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By Noah Seidenberg | Broker in Evanston, IL
  • Living in Winnetka IL 60093

    Posted Under: Schools in Winnetka, Home Buying in Winnetka, Home Selling in Winnetka  |  March 27, 2014 5:27 AM  |  349 views  |  No comments

    Winnetka Real Estate which is 60093 has seen a wonderful come back in the last year. The pleasant and quiet family neighborhoods are very desirable and one of the best choices to raise a family or just live in an area that offers so much.

    Winnetka Illinois Map google

    At this time 112 Single Family Homes are available and 57 are under contract waiting to close. In the last 3 months 28 homes have sold. In the condo scene there are 5 available, 4 under contract and waiting to close and in the last 3 months 7 condominiums have sold.

    If you are interested to see for yourself what is available in Winnetka or the way of any property for sale of what has sold recently please feel free to click the Winnetka Real Estate link and you can browse freely.

    Winnetka has a population of about 12,000 people and has the Metra train with multiple stops so there is easy access to downtown Chicago and the trains offers parking so you can drive to the station and ride downtown while you read or relax in comfort.

    There are 27 parks covering over 242 acres in Winnetka and beaches such as Tower Road, Maple Street, and Elder Lane for swimming and sunbathing as well as a boating and sailing beach at Lloyd park. Here is a great link to the Winnetka Park District activities list, it would take multiple pages to let you know just how much there is to offer.

    The Winnetka schools are among the best in the nation and from The Strategic Plan of 2013, I quote: "The Winnetka Public Schools is a community that honors the whole child, fosters creativity, inspires lifelong learning, and develops civic responsibility. District 36 will develop learners who are compassionate citizens, who contribute to their community, and are well prepared for a dynamic future."

    Many people want to move to Winnetka to be in a quiet bedroom community where all the children have so much to do as well as great shopping and a wide selection of fine dining. You should consider Winnetka IL if you are interested in Chicago's North Shore and if you do the best resource is Coldwell Banker the largest and most active Real Estate Company.

    I grew up in Winnetka and went to Crow Island Elementary School, Washburn Jr High and then New Trier High School before going off to College. It was a wonderful experience.

    If you are interested in selling property in Winnetka and we can give you a no obligation market analysis of your home's value or if you are interested in moving to Winnetka provide you with a plan that will help you see every property available at a time that is good for you.

    Understanding your Expectations and Exceeding them

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    Winnetka Sunrise

  • Evanston IL Real Estate News

    Posted Under: Schools in Evanston, Home Buying in Evanston, Home Selling in Evanston  |  January 27, 2014 7:27 AM  |  194 views  |  No comments

    The Evanston Illinois Real Estate Market continues to improve over the last three years. In the period of January 2013 through December 2013 sales of Single Family Homes and Condos are up 28% to a total of 1,101 properties sold. 

    Usually during the season from Thanksgiving through the beginning of the following year the sales market slows down as people celebrate holidays. This year we did not see this happen. People are still actively looking for homes to purchase and are keeping us Realtors busy showing them houses and condos.

    At this time in Evanston IL there are 83 single family homes available on the market and 130 Condominiums. There are also 52 Single family homes under contract and waiting to close as well as 67 condos. These properties will become closed soon and this is unusual for this time of year.

    Also there are 19 multiple dwelling buildings like two or four flats actively for sale on the market and 7 under contract waiting to close. This is very good news because in the last few years we saw these multiple family residences become almost totally stagnant and this change all points to signs of a strong Real Estate Market in 2014. 

    Evanston has some fine middle and elementary schools in our district 65. In the Elementary category Great Schools rates Dewey, Orrington and Lincoln very highly, a 9 on a sale of 1 to 10.  Haven middle school is highly rated too. Our High School Evanston Township High School is also considered one of the best. ETHS is a four year school on a 62 acre campus established in 1883. It is in our district 202 with 265 staff members and a majority of the teachers have a Masters Degree or beyond. To quote the motto of ETHS and their mission statement:

    "Embracing its diversity, ETHS dedicates itself to educating all students to their fullest potential"


    Another highlight of Evanston is Northwestern University. Which is considered one of the best Universities in the country.

    If you would like to see for yourself what homes or condos are available in Evanston then please click the property search link here and you can even explore for yourself.

    If you are interested in the finest Real Estate Sales help available you should consider contacting Coldwell Banker Evanston

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    Coldwell Banker Evanston

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    Evanston ILl Real Estate Sales Report


  • Is Moving Just Due To A Better School District Worth It?

    Posted Under: Schools in Evanston, Home Buying in Evanston, Property Q&A in Evanston  |  June 26, 2013 7:34 AM  |  518 views  |  No comments
    I'm sure you've heard friends or neighbors mention how they wanted to move because they wanted to be in a better school district for their kids or they didn't have kids yet but they wanted to make sure they found a home that was in a school district they wanted.  It's one of the top ten reasons people choose a certain house to buy.  But is it all worth the trouble of excluding homes just due to the school district? Big question?

    MSN has an article about whether that is, in fact, something you want to focus on that it causes you to move.  A house can cost more if it's in a highly desired school district.  So before you choose to go that route, you'll want to ask yourself these questions:

    How many children do I have/plan to have?
    How secure is my job?
    How long do I plan to stay in this area?
    What are my social expectations for this community outside of the schools?
    How diverse is the school?
    Is the environment right for my child? Is it too high pressure?
    Will I need two incomes to make a mortgage payment there? Will we want to keep up with the Joneses and blow our budget?

    It's important not just to go by what you hear.  A lot of people have strong biases toward or against certain school districts because of personal experience or problems they may have had with a teacher or employee.  It could have just been a personality conflict.  So it's important that you do your own research first.
    Find out the student/teacher ratio.  Visit the schools and speak to the staff and ask for a tour, especially of the ones you're interested in.  You may find that it's not as good of a fit for your child as you had originally thought.  And then you just gave up your home because you heard how great the schools were. 
    It's also possible that your community offers a charter or magnet school that have a more progressive teaching philosophy.  For instance, there's a charter school in a suburb near mine that's very focused on green living, growing your own food, and sustainable resources.  Now, you have to be located in that suburb to enroll.  However, if you are located within a different school district, you're open to enroll as well, and it's not for the community that's right next door.  So, again, it's important to do your research.

    Also, it could even save you money to send your children to private school rather than put down extra money to purchase a new home.  You'll want to look at tuition costs and figure out if it is a valuable investment.  You also want to make sure you're not shelling out a ton of money in gas by driving your kids to a school further away and going back and forth for all their various activities.  So research is key in determining what is best for you and your family.

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