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My Pleasure...My Business.

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By Jonathan Citron | Agent in Essex County, NJ


Fact is I worked in Brooklyn, sold cars on Nostrand Avenue at an Oldsmobile/Honda dealership with a used car lot across the street. I'm there for about a year or so, commute from Manhattan, the upper-west side, if you're interested. Hey, it's a schlepp, for sure, but worth it all day long. I mean Hondas are super-hot then. I can't take an order unless the buyer's willing to pay well over sticker for a lousy Accord, automatic, with factory air, I'm saying. The sale's manager jumps my bones for anything less than $1,000 above. Crazy! 'Go back and get it, pinhead!' He yells...and I listen. (Pinhead, at the time, is Brooklyn-speak for creep, one of many names I'm called back then.) It's all about money and there's plenty of it. Funny, now-a-days, you can't give them away. And, this gets to the heart of the matter: there are an abundance of homes available in this neck of the woods. Okay, it's not Brooklyn. It's not even Staten Island. I know this. But, dollar for dollar, you cannot do any better. You want to move. You've got to move. The old stomping grounds aren't what they used to be. Things happen. We all get older. We make kids. Growing up is growing away, or something like that. Few people pay 'sticker' for homes around here and this has nothing to do with poor quality homes, no! It's the nature of the beast, the times and economy, okay? For those who don't know, we call this a 'buyer's market'. It's talked about in the papers all the time, what's left of them to read, anyway. So, now you know. I worked in Brooklyn, maybe sold someone you know a Civic or something. Today, I sell homes. What can I say. It's a living. I like it. I meet nice people, make friends. I truly enjoy showing homes. I live in one, have been for some time. Let's make a date and I'll show you around. My pleasure, really. Later....

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