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By PENNY O'BRIEN | Agent in Las Vegas, NV
  • Happy Holidays Everyone! I always get asked from Visitors what to do while they are here?

    Posted Under: General Area in Las Vegas, Quality of Life in Las Vegas, Shopping & Local Amenities in Las Vegas  |  November 21, 2011 4:32 PM  |  1,554 views  |  No comments
    People who come to visit Las Vegas have an idea of what they want to do while here and what they want to see.   I just love it when a total stranger will e-mail or text me and ask my opinion on what to do and see while they are here.  I totally understand why they do it because I do too when I travel and want to know what the locals recommend.  I think I'm talking myself into taking a vacation.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!
    Penny O'Brien with Simply Vegas
    3042 S. Durango
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Las Vegas, NV. Zappo's Rock "n" Roll Marathon, NASCAR, NFR, Cowboy Christmas

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Las Vegas, Entertainment & Nightlife in Las Vegas, Shopping & Local Amenities in Las Vegas  |  December 2, 2010 10:18 PM  |  1,346 views  |  No comments

    Zappo's.com Rock "n" Roll Marathon and Half Marathon

    NASCAR will be all over town.  Cruising down the Las Vegas Strip, Starting at Planet Hollywoood, stopping in front of the Bellagio and doing donuts and will end at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. , Some places are Fashion show Mall, the "Welcome to Las Vegas sign", Strip will be closed Friday from 2-5 between Spring Mt. and Harmon in intervals.

    NFR = National Finals Rodeo, Dec 2nd (evening) to the 11th. SOLD out.. Held at Thomas and Mack   UNLV home game will be held at the Orleans Arena.

    Cowboy Christmas: held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with FREE admission

    All great fun and exciting events.  Our city is definitely the Entertainment Capital of the World.  While the snow is falling all over the world right now we are going to have temps in the mid 60's and sunshine.  it should be a very wonderful weekend for all the visitors who are in town and for the locals

    Enjoy your weekend. 

  • First we had to deal with all the political ads, now it's the Retail marketers. I don't even want to turn on the T.V.

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Las Vegas, Entertainment & Nightlife in Las Vegas, Shopping & Local Amenities in Las Vegas  |  November 25, 2010 7:58 PM  |  1,301 views  |  No comments
    Oh my goodness for the longest time we were bombarded with all our politicians knocking each other in their advertisements that they spent endless dollars on.  Now, we are bombarded with all the big chains advertising for the Holidays.  I know it's common and typical but truly it's quite annoying.  While i was watching a game show I believe there was around 10 commercials pertaining to holiday shopping. 

    I'm not a scrooge I'm just a little entertained at the whole thing.  I'm happy that people are excited about shopping and the Holidays. 

    I know that marketing has always had their target groups during different times of day as far as what ads they run.  It's kind of fun to pay attention to them and see how we sometimes get suckered into buying into it.  

    If you're in Las Vegas and want to do some free site seeing take a visit to the Bellagio.  It's so beautiful at all times of the year.  ENJOY!!! 

    Happy Holidays everyone.  Penny O'Brien in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.
  • What to do in Las Vegas, clubs and shows... Free stuff!

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Las Vegas, Entertainment & Nightlife in Las Vegas, Shopping & Local Amenities in Las Vegas  |  November 16, 2010 1:05 PM  |  1,344 views  |  No comments

    Vegas? I don't get it, some of you aren't old enough to gamble.  You're not old enough to drink. The only thing you're old enough to do is a rent a hotel and ---ah I get it.  smart. 

    If you are interested in seeing a show make sure to try to purchase tickets in advance.  There are many shows offering local discounts right now.

    The strip always offers many things for free you just have to be open to finding them. 

    People watching is always fun and it's free.

    Lots of visitors who have been to Vegas before will be offered all kinds of deals pertaining to their previous stay.

    Shopping is always a great time in Vegas, we have some of the best malls located on the strip or very near.  Outlet malls too.

    Some of the casino hotels are offering discounted spa days too. Make sure to call around to see who is offering what.

    There's also many things of interest to do off the strip.. The Grand Canyon is a great adventure.  A trip to Hoover Dam in amazing.  Rent a car and explore.

    Enjoy your stay in Vegas and please come back again.

    Penny O'Brien
    RE/MAX Benchmark

  • It's getting to be that time... TOM TURKEY run as fast as you can. Where will you be spending Thanksgiving? LAS VEGAS????

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Las Vegas, Shopping & Local Amenities in Las Vegas, In My Neighborhood in Las Vegas  |  November 3, 2010 4:12 PM  |  1,225 views  |  No comments

    where do you think you'll be spending your Turkey Day?  I know I"ll be in Vegas caz I live here.. The Strip will be getting ready for the rush of visitors who will be coming to town.  It's always a great time in Vegas but the Holiday time is so much fun and so beautiful.  The weather is grand the decorations are amazing.  The bellagio will have its conservatory all decked out beautifully.  A lot of Californian's come here for the holidays but people from all over the world come here to celebrate.  come to Las Vegas, it's bound to be a great time.  Guaranteed!!!!  Gooble, Gobble. 
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