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Peter Mohylsky's Blog

By Peter Mohylsky | Agent in Sandestin, FL

Storm warnings

I am sure that there is a general agreement among the weather men that the storm in the gulf will probably affect out lives this week.  I have live here most of my adult life and as a result have weathered a few named storms, no pun intended.  The best advice I can give to anyone who is new to the region is STAY CALM.  There is a certain frenzy that gets generated by the weather people but a general rule is to get prepared for the worst and be grateful for the situation that finally occurs.  So saying that.  keep your auto gas full but there is no reason to hoard the gas. Don't reun out and buy a generator unless you have some medical condition that requires an uninterupted power supply.  Keep enough food in the frig to last several days,  get some candals, matches and batteries for the flashlight.  It is nice to have a radio handy if we lose power.  Move everything that can be frozen into the ice box, make some big blocks of ice if you have the room.  Then have a back up plan in case the storm gets real big, real fast.  Generally speaking if you decide to evacuate, you will find conditions pretty bad in the area where you decide to go, and then you might not be able to get back anytime soon. The time to evacuate is before the storm gets close.  For this one, if you really feel the need is to leave atleast 12 hours before it gets close.  Monday AM at the rate this one is moving.

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