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By QualiCare Maids | Agent in Charlotte, NC
  • Housekeeping Move in/Move out cleaning prices Charlotte NC

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    A move in house cleaning is just as important as a move out cleaning, and hiring a maid service, housekeeper, or a home cleaning professional is a wise choice, especially if you are the new homeowner.


    A maid service, housekeeper, or home cleaning professional

    should be at the top of every homeowner and renter's list, if you are a busy professional with no time to maintain the beauty and cleaning of your home or apartment after moving in.


    Do you really want to place your food, clothing, and personal hygiene items in cabinets and drawers of a home that you just moved into without knowing how long it has been since those cabinets and drawers were last cleaned?


    Do you really want to use kitchen appliances without them being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected?


    Do you really want to take a bath or shower in a tub or shower that you have not personally cleaned, or hired a house cleaning service to clean and disinfect before using?


    Homeowners realize that their home is their largest single investment, that is why many homeowners find these move in house cleaning tips to be very important in maintaining the value of their largest single investment for many years to come.


    It is a proven fact that homes and condos that are maintained by a house cleaner, maid service, or home cleaning professional generally require less maintenance when selling or moving out and retain more value than homes that do not use a home cleaning service to maintain the home.


    At QualiCare Maids we offer a variety regularly schedule home cleaning and office cleaning services after your move in cleaning or initial cleaning, to help you maintain the beauty of your home or office, because ninety percent of the customers that we do a move in cleaning for, retain our cleaning services for their home or apartment on a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning schedule, because many of our customers are busy professionals that prefer to leave their home cleaning tasks to professionals, so they can enjoy their leisure time doing things that they really enjoy.


    If you have pets, children, or live a busy lifestyle, don’t you think it’s time that you consider hiring a home cleaning service to maintain the beauty and life of your home?


    QualiCare Maids specialize in last minute move in or move out cleaning services, pre and post event cleaning services, HOA clubhouse cleaning services, scheduled residential house cleaning and maid services, last minute home cleaning services, home organizing, clutter organization, carpet and upholstery cleaning services, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, pre and post home remodeling cleaning, home renovation cleaning, post construction cleaning, restaurant kitchen cleaning services, window washing services, and office cleaning services, commercial cleaning services,  in Charlotte, Monroe, Concord, Huntersville, Gastonia, Waxhaw, Weddington, Davidson, Lake Norman, Cornelius, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, and many other areas of North Carolina and South Carolina and we are only a phone call away, or you can visit our website to request a free quote online.



    For more information on QualiCare Maids residential cleaning services, office cleaning services, or post construction cleaning services in Charlotte, NC or in South Carolina, please visit their website to get a free price quote, or contact

    them at 704-625-2330.


    Take The QualiCare Maids Web Tour:


    QualiCare Maids Reviews: http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/QualiCare.Commercial.Cleaning.704-625-2330




    A U.S. Veteran Owned and Operated Business



  • House Cleaning Business Only $1,200 Small Business Opportunities For Sale

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in North Carolina, Foreclosure in North Carolina, Home Ownership in North Carolina  |  February 19, 2013 7:41 PM  |  844 views  |  No comments

    $1,200 Cleaning Service Business Startup House Cleaning Business Only $1,200 Small Business Opportunities For Sale



    Ask yourself these questions if you are under-employed, have no job security, don’t plan on working 30 years to retirement, fed up your with your current job, or you are unemployed.

    1. Is my financial future really secure working for someone else?

    2.   Do I enjoy life more working for someone that controls my financial destiny and future?

    3.   Do I really want to work for my current employer until I retire?

    4.   Are there any guarantees that my job is secure for the next 5 years?

    5.    Would I rather look for a better job, or create a job by becoming self employed?

    6.   Is my current job recession proof?

    7.    Have I explored the possibilities of starting my own business?

    If you answered (NO) to 3 or more of these questions, then you may want to consider starting your own recession proof residential / commercial cleaning company for only $1,200


    Corporate Janitorial & Maid Cleaning

    Franchisors Pimp franchisees

    Buying a commercial or residential cleaning franchise has become nothing more than renting your own expensive business that comes with strict franchise restrictions and guidelines, a new employer that is referred to as the “franchisor,”

    and monthly franchise fees that seem like paying utilities on a business that most franchisees think they really own, but in reality, they are being pimped by the franchisor, in the same way that you would buy a home from a realtor and allow that realtor to tell you what you can and can't do with the home that you have bought.


    Would you buy a home under these conditions, then why would you buy a franchise business under these conditions?


    Many people that bought into a franchise about 5 years ago thought they were buying into the American Dream of owning their own business, but later found that they were even limited to the territory that they could provide service for, which limits the growth of any company that has hopes of growing and prospering.

    QualiCare Maids is a successful independently owned company that was built without any bank loans, investors, or grants, so QualiCare strongly believes that any business that a person starts in America, should only be limited or regulated by its owner, not a greedy corporate franchise entity that only has the best interest of their corporation at heart.

    Corporate Franchisors are currently living very wealthy off of the labor of their franchisees, and less than 25% of commercial and residential cleaning franchisees can really say they are wealthy or make a high five figure income, but lets not forget, the more money a franchisee makes, the richer the corporate franchisor becomes, so as you can see, the franchisor can sleep well at night, knowing that their franchisees are out their serving customers and making money for the franchisor.


    Are Franchisees Being Pimped?

    QualiCare has now taken an effective leadership role and a firm stance against commercial and residential cleaning franchisors that rely on hard working people that are trying to live the American Dream by starting their own business, to take control of their financial destiny.

    As a result, QualiCare is taking a positive stance against corporate cleaning franchisors.

    QualiCare will now be offering any person in America that wants to start a commercial or residential cleaning company, a comprehensive 7 day training class that cost only a fraction of what a franchise would cost, and there will only be a one time training fee, and business owners will maintain 100% total control over their newly started company, without any guidelines, service territory regulations, franchise fees, and all the other negative things that accompany buying a cleaning service franchise that offers you no guarantee of succeeding and franchise cleaning training cost thousands of dollars more for the same training.

    The QualiCare 7 day training course is sure to give each person that enrolls in our productive and motivating class, the tools they will need to confidently operate and grow their own independently own cleaning company, and QualiCare will even offer services such as building their company website, marketing and advertising support and many other supportive options that will foster the growth of their business.

    Upon successfully completing our 7 day class, each person will become a certified QualiCare sub-contractor.

    Each person that enrolls in a QualiCare training class will receive the highly customer rated 5 Star “Total Cleaning Program” training for both commercial and residential services, and the QualiCare “Total Cleaning Program” is rated over many franchise cleaning services, and we have over 2100 testimonials to prove it.

    QualiCare carries more relevant credentials than any cleaning franchise, because QualiCare does federal, state, and private industry cleaning and we can't find one single franchisee that can say they do business in more than one or two counties, and in the bigger cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, D.C., New York, Chicago,   they have very limited service territory, which is the reason that QualiCare is so successful, because we can invade a franchisee's territory and there is not one thing that they can say or do about it, because QualiCare is independently owned.

    QualiCare Maids main goal is to take the American Dream back from the corporate cleaning franchises, and return it to the hard working people of America, that deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor, without some corporate cleaning franchisor trying to make a profit off of their labor.

    QualiCare was built on 80% referral, 100% excellent service and always going above and beyond to out clean any franchise cleaning service, and we ask that each person that is interested in enrolling in one of our training classes have the same attitude and drive, because if you commit to providing excellent service, you will always profit and be successful.

    QualiCare is strengthening independently owned cleaning companies and taking corporate cleaning franchisors market share and strongholds away, one training class at a time.

    If you have an American Dream of owning your own independently owned commercial or residential cleaning business, and you don't feel that a franchise will meet your financial needs, and you have future plans of owning a cleaning company.

    Please visit this business startup website at: http://www.freewebs.com/mybizness/


    For more information on this U.S. Veteran Owned Company, call 704-625-2330, or please visit QualiCare Maids at: http://qualicaremaids.wix.com/qualicaremaids



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