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By Rebecca Martinez | Broker in Milwaukie, OR

Affordable Home Improvements That Will Make A Home More Attractive To A Buyer.

"When considering home improvements it is important to weigh out the pros, and cons. To help prioritize home improvements consider the size, age, style, condition, and location of the property. Some home improvements are more expensive than others, however some will provide a greater return on your investment. Here is a list of five (5) inexpensive fixes, and home improvements that add more value to your home, and make it more attractive to a buyer.

1. Clean and Declutter Your Home. A clean home is very welcoming, and a decluttered home is very inviting. A deep cleaning of every corner of every room will make your home smell better, and look brighter. Clean the floor coverings including harwoods, tile, vinyl, rugs, and carpets. Declutter, and start pre-packing. Put away all of your personal belongings that you do not use on a regular basis including family pictures, family heirlooms, clothes, etc... Simplify start pre-packing, keep cleaning and get ready to move. Remember to maintain a clean, and immaculate home throughout the entire listing period.

2. Paint the Interior and/or Exterior Of Your Home. A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference making a home feel fresh and clean. It is always best to hire a professional painter, but if you can't afford one make sure to use the right tools, paint, and the right finish. Always use neutral colors stay away from the darker colors. Using neutral colors gives the new buyer a clean pallette to work with.

3. Landscape Keep All Exterior Grounds Clean. Many times a buyer will drive by, and make a choice just by looking at the exterior of the home, and landscape. Hire a landscaping expert that can give you advice on the best design for your particular property. If you decide to go about it on your own make sure you do your homework. Certain shrubry, vegatation, trees and plants grow in certain climates, and can only withstand certain conditions. A home's curb appeal alone will welcome more buyers.

4. Update Kitchen and/or Bathrooms In Your Home. Next to the price, and location a home's kitchen and bath will make or break a deal. Money spent on upgrading or remodeling your kitchen or bath is money well spent. Dryrot is a deal killer, so replacing any dry rot is a must. A kitchen can be quickly updated by installing new appliances, cabinets, or countertops the possiblities are endless. Hire a professional remodeler if you want to bigger jobs. The smaller jobs, or do it yourself jobs are also great ways to improve your kitchen, and bathroom spaces. The internet along with magazines can be a great place for inspirational design, and home improvement ideas.

5. Add An Extra Bedroom and/or Bathroom. Adding a bedroom and/or bathroom that increases accessiblity can also increase your bottom line. Keeping accesiblity, and floorplan in mind converting a 1/2 bath to a full (1) bath that is located on a different floor can make a big difference certain buyers. Consquently, contacting a local contractor is a great first step. It is also important to do your homework. Building permits, or building codes could apply to your remodel so contacting a professional is highley recommended. I have put together a quick guide as to what constitues a legal bedroom. However, certain requirements and/or regulations set by FHA/FHMC/FNMA may apply or vary.

These five (5) requirements are:

1. The living space must equal or be greater than 80 sq.ft.

2. An open window that is accessible, and one can climb in and out of with atleast 5.2 sq .ft. of opening for an older home, and 18 sq. ft. opening for the newer buildings. A slider can be approx 3ft. X 4ft. or 4ft. X 4ft.

3. A lockable door or closable door.

4. A heating source.

5. A closet or storage space affixed to the wall.

It is important to price your home competively from the very beginning this will insure a higher rate of return. Pricing a home correctly from the beginning can make a world of difference. Another great resource quick fixes, and inexpensive home improvements is the article published in Realtor Magazine "25 Quick, Cheap and Easy Home Sale Tips" written by Barbara Ballinger. When tackling major home improvements and/or selling your home it is important to keep the three (3) major factors that determine a property's desirablity price, condition, and location. For more information on this topic visit  greendreamhomesinc.com

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