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By Paula Swayne | Broker in Sacramento, CA

    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Land Park  |  May 30, 2009 2:02 PM  |  885 views  |  No comments

    That is not a misprint...it really is thousands of dogs!  Today I participated in the SPCA's fundraiser "Doggy Dash".  Over 4,000  people gathered with their respective dogs to jog or walk a 3K or 5K path through William Land Park! There really isn't much more to say, since I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago in my blog Land Park Goes to the Dogs.  So, without much more ado, enjoy the day:

    This is my daughter and I with Harlie, Porsche, Shasta and Sierra waiting for Lisa...a co-worker and her dog Libby.

    There were LARGE dogs....

    There were small dogs...

    There were young dogs (believe it or not, the bloodhound is a pup!)...

    There were senior citizens...

    There were magnificent Great Danes...

    and some there just to have fun...

    There were the nervous...

    And those completely in charge...

    Some took off at a fast pace...

    And some of us who chose a more leisurely pace...

    Us? We chose the more relaxing venue...

    The multitudes of Basset Hounds was particulary fun (I am a sucker for a great Basset)...

    I just liked this dog...so you get to enjoy as well!

    If a person was ever confused about what kind of pup they wanted, there is no better place to view, ask owners questions and enjoy the breeds!  That's about it! I hope you enjoyed the fun!



    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Land Park  |  May 19, 2009 11:14 PM  |  894 views  |  No comments
    Find out the challenges the City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation are facing in the city budge due to be passed in June.  Land Park Community Association formed "Rescue Sacramento Parks"...a group that will deal with the budget cuts being faced by our parks.  Read more at http://www.paulaswayne.com/blog.htm .


    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Land Park  |  May 13, 2009 10:25 AM  |  718 views  |  No comments

    I look forward to this event every year...after all, where else can you see (and hear) every breed of dog known to mankind (and some confusing breeds)?

    On Saturday, May 30th, William Land Park will be the venue for the 16th Annual Doggy Dash and Bark at the Park Festival.  The Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals hosts this event each year to raise funds for animals sheltered at the Sacramento SPCA.  People will start arriving bright and early at 7:30AM.  At 9AM those who choose to walk the 2K or fun the 5K kick off the event.  At the same time, those of us who wait until 9:20 for our 5K walk are entertained by the Dogs Agility Group Demonstrations...which is way fun!  There are "pup"  contests for the best wagger, smile, best tricks, kisser and finally the most magnificent pup.  You can be in awe of the Champion Disc Dog Demonstration. Of course, the K-9 Unit of the Sacramento Police Department is there and whatever you do, don't miss the pug races!

    It is a great morning and well worth getting up early for...so join us in Land Park for some great company and entertainment!


    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Land Park  |  April 30, 2009 11:20 AM  |  759 views  |  No comments

    I wrote an earlier post about the election last night of 14 new board members on to the Land Park Communnity Association board.  I thought you might like to learn who will be representing your Land Park  neighborhood interests.

    Two Year Seats went to:

    Terry Grimes
    Craig Powell
    John Jenson
    J.R. Riddell
    April Meszaros
    Dave O'Toole
    John Schade

    One Year Seats went to:

    Matt Traverso
    Michael Mock
    Jim Quessenberry
    Mark Abrahams
    Dennis Kellogg
    Christine Ault
    Paula Swayne

    *This has yet to be confirmed, but should be in the next couple of days.

    I hope you will find our representation of your concerns positive.  I am sure if you have concerns, any one of us would be happy to hear from you.



    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Land Park  |  April 30, 2009 11:05 AM  |  684 views  |  No comments

    Last night was the BIG night...the voting in of 14 new board members! This is huge considering there is a total of 15 board members...only the current President was not on the slate of candidates.

    We gathered at Tower Theater. The lobby was filled with Land Park Community Association existing members, candidates and new members.  It was a full service event with the sign-up table for those wanting to become a part of this association, another table distributing ballots and another accepting proxy votes.    We could even buy popcorn and sodas to support the theater and replace what would have been a healthy dinner!

    At 7:00, we took our seats in the theater.  It appeared that theater lights could only be so bright...because we certainly had ambiant lighting which set an interesting atmosphere!  County Supervisor Jimmy Yee spoke along with Councilman Rob Fong.  The last speaker was Captain Shilly (I apologize if I am spelling this wrong) of the Sacramento Police Department.  We learned about the challenges facing our county, city and police budgets and how each is approaching these challenges.  We spoke of the infamous Bridge to Broadway (and it's current non-status), the proposal to move the Zoo (at best 20 years away, if done at all), efforts to improve the Broadway corridor, the continuing hope that Trader Joes is going to replace the Prime Market on Sutterville and South Land Park Drive and what we can expect of our police (who I believe are doing their best in a difficult situation).

    Finally, we discussed the casting of ballots and 2 new by-law changes. We adjourned to place our votes and mingle with our neighbors.  It was an enlightening and interesting night!


    Oh...did I mention that I was fortunate enough to be voted on to the board?  Yeah!


    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Land Park  |  February 24, 2009 8:08 PM  |  1,178 views  |  No comments

    After World War II,  two veteran military buddies, Ashely Ruledge and Victor Zito returned to Sacramento after being stationed in Alameda.  Vic was a local boy and Ashley was from Nebraska.  Ashley had worked at a soda fountain before the war.  They were inspired to open their own soda fountain when they saw lines going out the door at another local ice cream parlor (Gunthers in Curtis Park).

    On February 2, 1947, Vic's Ice Cream opened it's doors in Land Park. They have always made their own ice cream, along with ice cream pies and cakes.  It's vanilla ice cream has won "Best of" awards from several venues.   Students couldn't wait to get their report card, because if they get all A's and B's, they got a free ice cream cone! Sadly, Vic passed away in 1966, leaving Ash to continue the great reputation the soda fountain had achieved

    It has become a family tradition for our family's babys to go to Vic's as their first restaurant experience.  My wedding cake was a three tiered ice cream cake that Ash decorated personally. We could tell that it was time to cut it when it started to lean slightly! We look forward to the seasonal favorites of Egg Nog ice cream and Rasberry Sherbert, not to mention Pumpkin.

    Ashley is still involved in the business at the age of 88.  His son, Craig has picked up the mantle of manager.  What is amazing about this neighborhood icon is that it also gives jobs not only to young people of the area, but several families as well.  Maury Hatch has been with Vic's for decades as well as Erik Downey. Maury is their Employee Manager and Erik is their Ice Cream Manager.

    So, if you ever come to Sacramento's Land Park, look me up! I will treat you to a cone!

    Vic's Ice Cream
    3199 Riverside Blvd
    Sacramento CA 95818
    (916) 448 0892



    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Land Park  |  February 21, 2009 11:59 PM  |  820 views  |  No comments

    I have driven by the cemetery in Land Park daily.  I was always curious, but had never visited...until today!  First, let me clarify.  What appears to be a single, very large cemetery on the corner of Riverside Boulevard and Broadway is actually 3.  The furthest south is the Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery. Then there is the Masonic Temple Cemetery.  And finally, the one furthest north that I could actually visit...the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery.  It might sound a bit odd, but it was very interesting.  Most of the people who died back in the 1800's seemed to live to the ripe old age of 45ish.  There were too many babies.  Many headstones were so weathered that they really couldn't be read anymore.  However, there were many that could be read, and I thought I would share a little of what they taught me.

    John A. Sutter Jr. (1826-1897)
    His father is famous in Sacramento history as the man who built Sutter's Fort and established New Helvetia.  However, it was his son who, in 1848, planned and founded the City of Sacramento.  A disagreement between father and son over the development of Sacramento initiated John Jr. to leave and in 1897, he died in Acapulco, Mexico

    Hardin Bigelow (1809 - 1850)
    Bigelow arrived in San Francisco on the first ship to reach California from the East Coast.  This Mail Steamer brought with it miners to the Gold Fields.  Sacramento's first levee system was built by Bigelow.  He also was Sacramento's first elected mayor in 1850.

    Newton Booth (1825-1892)
    Booth was the ultimate statesman.  He was a lawyer, merchant and politician.  In 1862 he was elected State Senator, United States Senator in 1873.  Booth and Company was located on Front Street between J&K.

    Old Wooden Headboard (Circa 1876)
    Although wooden headboards numbered in the thousands, this is one of the very few that remain.  If you look closely, you can barely see the remains of carving.

    Mark Hopkins (1815-1878)
    Hopkins was a Forty-Niner, one of railroad's legendary "big Four" and was the Treasurer of the Central Pacific Railroad.  This tomb dominates the cemetary, made with granite weighing 350 tons.  Hopkins died before this tomb was completed, so was buried in San Francisco in 1878 and then moved to this tomb in 1880.

    Albert Maver Winn (1810 - 1883)
    Winn was selected as President when he was elected to Sacramento's first City Council in 1849.  In 1875 he founded the Native Sons of the Golden West.  This monument is the tallest in the cemetary.

    William Stephen Hamilton (1797 - 1850)
    William was the youngest son of Alexander Hamilton and the first Treasurer of the United States.  He came to California in 1849 and died here 1850.  Hamilton has the travel bug, dying in 1850, was exhumed in 1877 and again in 1889 and was buried three times in three different locations.

    Captain Jamaes T. Homans USN (1805 - 1849)
    Captain Homans was initially buried in Tier grounds in the front of the cemetary before being moved by his wife so his son and he could be close together.  This is the earliest known burial in the City Cemetary.  As you can see, it was broken in half at one time and has been repaired.

    Historic Volunteer Firemen's Plot and Bell
    This memorial celebrates the fact that Sacramento has the honor of forming the first Volunteer Fire Company in California (1850).  These volunteers served until 1872, when a paid department was developed.  This bell you see here was cast in 1859 in Sheffield, England, came around the Horn and was placed in service in 1863.

    Lastly, I found this memorial...a time capsule buried in 1988. I will let you know what is in it in 2088! Okay...maybe my grandchildren will let you know!


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