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By Greg Paielli | Property Manager in Las Vegas, NV

Go From Rental Rookie to Rental Rockstar

If there’s something past homeowners are learning from the foreclosures in phoenix and steadily rising AZ short sales it’s that they better remain open-minded to renting!  There are however, many families and individuals that have never rented or ever had to rent before.  So whether you’re new to renting or just need a refresher course, here are some essential tips to becoming a good renter and going from a rental rookie to a rental rock star!    

Pay your rent…on time!

Paying your rent on time is a no-brainer.  Yet landlords everywhere, from houses and lofts to apartments and condos complain of lack of payment, let alone on time.  Newsflash rookies, landlords and Arizona property managers track late payments and collect late fees.  Some will even take you to court if payment is constantly beyond the late fee deadline, which racks up court fees that come out of your pocket!  Paying your rent on time just saves time and money!

Treat your space like gold.

Just because you want to be a rental rock star doesn’t mean you can trash your home like a rock star’s hotel room!  Intentionally damaging home items and not keeping your Phoenix, Arizona property clean ultimately cost you lost security deposits and earn you a bad renter’s reputation.

Put on your big kid pants.

It’s easy to complain to your landlord for every little idiosyncrasy in your Phoenix, Arizona property,  but it’s not going to earn you any points (i.e. the toilet flushes too loud!)  Put on your big kid pants and fix the minimal issues that you can handle!  No one is asking you to repair the plumbing or rip out drywall, just the reasonable, little things.

Be good to your neighbors.

Nobody likes the “meanie” on the block.  Don’t be the person who plays their music too loud, lets their dog poop in everyone’s yard, parks in other people’s spaces, or lets the weeds in the front yard grow taller than the house!  It causes disputes and in extreme cases causes evictions when you can’t play nice with others.

Being a rental rock star of properties in Phoenix, Arizona greatly benefits you by helping you establish a solid credit history and obtain great referrals for future rentals or even a home purchase.  So don’t be a rookie, be a rock star!

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