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By Philip E. Cabral | Agent in 95051


A few years back, I opened an account on eBay with the simple intention of selling a few items I had lying around the house I no longer needed as a way to earn extra money. I sold my tennis racquet collection, one by one. Golf clubs went next, then comic books…you get the picture. Today, I have a feedback on eBay of 1,190.

Each feedback translates to a transaction. At an estimated $25+ per transaction, I calculate I have made over $29,750 on eBay. And, that’s not counting the hundreds of books I have sold on Amazon as well as the heavier items I sold on Craigslist, which I could not sell on eBay.

So, if times are tough or if you just want to minimize on the items in your home I suggest you think about selling your stuff on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist.

An extra $29,750 in the bank can go a very long way.

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By Stephanie Leon PA 786-574-3928,  Sat Nov 24 2012, 09:31
This is a cool idea... However, it is not for everyone. I myself love to sell real estate and sellers love the results... Helping people move on is the greatest...
By Philip E. Cabral,  Tue Nov 27 2012, 09:25
Helping people move on is good. And, yes, the idea isn't for everyone. I was merely suggesting for people wanting to stay in their home an avenue to pursue to help them do so.

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