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By Randy Billman | Agent in Carlisle, PA

Finding a home not as easy as TV portrays

As I enter my twenty-whatever year selling real estate, can't believe how much my business has changed.   It is hard to believe that I could have survived before faxes, the personal computer, smartphones, IM's, virtual tours, etc.....

Technology has advanced to the point that I can input my clients personal information
and my computer will find their perfect home.      If only it was that easy.

For most part, people think that buying a home is as easy as they make it look on TV.  
Just look at three properties and choose one.  All in a neat little half hour package.

Most Realtors know that it takes much more time and patience than that.  It is still a face to face business and listening to my clients will get me much closer to a sucessful closing than any newfound gadget ever will.

Funny how they never show the discouraged homebuyer who does not yet qualify to purchase, or the home inspection that reveals a major defect wrecking the deal, or even the home seller who is under water on a home they've owned for five years.  Maybe funny is not a good choice of words.

I'm not complaining about real estate shows on TV.  There are alot worse shows on the air. 

I just wish they would better represent the job that we do as real estate professionals.  I am very proud of a long career in the real estate business.  I think that helping people with their real estate needs is much more honorable than TV sometimes portrays.

Just my thoughts, Let me know what you think.

Randy Billman
B-H Agency Real Estate 


By Randy Billman,  Fri Apr 16 2010, 08:43
Thanks for all of your comments and referrals.

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