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By Pebble Singha .. | Agent in Encino, CA
  • Home Buyers how to choose a neighborhood

    Posted Under: Schools in Encino, Home Buying in Encino, In My Neighborhood in Encino  |  February 2, 2012 10:37 AM  |  2,293 views  |  No comments
    Pebble Singha
    Keller Williams Encino-Sherman Oaks

    Hi Folks,
    The article below talks about how should a buyer look to choose an area where they want to live.
    Mostly people choose an area by talking to Friends, Family, Nieghbors or Co-workers. The truth is that if it worked for them it may or may not work for you. Choosing a location to buy your home neeeds serious thought and planning.
    Read this article below to help you get great Ideas on how to do that....


    Posted Under: Home Selling in Northridge, Foreclosure in Northridge, Credit Score in Northridge  |  March 19, 2011 9:55 AM  |  26,477 views  |  82 comments

    Pebble Singha(CDPE, Realtor)

    Director Of Short Sales Division Keller Williams Realty

    Hello Folks,

    I want to share my horrific experience with NationStar mortgage. Nationstar decided to foreclose on my clients on the 17th. I am and will blog about Nationstar now. They just absolutely refused to help the homeowners, giving me in writing that this investor would rather foreclose than workout a solution.Folks in todays economy a bank refuses to work with a qualified homeowner who had genuine financial distress. Imagine a bank saying to you that they will freclose on you rather work out a Short Sale. UNBELIEVABLE,UNACCEPTABLE AND JUST PURE WRONG.

    I called the FTC today and they said that the homeowner needs to call in. The bank did what their client asked them to do so FTC does not see fault in the banks position, which i can understand. However my argument that this is against what we all and the government is trying to do, had no impact on the FTC.

    I have closed many many many short sales but facing this scenario was a huge learning experience and an eye opener.

    Please blog about my experience if you can, so that no other deserving family has to suffer the same consequences from NationStar. The negotiator was Samantha Fisher. Just wish she did her job.She just refused to help these people from the get g stating that her investor(holder of the note) would rather foreclose than work out a short sale.She had no compassion and was just right to the point.How can you know that your investor would rather foreclose than work out a solution on the 1st day i submit a package to you. Either your company has a history of doing this or your are not serving your clients well. The strange part to all this was...The investor was her client but the homeowners? She treated homeowners not like clients but as just numbers. I am APPALLED AT THIS BEHAVIOR FOLKS.

    If you own a Nation star mortgage beware and heads up. To all who say that they have successfully closed with NationStar good for you.In my experience Nationstars refusal to deal with this and their refusal for me to talk with a manager was just showing to me that the business ethics are just not there.

    Folks help me blog about this so we can get the word out.

    I am just a passionate person who wants to help as many homeowners as i can.This is my passion and i will fight for it.

    Thanks Folks



  • Buyers !!! Now may be "THE" time to buy a home!!

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Northridge, Financing in Northridge, Credit Score in Northridge  |  February 19, 2011 11:39 AM  |  3,240 views  |  No comments
    Pebble Singha
    Director Of Short Sales Keller Williams RR GAble
    Reputed Buyers Agent


    I came across another fantastic article that i wanted to share with you. Buyers i often meet, sometimes make decisions that surprise even a savy Realtor like me. I have had buyers tell me "Pebble it is not the bottom yet" or "No my max is 360,000 and will not go over it, where the truth i that they could have gotten a great home for 365,000 and they end up later on settling for less. I have had buyers say "well not enough on the market to our liking".Let me remind you folks of the high market. There was very little inventory and you had multiple offers.....Buyers over paid and bid to get a home. See In todays market with so many homes on the market Buyers develop a so called tunnel vision at times looking for that one home that will give them the best satisfaction. See folks there may not be a perfect home out there, and by doing that you may have overlooked a great home that fit your style and budget. Its like one in hand and two in the bush deal. Interest Rates have not been so low ever since 1971. In late November of last year the rates hit 4.17 and now they are inching up. At a point just weeks ago they hit 5%. I think i have made my point.

    Below is an article from The Los Angele Times  that is so well written i had to share this with you ....A must read :click or cut and paste in your browser............


    Thanks for Reading and good Luck.
  • List of documents required for a Short Sale with your lender

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Northridge, Foreclosure in Northridge, Property Q&A in Northridge  |  December 11, 2010 3:50 PM  |  3,388 views  |  No comments
    Pebble Singha
    Certified Distressed Property  

    Hi Folks,
    Many of you asked for help with the list of documents required for a Loan Modification or a Short Sale.
    Most documents are similar  exept that in a short sale you require a purchase offer and a HUD 1

    1. Last Two Years of  FED Tax Return
    2. Last Two current Pay Stubs
    3. Year to date Profit and Loss statement  if Self emloyed
    4. Last Years W-2
    5. Hardship Letter
    6.Financial statement
    7.Form 4506-T
    8 Last 2 months of Personal / Joint Bank statements
    9 If self employed then last 4 months of business bank statements as well

    Short Sale (everything above + below)
    10.Purchase offer fully executed
    11. Buyers pre approval letter
    12. Buyers proof of funds
    13. MLS sheet
    14. Short Sale addendum
    15. HUD1 
    For detailed explanation please cut and past the link below.........


    Good luck to all Realtors and Homeowners.
    I have successfully helped over 75 Families.I am thank full to the almighty to help me have 100% short sale approval success.
    Realtors who help these struggling homeowners be proud of the wonderful deed you do. It is upon us to guide these homeowners the right way.
  • what everyone should know about Debt Forgiveness,Obligation and Deficiency!!!

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Northridge, Foreclosure in Northridge, Property Q&A in Northridge  |  December 9, 2010 10:04 PM  |  1,659 views  |  No comments
    Pebble Singha
    Certified Distressed Property Expert
    I have helped over 70 Families in Mortgage Distress

    Hi Folks,
    So What is Debt Forgiveness?
    What is Obligation of debt mean to you?
    What is deficiency?

    Please click on this article below to get all the answers

  • 6 myths on buying a foreclosure home

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Northridge, Home Selling in Northridge, Foreclosure in Northridge  |  November 19, 2010 2:32 PM  |  1,267 views  |  No comments

    PEBBLE SINGHA (Realtor)

    HI Folks,
    So below is a great article on the Myths on buying foreclosed home. Buy a home. Interest rates are at historic lows. Find a great realtor and get a home.

  • 12 hidden Home buying costs #2

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Los Angeles County  |  April 18, 2010 3:55 PM  |  383 views  |  No comments

    Short Sale Specialist/ Buyers Agent

    Closing costs. When you arrive to sign your closing documents, be prepared to pay thousands of dollars in assorted fees. Such expenses—known as closing costs—can include processing fees, underwriting fees, recording fees, survey fees, and title insurance fees. "This industry has done a bad job of explaining to people that there are legitimate fees which must be paid in order to grant you a mortgage loan,"  But savvy consumers can limit these expenses.I recommend that would-be buyers ask several different lenders for so-called good faith estimates, which outline closing costs in detail. (Lenders, however, are under no obligation to offer you such information before you apply, but most will.) "If lender A charges a document preparation fee and lender B doesn't, that might be one of the considerations," Closing costs vary, but they usually range between 2 to 3 percent of the mortgage loan amount, he says .Buyers another thing to consider is how efficient the lender is.If you are paying a few hundred dollars more here but you believe that this loan officer is more aggressive, straight forward and efficient in closing on time then it is better than the one that you have the doubts about but are considering just because you are saving a few hundred dollars. Oh one thing i do not like is the doc prep fee charged by Brokers. It could be anywhere from $300-$700. Come on now.

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