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Peter Middleton's Blog

By Peter Middleton | Broker in San Diego, CA

Tips to Prepare YOUR Home for a Showing

1. First you need to declutter your home. The less the better. Keep it basic. You need to let the perspective buyer see themselves in the home, not you.

2. Now it is time to clean the house. Get the carpets cleaned, mop and wax the floors, clean the windows. Also, make sure that if you have pets you get rid of the odor they can leave behind. A sparkling, fresh smelling home is a must for a buyer. 

3. About those pets! Make sure they are NOT in the home. Sure, the postential buyer may have a pet, but they do not need to know if you have had on there or not. There pet running all over the place is ok with them, they do not want to think about what YOUR pet has done in the home.

4. Shining Windows. It seems like a small detail, and something you may do here and there, but make sure it is done before a showing. Potential buyers do not want to see childrens handprints or a bug that might have hit the window. They want to see a home as close to perfection as possible. Your home is a model now. These are the eyes, you want to be able to see outside to what the yard offers.

5. As for the yard... For many buyers, a yard is an extension of the home. Be sure that for each showing, your yard is freshly mowed and any debris, trash, or clutter are put away. A great way to make flower beds appear neat and well tended is to add mulch. Clean off sidewalks with a quick powerwash.

6. Minor repairs are important. Even the smallest of dings can be a major negative mark for a buyer. make sure the cabinets all close properly, doors are not squeaky, carpets do not have stains, and make sure all appliances are in working order. A buyer will see these details and assume the home was not taken care of properly. You want them to feel that they are buying a very well maintained home that they will not have to spend too much time fixing up. 

7. LIGHT. Make sure all the bulbs work. There is nothing worse than not being able to see what you are looking at. You want the home to have a bright feeling to it. 

8. Add seasonal color. You do not need to be a garden expert to plant low maintencance flowers in pots or even in the yard. Some examples of low maintenance flowering plants are: petunias, pansies, and vincas. It will make the house more inviting as well.

9. Luxurious bathrooms are a must. Bathrooms are a major focal point. A bathroom that is clean and full of comfort is appealing to most every buyer. Arrange new towels and rugs, as well as burn fresh smelling candles. Consider adding rich decor, such as paintings.

 10. Lock away your valuables. It would be nice to think that a potential buyer would not steal from your home, but it could happen. Be sure that anything easily removed is locked away for safe keeping. And be sure that your real estate agent gets anyone's contact information before they are allowed into your home.

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