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By Cortiers Real Estate | Broker in College Station, TX

A Seller’s Disclosure

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Being the savvy businessperson you are you have no doubt weaved your way through owning a car or two. That purchase was probably not quick. You needed the facts about the vehicle before you could mount a hula dancer on the dash. It was important to know what the condition of the vehicle was in before you would sign on the dotted line. Similarly when you look at buying a home you want to know all the ins and outs of the property you are purchasing. The key to becoming the expert on your home is in the seller’s disclosure document.

Although you can switch on the oven, flip some switches, and hear the thermostat click on there can be unseen defects within a home. The seller’s disclosure looks to protect you from having any future surprises. This document, compiled by the sellers, details any current quirks about the house that are apparent. In this document you will find details about appliances and the history of the home. Existing irregularities of a prospective home will be listed on the seller’s disclosure.

To ensure your satisfaction with a home you need to know exactly what problems or positives you will inherit after the sold sign is posted. By examining the seller’s disclosure you can choose if your petunias would grow better in or outside a flight zone. It is critical to utilize the seller’s disclosure in order to properly inform your purchase. This tool seeks to protect buyers from misrepresentation so they can make an informed decision.

It is important to remember that the helpful document only protects against the imperfections the seller realizes. It is up to a potential buyer to have a home inspection. A home inspection will verify the items on the disclosure and ascertain that your future home is completely ready to receive you and your family.

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