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By QualiCare Maids | Agent in Charlotte, NC
  • Housekeeping Maids-House Cleaning Services Cornelius NC-Lake Norman

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    QualiCare Maids is One of The Most Popular and Widely Used

    5 Star Consumer Rated Maid Cleaning Services in lake Norman, NC, Mooresville, NC, Huntersville, NC, Davidson, NC, Charlotte, NC , Cornelius NC, and Fort Mill, SC Backed by Over 2100 Satisfied Customer Reviews.


    QualiCare Maids Offers Each Customer a” Total Home Cleaning” Service.


    Why are so many satisfied homeowners, renters, busy professionals, and business owners in the Cornelius, NC, Lake Norman, NC, Huntersville, NC, Davidson, NC, Mooresville, NC, Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC area making QualiCare Maids the maid cleaning service that they trust above other cleaning services in Charlotte, NC for excellent consistent cleaning service?


    For These 10 Specific Reasons:


    1. QualiCare Maids offers each customer the “Total Home Cleaning Program” and QualiCare is a U.S. Veteran owned business that is licensed, bonded, and insured for $2,000,000.

    2. Each employee is drug free, crime free, OSHA certified, and trained in home security and self defense.

    3. Each employee is pet friendly, and QualiCare Maids use only eco-friendly cleaning products that are never harmful to pets or people. QualiCare never uses harsh smelling dollar store cleaning products or bleach products.

    4. QualiCare Maids use the same cleaning team in your home or business each visit and each total home cleaning is inspected by you and a cleaning supervisor for quality.

    5. Each home or business cleaning is done in a military fashion and far superior to most maid cleaning services that move dust instead of removing dust.

    6. QualiCare Maids treat your wood floors with a special wood floor treatment; they don’t use vinegar and water, or harsh cleaning chemical on wood floors.

    7. QualiCare provides superior move in and move out cleaning services that are guaranteed to pass any home or apartment cleaning inspection.

    8. QualiCare Maids is one of the highest consumer rated and reviewed cleaning services in the Charlotte-Fort Mill area, that consumers trust for quality.

    9. QualiCare Maids is your trusted one stop home and office cleaning for maid services, carpet cleaning, appliance cleaning, pressure washing, move in or move cleaning, one  time cleaning, event cleaning, home or office organizing, window cleaning, grout cleaning, and more.

    10.    QualiCare Maids offer pricing by the job with no hidden fees, not by the hour, because hourly maid cleaning fees are outdated and very expensive in these days of a slow economy and at QualiCare they understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of money to have your home or apartment cleaned.


    Now that you are familiar with the reasons that over 2100 satisfied customers have chosen QualiCare Maids for all of their home cleaning needs, isn’t it time that you at least contact QualiCare Maids for a free online estimate?


    If you are a busy professional that lives a busy lifestyle, or you hate cleaning up pet hair, leave the cleaning to QualiCare Maids, besides, don’t you have more important things that you would like to be doing than worrying about cleaning your home?


    You may also need QualiCare if you are moving in or out of a home or apartment, need next home cleaning services, event or party cleaning, renovation or remodeling cleaning,  or need home organizing, closet organizing, or garage organizing.


    QualiCare offers professional commercial and residential cleaning, as well as professional home organization services that are done to your expectations.


    When it comes to home cleaning, why trust your home to a cheap unprofessional cleaning person that uses harsh dollar store products that are often harmful to pets and humans, your home is your largest single investment, do you want to trust just anyone cleaning your home???


    QualiCare offers an affordable military style of cleaning with a full inspection by a QualiCare supervisor and the customer,  which is a different standard of cleaning that consumers in Cornelius, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Davidson, and Charlotte love and rate highly for consistency.


    For more information on QualiCare Maids or to get a free price quote,

    you may contact them at 704-218-9645 in the Cornelius, NC-Charlotte, NC area.


    QualiCare Maid is a U.S. Veteran Owned and Operated Company, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Since 2006.


    Your home is not completely clean

    until it has been totally cleaned by QualiCare Maids,  a U.S. Veteran Owned Company.


    For a free estimate or more information on the services that QualiCare offers,

    please visit QualiCare Maids at:



    QualiCare Maids Reviews: http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/QualiCare.Commercial.Cleaning.704-625-2330



  • Maid Cleaning Services For Busy Charlotte Professionals

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    Who are the satisfied customers that rate QualiCare Maids over the majority of home cleaning services?


    Homeowners, young professionals with busy schedules, pet owners, busy single professionals, apartment and condo renters, busy single couples,

    newcomers to the area, homeowners with children, party planners, college students, restaurant owners, realtors, and people who are moving in or moving out.


    Why do these people choose the QualiCare Maids “Total Cleaning Program” over other maid cleaning services?


    1.)  Pet friendly employees that use environmentally safe high quality pleasant smelling non-bleach cleaning products that are never harmful to humans or pets.


    2.)  The QualiCare Maids “Total Home Cleaning” program is one of the highest consumer rated maid cleaning programs in the Carolinas, based on over 2100 consumer reviews that have rated the QualiCare”Total Home Cleaning” program over companies such as Molly Maids, Merry Maids, Carolina Maids, Minit Maids, and many other reputable over priced maid services that are more hype than bite.


    3.)  QualiCare Maids has an impeccable reputation for excellent and consistent home cleaning each visit, because QualiCare Maids realize that there are many cleaning choices being offered to consumers, so price and quality mean everything to consumers when they are looking for a maid service that they can trust to clean their home to their expectations each visit, and QualiCare Maids have become the overwhelming choice in North Carolina that busy professionals, realtors, new home buyers, and pet owners choose over other maid services.


    4.)  QualiCare Maids is a U.S. Veteran owned and operated company that is licensed, bonded, and insured for $2,000.000 and all employees are drug free, crime free,OSHA certified, trained in home security and self defense, and QualiCare Maids carry all of their business credentials to each customers home along with 60 customer review references with customers full contact information.



    Why should you try QualiCare Maids “Total Cleaning Program?”


    1.)    No hourly fees or hidden cost to clean after you are quoted a price by phone or through the online price request form.

    2.)    Each cleaning is consistent, excellent, affordable, and inspected by you and a QualiCare Maids supervisor for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

    3.)    A trusted and very reputable cleaning service that customers rate highly for satisfaction and consistent detailed cleaning and home organizing.

    4.)    QualiCare Maids never uses cleaning crews to clean your home, it is always the same two people that originally clean your home.

    5.)    QualiCare Maids offer a military style of cleaning that is unmatched by any maid cleaning service, and QualiCare Maids do not have to come to your home to give you a free estimate, they can give you an estimate online or by phone and QualiCare will give you a $10.00 discount just for trying them.


    Your home is not completely cleaned until it has been totally cleaned by QualiCare Maids.


    To learn more about the excellent services and special offers
    From QualiCare Maids, you may visit their website at:

    or contact them at the phone numbers listed below for a free estimate.

    Charlotte-Fort Mill: 704-625-2330
    Raleigh-Fayetteville: 910-759-3447


    A U.S. Veteran Owned and Operated Business



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