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By John DL Arendsen | Broker in Encinitas, CA
  • Announcing The First North San Diego TRULIA meets ACTIVE RAIN Meet Up!

    Posted Under: General Area in San Diego County, Quality of Life in San Diego County, Agent2Agent in San Diego County  |  April 9, 2014 12:06 PM  |  63 views  |  No comments


    Announcing The First North San Diego










    APRIL 30TH




    Now that we're all one big Happy family it's time we all become better acquainted and I can't think of a better way to get the juices flowing than getting a bunch of folks who really should get to know one another together for a fun filled ocassion.

    This invitation is also extended to any/all out of the area members and staff of both and . Hope to see a lot of new and familiar faces.





    Having been an active and contributing member of both  since '09 I would like to take it upon myself to invite any/all Real Estate ProfessionalsInterior DesignersHome StagersHome InspectorsContractors, Appraisers, Lenders,Escrow & Title Companies and any/all Stakeholders in the Real Estate Industry, MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS, to join in for a fun time NO HOST luncheon and beach soiree at the beautiful CHART HOUSE on the beach in beautiful Cardiff-By-The-Sea.




    Ready For A twofer? Why Not Make A Day of It?




    If you're a surfer, love to swim in the ocean, bicycle, walk or jog on the beach bring your boards, trunks, bikes and jogging shoes and take advantage of the best of both Worlds. If you happen to hold an annual State Park Pass you can take advantage of the parking at Cardiff.


    If not you can still purchase a day pass and bring the entire family who can hang at the beach awaiting your return while you schmooze, exchange some biz and do some glad handing next door at the beautiful Chart House Restaurant. Cardiff Reef is right next door so you could drop off the fam and all your beach toys and walk over to the Chart House and avoid the Valet.





    BTW, There's a free shower and rest/changing rooms at

    Cardiff. Dress for the MeetUp is Beachy!


    Please RSVP by April 25th as seating at the Chart House

    is limited.


  • Care To Weigh In On The Pros & Cons of Trulia Acquiring Active Rain?

    Posted Under: Using Trulia in San Diego County, Agent2Agent in San Diego County, How To... in San Diego County  |  April 6, 2014 12:27 PM  |  104 views  |  2 comments

    Care To Weigh In On The Pros & Cons  of








    As an active and contributing member on both platforms for the past several years I have been the beneficiary of many advantages and have enjoyed years of success in different ways with both  and .


    I realize that I am walking a tight rope here in many ways and I'm definitely not trying to create any ill will by either platform as I have been very successful and happy with both over the years.

    The SEO, Google Juice and Website Presence from Trulia's Q/A forum has garnered our Manufactured Home niche Nationwide exposure and 100s of leads, phone calls, emails and most importantly Website hits.

    This has served us well and is generating much more momentum for us each and every day as the #1 Go To Guru in the "Factory Built Housing" arena.

    While Active Rain also has a Q/A platform the fact that it is not a point driven venue has its draw backs. Points are what generates exposure, credibility, ratings and an enhanced Website Presence for Trulia members and drives them up the VIP ladder which I hold far more valuable than even buying advertising. 

    I may not be taken to kindly by Trulia's marketing and sales department but I must say that a strong VIP status gives a Trulia contributor much greater credibility and generates exponentially far more and much better qualified leads than that of the PRO status which can be expensive and does not really generate many qualified leads at all.

    That stated, Trulia's blogging platform compared to Active Rain's seems to lack somewhat in quality and substance compared to AR's who seems to have far better material and has a very good handle on SPAM while Trulia continues to struggle with inappropriate or SPAM submissions on both its Q/A and Blogging platforms.

    Additionally, the contributing members on the AR blogosphere seem to be an unusually cohesive and loyal community and have garnered very close knit relationships that go back years in many instances.

    But what I've really noticed about the Active Rain Community is their desire to reach out to other AR members.  They are especially there fornewbies trying to figure out how to make the best of their AR experience. 

    But the number one overall quality I see on the AR platform is the hands on, personable openness and accessibility I've come to know from the very warm and friendly AR staff. 

    That's not to say that there aren't some very warm and friendly Trulia staff members as well. I've had the opportunity to communicate with Trulia's own, Emily, who's been my #1 go to person and has always been there for me when I had a question, issue or needed guidance.

    Trulia has never been as accessible, open or communicative as Active Rainfor me, however. It seems like Trulia is always trying to sell you something whereas with Active Rain it's always been about building relationships and education. In fact the only thing I've ever purchased from AR is theRainmaker status which seems to have served me well over the years as a member but done very little for me as a lead generator.

    I especially like the GROUPS category that Active Rain has and have become a member of several and even started a couple of my own:


    Groups are a great way to become acquainted with other Active Rainmembers who you may have something in common with or would like to network with for both business and possibly even social opportunities.

    However. I've garnered several very good relationships with Truliamembers as well and, truth be known, have been referred by many more Trulia RE Professionals on Factory Built Housing issues be theyModular or HUD Manufactured Home related than I ever have by theActive Rain Community.

    The Trulia Community in general seems to have a far greater interest in theFactory Built Housing sector than does Active Rain whose focus seems concentrated in site built single family dwellings.

    Both venues offer up excellant training and educational material, however. In fact I recently attended my first ever cross over Webinar in which Bob Stewart invited a member from the Trulia staff to conduct  an entire Webinar.

    All in all I've had mostly positive experiences with both platforms. However, my biggest question is what do they have to gain from a potential merge and more importantly what do we as members have to gain by participating with both?

    What are the significant differences between the two sites? Will they benefit one another. Will the members and guests benefit from both? Or will there be redundancies and confusion? 

    All in all I've been very happy with both and have benefitted quite positively from both  and .

    • What are your thoughts?
    • What have been your experiences
    • What are your concerns?
    • What are your suggestions?
  • "EARTHQUAKE" April Is Earthquake Prepardness Month. Are You Prepared?

    Posted Under: Crime & Safety in San Diego, Home Buying in San Diego, Home Insurance in San Diego  |  April 4, 2014 2:19 PM  |  164 views  |  No comments








                            April Is 









    Are You Prepared? 


    I Usually wait until April as it is officially the month dedicated to Earthquake preparedness and awareness for some reason. However, with the recent events that have taken place in just the past few days I thought it prudent to launch my 

    “Earthquake preparedness"

     campaign a few days early this year.







    Could You Be At Risk of Being Forced Out of Your Home After An






    Unlike wind, fire and flooding events that can and have wiped out entire communities “Earthquakes”  can and usually do give you a second chance if proper and preventative measures are implemented.


    Next to loss of life and personal injury the biggest tragedy and challenge in the aftermath of any disaster is total loss of the use of your home aka  "Displacement"


    There are three classifications your home may be subjected to if it is damaged in an “Earthquake” as well as many other types of disasters. But let's focus on  “Earthquakes” as April




    Preparedness and Awareness Month.





    GREEN TAG: Ah! You will be in heaven compared to your less fortunate YELLOW AND RED TAGGED neighbors. Your life will not change much. After you pick up the broken glass, clean up the debris, negotiate (argue) with your tight fist-ed insurance adjusters, make some minor repairs and tidy up a bit your life will go on pretty much as usual.  

    You won’t be challenged by the same inconveniences that you’re YELLOW and RED tagged neighbors were but most importantly you won’t be having to look for temporary housing which in times like these can be a gigantic if not impossible task unto itself.

    YELLOW TAG: If this happens your home is deemed somewhat structurally damaged but habitable. This is HUGE! Here the homeowner is given a punch list with a certain window of time in which to make necessary repairs but may at least still occupy the home.

    Naturally this is better than being out on the street but get ready to start dealing with many of the same problems described for RED TAGGED homeowners in a very short period of time.


    RED TAG: Here the homeowner is DEAD in the water when they are given the news that their home is condemned by the health and safety and building departments and they are not allowed to re-occupy it and often not even allowed back in to gather personal belongings and keepsakes. 

    Oh and by the way, these unfortunately displaced folks  will be looking for a relative or friend to bunk up with or a motel to check into, if they can find one, for an indefinite period of time while they figure out if, how and when they’ll be able to repair and/or replace their home.


    After the 2001 magnitude 6.8 Nisqually earthquake, this school in the Puget Sound area of Washington was closed for repair (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute photo).

    After the 2001 magnitude 6.8 Nisqually earthquake, this school in the Puget Sound

    area of Washington was closed for repair (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute photo).


    Those so unfortunate to have become "Displaced" will probably even have to get used to driving a distance to get to their favorite store, doctor, dentist, etc.

    Getting their children to and from school could be a challenge unto itself.  That’s if the school was not too damaged and deemed unsafe in which case children will have to attend another school/s which, as parents know, can be quite traumatic for all.

    Add to that the agonizing experience of dealing with not to friendly or sympathetic insurance adjusters and claims, contractors, permits, inspectors, utility companies, etc. The "Displaced" will be in for a very disruptive if not horrific experience that could go on for months and regrettably in some cases for years.

    Now for some more positive news. You Don't Have To Become A Statistic. There are things you can and should do to protect you and your family from the inconvenience of becoming a "Displaced" VICTIM". 

    If you live in a circa 1940's or older home you need to have your crawl space inspected by a licensed, bonded and insured "FOUNDATION SPECIALIST"  to make sure your HOME is securely bolted to its foundation.



    The number of foundation bolts, linear feet of plywood, and floor-to-wall connections (brackets) that are required to seismically retrofit your home varies depending on its size and weight. Remember, earthquakes will find the weak spots in your house. So, if you add bolts but not plywood, you will still have a problem when the ground shakes!



    If you live in a "MOBILE" or "MANUFACTURED HOME"  make sure your home has a an approved “Earthquake” “Resistant Bracing System” (ERBS) under it. If it doesn't you need to have them installed ASAP.



    The Tuf-1 Permanant Foundation is designed to be a retro-fit foundation.  This product is an engineered foundation, and can be stamped for any state.  The systems also has FHA, HCD & HUD approvals.  The Tuf-1 can also be modified into a Earthquake Resistant Bracing System or (ERBS).  This simple product can turn your Manufactured Home into "REAL PROPERTY" and ready for bank lending. 

  • Active Rain Presents The San Diego Real Estate Spring Meet-Up





     Presents The San Diego Real Estate 


    Spring Meet-Up


    Join us at the

    Pacific Coast Grill WED. 3/26/14 5-7pm

    Pacific Coast Grill: Nestled right on the Pacific Ocean. Stunning views!;


    Come one come all to the Pacific Coast Grill for a fun time getting to know other Real Estate Stakeholders in the San Diego area.


    Be you a Real Estate Professional, Lender, Escrow or Title Company,Insurance Company, Interior Designer, Home Stager, Contractor, HomeInspector, Investor, Buyer or Seller, Etc. your invited to join us for a fun time at one of North San Diego's most beautiful beaches.



  • Questions About Factory Built Housing? We Have The Answers.

    Posted Under: Home Buying in San Diego, Home Selling in San Diego, Financing in San Diego  |  January 17, 2014 9:46 AM  |  199 views  |  No comments

    Questions About Factory Built Housing? We Have The Answers.

    Having served the HUD MANUFACTURED HOME INDUSTRY for the past 3 decades we have acquiredt a tremendous amount of information & knowledge about what is required in order to consummate most Condo Conversion, Subdivision, Planned Unit Development (PUD) and private lot or parcel loans for HUD MANUFACTURED HOMES.

    Due to recent housing inventory shortages in several geographical areas we have observed a resurgence of activity in the Manufactured Home Community which have resulted in a flood of inquiries Nationwide from Real Estate Professionals, Lenders, Home Inspectors but most importantly Homeowners, Buyers and Sellers.

    Thus On the Level General Contractors and MH-Processing LLC will be contributing an comprehensive series on this topic for the next several weeks delineating the many nuances that can cause the uninformed to pull their hair out at the 11th hour and agonize over what can often be a very arduous and time consuming process.

    WARNING: Just because you will be armed with a lot of very informative and useful information and knowledge will not eliminate the time you will have to dedicate to go through all the necessary steps necessary to bring your transaction to a final close.

    So we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of MANUFACTURED HOUSING PROFESSIONALS who specialize in foundation installation, retrofitting and repair as well as the required engineered certification, affidavit of affixture or 433a documentation required in California.

    It's well worth the time and money you will spend otherwise.

    We Are Your Go To Guys For Information & Knowledge About



    TOLL FREE: 800 909-1110

    CELL: JOHN ARENDSEN 760 815-6977

    CELL: JANIS ARENDSEN 760 415-1982

    Email: janis@mh-processing.com, onthelevel@coxnet

  • Puzzled about who to contact with questions about Manufactured Home Engineered Certification and Foundation Installation, Retro

    Posted Under: Home Buying in San Diego, Home Selling in San Diego, Financing in San Diego  |  January 17, 2014 7:44 AM  |  288 views  |  No comments


    Puzzled About Who To Contact With Questions About Manufactured Home?

    Important Information About Engineered Certification and Foundation Installation, Retrofitting & Repair Issues.

    The title perfection from personal property to real property via the 433A vehicle requires direct contact and coordination with qualified Manufactured Home Contractors.   We have a network of experienced contractors statewide with whom we team to provide the foundation component for a successful recordation of the 433A.

  • Quality of Life: Encinitas, CA vs. Lahaina, HA

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in San Diego, Entertainment & Nightlife in San Diego, Home Buying in San Diego  |  November 29, 2013 11:14 AM  |  351 views  |  No comments
    Quality of Life: Encinitas, CA vs. Lahaina, HA

    0 Comments | Posted by John Arendsen in Uncategorized

     Quality of Life Encinitas, CA vs. Lahaina, HA

    CLIMATE LahainaEncinitasUnited States
    Rainfall (in.)14.615.636.5
    Snowfall (in.)0025
    Precipitation Days3344100
    Sunny Days281263205
    Avg. July High878886.5
    Avg. Jan. Low63.337.720.5
    Comfort Index (higher=better)534644
    UV Index9.95.94.3
    Elevation ft.462051,060

    Nine Good Reasons To Live In Encinitas, CA vs.Lahaina, Ha

    My lovely bride of 35 years, Janis and I,  spent 10 beautiful days in Lahaina this past December. When we left Encinitas it was 69f with 2 to 4 foot nicely shaped waves and when we arrived in Hawaii it was 8Of and pretty FLAT!  Not to mention very crowded.

    According to http://weather.org/weatherorg_records_and_averages.htm On December 11, the day we departed HA, for San Diego, it was 77f and rainy with 2 to 3 foot very poorly shaped waves and when we returned to Encinitas it was 66f and sunny with 3 to 4 foot great waves.

    Albeit the water temperatue was about 12 degrees cooler back home in Leucadia, wetsuits do make the difference. Additionally, when you adjust for humidity you couldn’t tell the difference in the ambient temperatures.

    Going on vacation is absolutely fun, relaxing and enjoyable. But how many places in the world can you live where you return home to a pertetual vacation. You just can’t beat the climate in

    “America’s Finest City”

    Overall Southern California has the best climate in the USA. But even better is the North San Diego Coastline.

    View Poll Results: Where is the best climate?
    Southern California (Mediterrianian)7140.57%
    Texas (4 defined seasons)95.14%
    Arizona (Hot summers)126.86%
    Pacific Northwest (Warm summers, rainy winters)1910.86%
    Central Plains (Highly variable and seasonal)52.86%
    Great Lakes (Lots of snow)169.14%
    North East (Variable, with some strong storms)2112.00%
    Mid-Atlantic (Humid summers, mild winters)2816.00%
    Gulf Coast (Hot and Humid, Prone to Hurricanes)148.00%
    Hawaii (Steady year round)2715.43%
    Alaska (Cold and snowy)31.71%
    Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 175. You may not vote on this poll

    To Sum It Up?

    “According to data compiled by Standard & Poor’s for the Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, real estate prices nation-wide continued to fall in 2010, dropping another 4.1%.”

    “By contrast, San Diego real estate prices rose by 2.6% during that same period. According to their data the only other major city in the U.S. to see an increase in median home prices during 2010 was Washington D.C.”

    Additionally, Real Estate Investors from around the World continue to choose San Diego for its undisputedyear around “Mediterranean Climate” and its Multi-Cultural Mixed Bag of Recreational and Social activities .

    Be it the downtown “Gaslamp” city lifestyle to surfing, diving, fishing on the beach, or hiking and bicycling through the desert, or mountains whether man-made or wild & natural, it’s all here. You can vacation in San Diego 24/7 365.

    Hawaii? No Leucadia!

    Hawaii? No Vista, CA

    Hawaii? No Blooming Plumeria On the North County Coast!!

    If you’re a Real Estate investor looking for one of the best buying opportunities to come about in several years be it a high end totally refurberished estate to choose as your primary residence, a totally re-habbed distressed property rental investment, a Manufactured Home or Manufactured Home Park or a just a second home to enjoyn while visiting make the North County Coastline your choice.

    Surf’s Up!

    Come Join Us!

    John DL Arendsen - Broker at TAG Real Estate Sales & Investments
    TAG Real Estate & Investment

    TAG Real Estate 
    Sales & Investments

    CA DRE Lic#01795582

    Direct: 760-815-6977

    2982 Ora Avo Terrace.
    Vista CA., 92084

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