so you can read this article with a strong sense of hope. Hope to me is the foundation to your strength and what your future is depending on. I am thinking you are reading this article because you may be feeling that you are strapped with what seems to be mountains of debt. I am here to help you to consider a way out, especially before venturing into a new relationship or to help the marriage or relationship you are currently in.

    Why not make a plan to resolve the financial distress you are facing so you can plan on starting over.  Considering a plan like Debt management, debt consolidation or debt resolution are most of the choices that are out there to fix the problem. You want to get the debt fixed now because the debt affects credit score, your ability to get new loans, and even a new job.  Most importantly debt will really put a lot of stress on your personal relationships and anxiety will eat you up inside. The other good news is that years ago these services were not available like they are now, so we live in a blessed time.

    Still, for couples all across America, early honesty and trust with money seems to be key in working things out with a dependable financial plan.  Even when some couples reveal their financial secrets, it still presents challenges.  Every decision they make hinges on the debt, from what home they might afford to whether they have children or not and how many.

    Sometimes the hidden debt isn’t even revealed to your spouse, or potential spouse for certain fears.  Once it comes out though, it could be detrimental.  I recall a story about a young woman by the name of Diane who was about to be married soon, had told her fiancée early in the relationship that she had a pile of debt.  The total debt was close to  $90,000 was what she estimated.  She didn’t actually know (or want to know) because she said the amount was just too depressing.  She focused on just paying the monthly payments to get by of roughly $900 worth of monthly minimum.  Just before their big wedding day, Alison figured out that her actual total was nearly $150,000.  That was enough for her fiancée to end the engagement and cancel the wedding, accusing her would be wife of lying.  Poor Alison racked up a good amount of debt simply pursuing education for her professional career.

    So, remember, if you are strapped with what seems to be a giant pile of debt, consider a way out, especially before venturing into a new relationship.  Plan on starting over using a debt settlement attorney. As a result you will be able to change your financial profile before bringing any challenge into debt management, debt consolidation or debt resolution are some positive choices to a brighter and more secure future.  To get out of debt completely, consider a program that offers a one-time payment.  If you can afford it, it’s the quickest way out in some cases.  As always, do your homework, ask the right questions, and consider a program backed by an attorney.  You’ll be soon on your way to living debt free.

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  • How To Write A Hardship Letter For A Loan Modification or Short Sale To Stop Foreclsoure

    Posted Under: Foreclosure in Massachusetts  |  June 10, 2010 2:44 PM  |  496 views  |  No comments
    How To Write A Hardship Letter For A Loan Modification or Short Sale To Stop Foreclsoure

    If you are requesting a Loan Modification or restructuring financial hardship letter explains to your lender why you are in financial trouble and requests a specific remedy to help you through the crisis. There are different reasons for writing a hardship letter, but the most common these days are:  The hardship letter is a primary requirement in loan modifcation application process because this is how you will convince the bank that you are really and truely enduring a difficult time.  Your loan modification specialist will ask you to submit it along with your other financial documents, so that they can evaluate your situation and present a strong case to your lender.

    When writing a hardship letter for a Home loan modification, keep in mind that the lenders really want to see why you have fallen behind with your mortgage payments. It should be clear, honest, and contain just the right amount of detail. The way you write it can literally spell the difference between keeping and losing your home. Here’s how you can write a hardship letter that puts your point across and gets you the best loan modification deal. 
    Begin by being humble and express an apology. You should know that a typical lender can only spend five minutes reading your letter. Always start the letter by stating the purpose  (whether it’s a loan modification or a short sale), so that the reader knows outright what to expect. Basically, it should say “I need you to buy my home/restructure my mortgage/give me a lower interest rate,” in a way that
    compels them to find out why. You can use the succeeding paragraphs to explain it in more detail.

    Explaining your hardship to the point might be something like, Illness and medical expenses, death of a family member or co-borrower, divorce, separation, or other legal expenses, or even ,milItary services. It really doesn’t have to be one of these things, of course. Each lender has its own standards, and the letter’s purpose is to give them a more personal look into your situation. Once you’ve established your hardship, provide details that will help strengthen your case. Make sure to tell them how you got into the situation and why it’s out of your control.

    Finally, end your letter by reiterating your purpose, in slightly different words. Ideally, your previous paragraphs should explain that it’s the only way to stop foreclosure. Make it clear that you intend to get back to your regular payments once the loan has been modified.

    One thing you should never do is imply that your situation is your lender’s fault. Instead of pinning the blame on anyone, simply tell things as they are and leave the judgment to your reader. Finally, thank them in advance and mention that you’re looking forward to continuing business with them.
    Renee Dumont is a loan modification educator and short sale specialist. If you would like assistance in writing your hardship letter you can call her toll free 888-877-9824 or vist her at http://www.timesavers-4homesolution.com
  • Helpful Tips To Help Owners For Bankruptcy and Pre Foreclosure

    Posted Under: Foreclosure in Massachusetts  |  June 10, 2010 9:58 AM  |  429 views  |  No comments
    Helpful Tips To Help Owners For Bankruptcy and Pre Foreclosure
    Are you worried about the chance of your home heading into preforeclosure? Then preforeclosure assistance is available, for free. If yes, help is available at no charge whether you need  preforeclosure assistance, are in debt and want to prevent preforeclosure, or just worried that you might headed towards bankruptcy and you want to learn more about the preforeclosure process. It's too bad, many Californians actually lose their home to preforeclosure this and every single year. The reasons are plenty, but may be related to illness, a profession loss, or unforeseen financial troubles. The good news is that there is help available right now for owners that have to to modify their home loan.
    Regardless of the reason for your entanglement, the course of preforeclosure is vital to fully understand. Firstly, the bank files a default notice which begins the preforeclosure process. This happens when a person misses their first loan bill. At this point the home is actually in preforeclosure, and there is time to save your home. The preforeclosure process has now begun. This is the definition of preforeclosure. There is a increased risk of going broke. This is when you want to prevent foreclosure. You have the chance to modify your loan at a . Banks will lose on average $50k on houses that go through foreclosure. So they honestly want to help you when the home is in near foreclosure. Keep this in mind, since finding out that your home is in foreclosure can be very  and scary.
    There are many things you can do to prevent foreclosure, the first of which is to get preforeclosure help. This is a free service, and one should not ever pay anybody for this kind of help. The first action in this preforeclosure process is to determine whether or not you will qualify for a loan adjustment. This is a detailed process, but it can really save you a great deal of money and save your home. Always remember that nobody should require you to pay any money for your loan adjustment. There are a lot of scam sites out there, so be careful.
    Be ready for the desk work required to renegotiate your home loan. The entire preforeclosure help will be easier if you start right away to aggregate your tax records, utility bills, expense records, and list of bills that need to be paid. When you talk to the loan modification person, be sure to take notes. Fully understand the preforeclosure definition and the preforeclosure process.
    Will bankruptcy prevent foreclosure? Ask your legal counsel. It might or might not. If you are rash, you could lose your home by filing for bankruptcy. That's why obtaining preforeclosure help is so important early on in the preforeclosure process.
    Getting educated is a powerful weapon!  Everyone can get foreclosure help for free, so why wait until you lose your home? Doing something right away could save you lots of cash and spare you from a great deal of anxiety.
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  • What is a Short Sale and it's Process?

    Posted Under: Foreclosure in Massachusetts  |  December 23, 2009 3:27 PM  |  1,025 views  |  No comments
    So, you are wondering what exactly is a short sale? Even though foreclosure's have been happening for quite sometime now, many are still wondering what a short sale is and the process. Many home owners are still wondering why a mortgage company would agree to take less than what is owed on the mortgage.
    To make it simple to understand,  mortgage companies often get stuck with foreclosed properties and having to pay closing costs, auction fees, taxes, repairs and liens. Since a mortgage company is in the business of making money and lending out money, a foreclosed property makes alot more work for the bank to deal with. Can you imagine having to take back a house you sold.
    If you’ve missed multiple mortgage payments and you’re facing foreclosure, the bank or lender won’t automatically offer a short sale. You need to prove that your situation is difficult for a short sale, which typically involves providing documentation that proves you are indeed in dire straits, with no other viable options. And even if your situation fits, the bank or lender must still decide if your particular situation works for them financially.
    If they have a homeowner that has not paid the bill for a few months, due to hardship, double mortgages or abandonment of the property, it is likely that property will become a foreclosure. In this case, the bank will have to sit on that property for months, will have to pay repair and auction costs. This means they will essentially lose money on the property.
    When a borrower comes to them stating that they cannot pay back the full price of the loan, then the lender will usually agree to forgive the rest of the loan, this would be considered a short sale. In the world of real estate, short sales are the purchase of  pre-foreclosure sales.
    In the case of a pre-foreclosure sale, a seller is trying to sell of the home in order to avoid the bank foreclosing on their home and having this affect their credit rating. If the seller has tried to sell the house through a real estate agent and the mls , they will often take a short sale in order to accomplish getting rid of the loan amount due before foreclosure.
    The most common reason for the bank to  accept a pre-foreclosure sale is because of hardship. Another reason why they may also consider this option if the home has sat on the market for a long period of time without being able to sell the property. In many cases,  the owner is no longer able to make mortgage payments during such an long period of time to make a sale. A mortgage company may be willing to forgive a portion of the loan, but it isn’t likely unless the home has been sitting on the market for a substantial period of time and the homeowner can prove they were not able to pay.
    Even if a home owner is currently facing foreclosure, the lender will have to determine if your less than full payment would be worthwhile. Depending on your lending institution, some will require that you pay off the remaining amount of the loan, while others will require a repossession of other items to make up the difference.
    If you come upon a mortgage lending company that is willing to forgive your loan, be sure that you understand the amount given is not totally free. In some cases, , the IRS will consider the amount forgiven as taxable income that will need to be taxed and included in your end of the year tax return report.
    Remember also, that if an investor is willing to pay less than market value for your home, they should make concessions to take on the property “as is.” This means that you should not have to go through the normal route of negotiating repairs. A pre-foreclosure sale is meant to relieve you of the burden of your home and should not come with added stress.
    Though short sales can be a blessing to some homeowners, as they don’t do nearly as much credit score damage as a foreclosure, and typically cost less money, they should still be treated as a final option before foreclosure. Do you really want to lose your home?
    There are other options out there to stop the bank from taking your house and if you speak with the bank or lender servicing your loan they’ll likely point out other alternatives.  Ultimately banks and lenders want to cut their losses, and they’ll do what’s in their financial interest first and foremost.
     If you do decide to pursue a short sale, expect to make a strong case for yourself and your situation or you’ll likely be denied. Short sale needs are growing , it won’t always be an option. Make sure you always consider all of your options before making such a big decision concerning the sale of your home. So, If you are unsure about a short sale, consider discussing it with a real estate attorney before signing over your home to the bank for approval.

    Call NOW! Toll Free Number 888-877-9824 For Free OUR SHORT SALE SERVICES
  • Deficiency Judgments MA -After a Short Sale in Comparison to Foreclosure

    Posted Under: Foreclosure in Massachusetts  |  October 16, 2009 4:01 PM  |  2,335 views  |  1 comment

    The Question Everyone is Asking Lately...About  Deficiency Judgments After a Short Sale / MA

        To answer a great concern for many property owners in
     Massachusetts who are considering to sell the house by short sale...

    The lender will not be entitled to a deficiency judgement unless they mail a "notice of intent to foreclose", postage prepaid, by registered mail with the return receipt requested, to the borrower, not less than 21 days before the date of sale. The notice must give the home owner a warning of liability for a deficiency if the proceeds from the foreclosure sale are insufficient to cover the amount of the debt.

    If your state is a "Non-Judicial" foreclosure state, such as is the case with Massachusetts, there do not have to be any court proceedings to foreclose on your property. There will be a very short time for the homeowner to know that the bank will foreclose on their property. The home owners in Massachusetts have given the lender the right to foreclose, for non-payment and other things, which can be found in the mortgage document itself.

    There are legal requirements, set up by state statute, but a Court hearing is not one of them. If your state does require Judicial Foreclosures, there will be a hearing, and you will get your day in Court. If a foreclosure is imminent, call an attorney. Most will give you some basic advice of what to do, without charge.

    Judgments are often negotiated for the seller and the seller can benefit with the help of a skilled negotiator of the short sale. In some cases , if the home is your personal residence and was financed through purchase money, there is usually no deficiency judgment.

    You should know the deficiency judgments after a  that the banks are unwilling to negotiate deficiency judgments with the homeowner after a foreclosure.

     In some states, a deficiency judgment may be filed if the lender forecloses under a judicial foreclosure versus a trustee sale or if the second loan is a hard money loan and the sale takes place as a trustee's sale.

     So, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney, so that you will feel confident before you make your final decision. We are here to help you Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm

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  • Want to Lower Your Mortgage Payment?

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    Want to Lower Your Mortgage? Attorney's  Help - NationWide

    Could you be potentially suffering a financial hardship?

    Right now a group of attorney's are donating up to 4hours of  time to investigate the home owner's loan package. This is  a FREE forensic mortgage audit that normally cost $500 to $800. This process is used to discover if violations exist in your current home loan with a lender.
    You can search online for forensic audit and find many companies with high cost for this service.
    These attorney's are very much aware of the potential problems that can be found.
    For example one of our attorney’s, Attorney Roberts, who was the General Counsel to Ameriquest Mortgage for over 7 years has now come to the consumer side to negotiate on your behalf having both skill and knowledge to fight for your rights. The loan audit is completely FREE with No Cost and No Obligations. You will recieve a complete report directly from the attorney's office and you will also have an oportunity to discuss any concerns you have with their office.
    Home owner's can then decide if you would like to pursue the completion of the loan modification process.
    Also, this forensic loan audit could be your first step which will give you the status of knowing if you are eligible to apply for a complete loan modification. There is a charge of course, in the completion of the loan modification process and you can find out all the details when calling our office. again, YOU WILL BE UNDER NO OBLIGATION WHAT SO EVER to pursue the modification. In addition, you will have the opportunity to speak with someone at the attorney’s office with any concerns you might have, before making a decision to apply for a loan medication.

    Where other loan modification companies are charging $500 and up for a detailed forensic loan audit, we will give you the same detailed evaluation for FREE.When you qualify for a loan modification.

    We ask of nothing in return but a testimony of the peace of mind you experience that comes with the final report. I am confident that you will be very satisfied with other services we offer as well.

    Here are some reasons why you might choose to call us today!

    Are You Struggling Any Of The Reasons Below And Need Support?
    • Someone suffering from the reset of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
    • Someone whose ARM has not yet adjusted.
    • Someone who has a Negative Amortization (Neg Am) loan that has or will reset soon, because they have drained the equity from the home.
    • Someone whose home is worth less than what is owed
    • Someone who is having difficulty with their mortgage payments because of a hardship
    • Someone who has had to care for a family member in a capacity which affected their income potential for a period of time
    • Someone who has been attempting to sell a home for an extended period of time and simply cannot get it sold
    • Someone who has rental properties that are sitting vacant because tenants cannot be found
    • Someone who has been affected by a divorce
    • Someone who has been the victim of predatory lending
    PLEASE NOTE: The audit is offered free , when you qualify for a loan modification and you are experiencing a true hardship. The free audit is NOT offered if you are currently working with a attorney

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