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  • Choosing the Best Natural Stone Flooring

    Posted Under: Design & Decor  |  May 2, 2011 2:35 PM  |  160 views  |  No comments

    Natural stone flooring is one of the hottest trends when it comes tohome décor. It has the ability to turn a home into a mature and sophisticated masterpiece, and unlike a lot of other home interior designs, natural stone flooring offers superior durability.  Here are some tips on picking out the best natural stone flooring for your home:


    Choose natural stone flooring with care


    Since there are different options of stone flooring to choose from, make sure that you research the color, surface, durability and polish that would best fit the style of your home.  For more modern homes, polished stones may be the best choice, whereas older, vintage style homes would probably be better fitted for unpolished stones.  Just note to be wary of overpolished stones, as re-polishing is one of the most common tricks to selling defective stone flooring.   

    Consider the suitability of the stone in your home interior design


    Many people opt for natural stone flooring because of its versatility for different interior design styles.  Despite what look you're trying to achieve, stone flooring looks great with just about everything.  And because the stones come in a huge variety of pattern styles and colors, you'll surely find something that suits the look you want. 

    Choose stone designs that are easy to clean


    Another perk to choosing stone flooring is that, for the most part, the stones are very easy to clean.  However, make sure that when choosing the texture you stay away from gratings.  Although the grooves and patterns look good at first, over time they collect a lot of dirt.  Most stones are non-porous, but be careful with the rougher surface styles as they can collect dirt, water and germs easier.  Obviously, the smoother the stone design, the easier it will be to clean and keep clean.

    Make your natural stone floors last


    We already know that stone floors are durable, but there are things you can do to make sure you maintain their beauty.  When you first get your flooring installed, sweep regularly to pick up some of the loose gravel that will come from letting the stones settle.  If you keep the stones free from pebbles, you'll minimize scratching and scuffing.  Also, make sure you're cleaning the stones regularly with a non-bleach solution.  Try not to use any harsh chemicals, since it can be damaging to the color and polish on the stones.  Lastly, when stones get chipped, cracked or become loose, fix them as soon as you can so as not to damage any surrounding stones. 



    Once you're flooring is installed, make sure that the rocks are even and aligned to your liking.  If you hired a company to do the installation, do not sign off on the job until you're completely satisfied, because once your furniture is in place, the rocks could have an effect on how even your furniture sits.  Nobody likes sitting in a chair where the legs are uneven – imagine that happening in your home!  

    To ensure that your natural stone flooring is installed and maintained properly, consider hiring an expert home interior designer service.


  • High-End Home Staging at a Reasonable Price

    Posted Under: Home Selling  |  April 26, 2011 1:32 PM  |  385 views  |  No comments

    When it comes to achieving high-end home staging, some people mistakenly believe that it means excessive décor and pompous furniture. However,interior decorators and home stagers will unanimously agree that luxury is about achieving a lavish effect without going overboard. Just follow these basic principles, and you'll be on your way to obtaining that luxurious design you've always hoped for.


    Get rid of clutter and junk

    The first rule to luxurious home staging and interior design is to get ride of clutter. Nothing can spoil an overall design faster than a bunch of junk laying around; mismatched trinkets, old paperwork, or any unnecessary items that aren't a part of the design should be thrown away. 


    Opt for a certain style and keep to it


    Choose a theme that best suits your home character from the various interior design styles available.  Architecture and interior design magazines can be useful in making that decision.  Then, bring the room to life by complementing the design with accessories.  For the best bargains, check online , in your local store catalogs, as well as, in thrift stores and antique shops.


    In shopping around, pay attention to how stagers and designers are maximizing the use of natural light, cubistic decor, glass panels, natural wood, etc. Luxurious home staging and design is all about the details!


    Use the space wisely


    Larger rooms are typically easier to stage and decorate than smaller ones, however, if done correctly, smaller rooms can also achieve a luxurious look.  We've already gone over the clutter issue, but particularly for smaller rooms, they desperately need to stay clutter-free!  Do what you can to get furniture off the floor (for example, don't get floor lamps for a small room, but rather, go for nice ceiling or wall lighting).  Also, keep the furniture as minimal and practical as you can (for example, hang your flat screen TV and opt for ottomans that also double as storage).


    Luxury Home Staging doesn't have to cost a lot of money


    For a luxurious look, nobody said it would be cheap, however, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either!  Save money by taking your time.  Window shop and browse some of your favorite luxury design stores, and take note of the brands and styles that you like.  If you're absolutely set on getting a specific piece, look online first to see if you can find a better deal.  Designer furniture rentals are great, but it doesn't mean that every piece has to have a name-brand label.


    You can also minimize how much you spend by renting rather then buying , that way you aren't blowing a bunch of money. 


    With a reputable home staging firm, your home will be sold  faster then you have ever imagined! For more information on home staging by Duroque visit: http://www.duroque.com/homestaging/

  • 5 Tips for Going Vintage in Your Bedroom

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Los Angeles  |  April 13, 2011 2:40 PM  |  381 views  |  No comments

    If you yearn for a bedroom that utilizes the remnants of our past, evoking memories of generations ago, then going vintage may be right for you.


    A vintage-inspired bedroom provides a sentimental, yet comfortable feel.  A place where you can relax and feel at ease. Sepia-colored family photos, vintage cushions scattered on the bed combined with antique items in candy colors creates a charming, vintage atmosphere.


    Here are 5 useful tips on bedroom interior design that will help reach the vintage style you're looking for in your bedroom. 


    1.    Repaint your walls with a soft vintage-inspired shade: mint ice cream, pastel blue, lavender, rose, butter yellow hue, etc. If you prefer an all-over wall design, hanging pink and white toile or damask-printed wallpaper may be better suited for you.


    2.    Pick an antique wrought iron bed frame with timeworn, lacy iron details. For a romantic look, try adding a dark wood canopy bed.


    3.    In choosing fabric and design, you can't go wrong with a lacy duvet for that vintage look.  Even today, handmade quilts with patchwork squares of rose patterns, white, pink, green stripes and red or white gingham print aren't hard to find, and typically aren't that expensive either.


    4.    For an appropriate vintage appeal, hang cotton curtains with charming patterns and colors. For shabby chic, complement busy walls with crisp white eyelet curtains. Solid color walls look amazing with red, pink and mint green cabbage rose-patterned window coverings.


    5.    Make your bedroom’s style complete with accent items. Fancy hats hung on wall hooks, a vintage record player on an antique wood secretary's desk, a pearl-draped crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, a vintage white vanity table with a milk glass vase filled with red and pink roses, books and magazines stored in vintage leather suitcases will all add to your bedroom’s vintage design.


    Remember, going vintage doesn't mean you have to spend lots of money buying authentic pieces.  Mix and match true vintage with vintage-replicas, and you'll still achieve the look you're going for. For the best deals, search thrift stores and garage sales for extremely discounted vintage gems.


    If the tips in this blog helped you achieve the look you were wanting then let us know.  Or, if this blog generated other ideas, don’t hesitate to share your vintage interior designs with us!  For more expert advice, contact Duroque Interior Design www.duroque.com and guarantee yourself the bedroom of your dreams!


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