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By John DL Arendsen | Broker in Encinitas, CA

An Aggresive RE Hustler? Or Just An Unethical Licensed RE Con Man?

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An Aggresive RE Hustler? Or Just An Unethical Licensed RE Con Man?

Ever heard the one about a RE agent who hustles a client into a listing by telling him he has a buyer for his home that's willing to pay whatever he's asking just to get a listing and then brings him an offer below that number? 

An agent shows up on my doorstep one Saturday morning (before I became a Realtor) and asks me if I'm interested in selling my home because he has a buyer who likes it and is willing to pay my price. So I say fine I'm asking 2.7 million. He says "Great! Let's write it up!"

He then proceeds to bring me an offer far below that and suggests that I counter somewhere in between. I then tell him, irritated as I should be, that I did not ask to list my home. He solicited or should I say seduced me into listing it. I've been in my home for 30 years and had no intention of selling unless I received my Zillow "Make Me Move"price.

Then he becomes irritated with me and insists, with almost strong arm pressure I might add that I submit a counter somewhere in between my asking price and his clients offer. While many RE professionals may think thats just good ole fashioned hustling I think itborders on unethical professional protocol if not an outright con. 


By Voices Member,  Sat Oct 9 2010, 11:10
John, I think it was "outright con." I think your experienced and keen senses see through a lot. Richie
By John DL Arendsen,  Sat Oct 9 2010, 17:40
Thank you Richard.

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