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Realty Masters Blog~ by Nicole

We are the leader in Rental Homes and Apartments in the Pensacola area

By Nicole St. Aubin | Agent in Pensacola, FL
  • Rental Homes & Apartments in Pensacola, FL area~

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    Available Rental Homes & Apartments in the Pensacola area
    Rental inventory is down and homes are renting fast in Escambia, Santa Rosa & Okaloosa Counties!

    Typically, our MLS has around 1,000 rental homes and apartments available this time of year but currently we are in the 700 range. With more renters and less homes available, renters are having a harder time with their home search.

    The area that seems to be renting the fastest is the area near Hurlburt Field AFB including Navarre, Mary Esther and even Fort Walton Beach. 3 Bedroom 2 bath Homes in the Northeast Pensacola are also rare right now and renting very fast as well as the downtown Pensacola and East Hill areas. There are still plenty of 2 bedroom apartments so rents are staying lower for these compared to 3 bedroom homes and apartments.
    Inventory changes daily and rents are still on the rise. Keep a look at our website at www.PensacolaRealtyMasters.com for the most up to date listing of Pensacola rental homes and apartments.
    Here is a list of our current inventory of homes available for rent in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties:

    Until next time,
    Realty Masters of FL ~ (850) 473 3983
    Over 35 rentals at www.PensacolaRealtyMasters.com
  • Pet Friendly Rental Housing: Getting your pets a home!

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    You don't have to get rid of your pet to rent a house!

    Unless you have a Pit bull, Rottweiler, or a Chow...

    Aggressive Breed Dogs

    Let's go ahead and get that out of the way. Unfortunately, we can not accept dogs that will affect the owners insurance. There is no standard aggressive breed dog list (that would be easy!) It varies between companies and policies. This is one of the reasons we accept most pets on owners approval, as we need to run all pets by the home owner.

    Marie Hazen's beautiful Rottweiler!

    Common pets found on the list include: Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chows, Presa Canarios, Akitas, Huskies, Wolf hybrids, German Shepherds, and American Eskimos. The dog can also be included in this list if it is more half or more of one of the above listed breeds. I've even seen chihuahuas on the list!

    We are sorry. :( It is merely a matter of keeping the homeowners insurance in tact, which is especially important during hurricane season! Homeowners insurance in our area is expensive and hard to secure and keep. Per most insurance policies, the policy can be cancelled if an aggressive breed animal is on the premises.

    There is typically no chance of getting Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, or Chows accepted in our properties. For other breeds, we typically consult with the owner of the property for approval or denial for your pet based on their preferences and their insurance company's policies. For pit bull. doberman, and rottweiler dog owners, we suggest checking with private homeowners. 

    Define Pet

    If you feed it, bathe it, clean up after it, love it, or take it outside, it's a pet. You must disclose any pets including gerbils, fish, mice, reptiles, etc. All pets are subject to a minimum $250 nonrefundable pet fee

    Other factors when considering pets:

    1. Number & Type of Pets- One pet is usually a go if advertised pets on approval. Conversely, 4-6 pets is usually a no when renting a home!

    2. Age of pet(s)- Facts of life: Babies cry, Puppies chew. Mature animals do considerably less damage than immature animals.

    3. Size of pet(s)-Larger pets have the ability to do more damage.

    4. Flooring Type- Some owners with light colored carpeting do not allow pets.

    5. Adequate fencing and yard space- Important to some

    6. Homeowners Association Restrictions- Some subdivisions, mainly condos and town homes, have certain pet restrictions.

    Getting your pets accepted

    Pam Keen, Broker, gives my dog some love.

    Our goal is to provide plenty of nice, pet-friendly rental homes! Most of our agents have pets that are part of our family, and we understand your need for a nice home to include them.

    Generally, the advertisements on our website will have some specific information about pets if the owner has expressed restrictions. Some examples include, no cats, no reptiles, pets under 50 pounds, 1 pet only, no pets, etc.

    You must send a photo of your animal(s) with your application and make sure to provide the 1) type of pet, 2) breed 3) age 4) weight in order for pets to be processed. You may email your photo to the property manager or to Nicoles@PensacolaRealtyMasters.com for approval.

    Increase your chances of getting your pet(s) approved!

    1. Send the picture with a write up about your pet(s). Describe your pet to the property owner including what your pet likes to do, whether your pet is kennel trained, or took an obedience class or two. Make sure to include all the pertinent information above. Call it his/her pedigree.

    2. Include vet records, shot records, and proof of flea medication with your application. This lets the owner know you are a serious pet owner and take good care of your pet(s). Ask for a letter from your vet, and ask them to comment on your pet(s) temperament if they will!

    3. Offer an extra $250 refundable deposit to the owner! If you have multiple pets, this is not a bad idea to offer some extra security. As the rental market continues to thrive, we can receive multiple applications in the same day. Homeowners will chose 1 pet over 3 most days.

    Have insurance questions Pensacola? Call my friend Matt Salvator at (850) 932-3459. He can answer them!

    *These are only our company policies, although many local property management companies have similar guidelines please be sure to verify all pet guidelines.

    Mocha the Realty Masters office dog~

    Email me your questions or post them here!

    Good luck!

    Nicole St. Aubin, Broker Associate

    Realty Masters of FL #1 in Pensacola Rental homes & Pensacola Property Management

    (850) 473 3983 phone~ www.PensacolaRealtyMasters.com

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  • Military with orders to Pensacola NAS?

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    PCS'ing to NAS Pensacola?
    Here's some tips to help you with the move.

    If you have military orders to Pensacola and are unsure about the Pensacola area, you have come to the right place. Our office helps military service members and their families with their relocation to the Pensacola area every day.

    Map with local area military bases including NAS Whiting Field in Milton, FL and NAS Pensacola in Pensacola, FL.
    Naval Air Station Museum in SW Pensacola, FL~

    Pensacola is home to a Naval Air Station, the Blue Angels, and the National Aviation Museum. With such history and infrastructure, we also have several military bases in the local area including the following:

    1. Whiting Field NAS in Milton, FL~ Northern Santa Rosa County off Stewart Street
    2. Corry Station in Pensacola, FL~ Southwest Pensacola off Navy Blvd. / New Warrington Blvd.
    3. NAS Pensacola in Pensacola~ South Pensacola with two entrances- the front gate off Navy Blvd. in South Pensacola and the back gate off Blue Angel Pkwy and Gulf Beach Hwy in Southwest Pensacola near Perdido Key Beaches.
    4. Hurlburt Field AFB in Mary Esther, FL~ Lcoated in Okaloosa County between Navarre, FL and Fort Walton Beach, FL. It's location right off Hwy 98 causes traffic congestion in the morning and afternoons.
    5. Eglin AFB in Crestview, FL~ Located in Okaloosa County south of Niceville and Northeast of Hurlburt Field AFB.

    Where to move?

    You can pretty much live anywhere in Pensacola (even Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, Pace) and get to Pensacola NAS in less than an hour.

    If you are in flight school and need to train at both bases, you may want to consider living in the Northeast Pensacola area (32514, Northwest 32534) or in Pace, FL (32571) which is in between both bases. You can hop on I-10 to Milton's Whiting Field NAS and go down Pine Forest Rd. to get over to NAS Pensacola's back gate of I-110 to get downtown and use the front gate.
    If you are being stationed at NAS Pensacola (32507) or Corry Station (32506), you will probably want to be close by and can live in downtown Pensacola (32501, 32502), South Pensacola (32505), Southwest Pensacola (32506, 32507), or West Pensacola although if you fall in love with that house in Cantonment (32533) with 2 acres, it's still < 30-45 minute drive to base.
    There are a good variety of townhomes, condos, and single family residences with garages and fenced yards in the Pensacola area and surrounding cities. Use this zip code map to help you while you search!

    Santa Rosa School districts, on average, have better school rankings than Escambia County Schools. Santa Rosa County entails the cities of Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Pace, and Milton, FL (32570) with Pensacola, Cantonment, Pensacola Beach, and Perdido Key in Escambia County. Because of this, inventory in Gulf Breeze stays low especially in Gulf Breeze Proper (the area just east of the 3 Mile Bridge) as there are not a lot of rental homes in these areas. Navarre also rents fast due to the proximity between both bases and to Hurlburt Field AFB.

    2 Bd/2.5 Bath townhomes near NAS at Innerarity Point in SW Pensacola.
    If you want to live waterfront or with a waterview- you can do so all throughout the Pensacola area including NE & SE Pensacola off Scenic Hwy, off Lillian Hwy or Hwy 98 in SW Pensacola, off Bayou Chico or Bayou Texar in South Pensacola, out in Perdido Key or off Innerarity Island! Even in Gulf Breeze Proepr (it'll cost ya') and Milton have some waterfront homes. We usually have a nice selection of townhomes and condos in these areas although rarely any single family waterfront homes.
    There are a few areas that experiences traffic delays during specific rush hour, with afternoons around 5-6pm being the worst. They include but are not limited to Cervantes near 17th, Hwy 98 in Gulf Breeze through the National Seashore, Davis Hwy near I-10, 9 Mile Rd., Brent Ln. near I-110, Hwy 90 near Woodbine, I hear it's really not bad compared to other bases!

    Is it in a "good" neighborhood?

    I did a blog recently about this question because we get it all the time. Realtors are not allowed to comment on neighborhoods and locations so we have a few suggestions to help you research the local neighborhoods in Pensacola. Read this blog for felony & sex offender searches, police dept information, and helpful tips about choosing your next home from afar.

    Can you rent a home sight unseen?
    Many companies have their own policies concerning this. Some companies will not allow you to rent a house sight unseen. We prefer if a family member or co-worker could visit the home and drive through the neighborhood prior to you signing a lease. If you were to rent something sight unseen, it would most likely come with a sight unseen addendum which states that you must fulfill your lease obligation. This sometimes leaves renters unsatisfied- definitely read my previous blog on Moving to Pensacola and google map the address of any homes you are considering renting sight unseen. Homes are going fast in our area- you may miss out on one or two if you wait to secure a home so more people are renting homes sight unseen.

    Our company is #1 in Leasing Homes in the Pensacola area!
    Realty Masters offers reduced application fee ($15 per adult instead of $30) for active duty service members and their spouses. Some of our military owners also offer a reduced security deposit to help ease the transition of moving
    We have over 45 rental homes available in Pensacola, Pace, Milton, and Perdido Key areas. Make sure to visit our website to view homes, townhomes, and condos for rent in the Pensacola area! Call our office (850) 473 3983 M-F 8-5pm and Saturday 8:30-2pm or stop in at 4400 Bayou Blvd. #58B, Pensacola, FL 32503.

    You can view the full inventory in the Pensacola area via www.PensacolaMLS.com

    Not moving for a while? Save our website on your favorites and check back with us weekly as we list new properties (and rent them) everyday!
    Until next time,
    Realty Masters of FL ~ (850) 473 3983 phone
    Over 45 Pensacola area homes and townhomes for rent www.PensacolaRealtyMasters.com
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  • Available rental homes and apartments in the Pensacola area! ready now!

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    We have over 50 rental homes and apartments available
    With tax season upon us,rental homes are going fast, especially 3 bedroom homes.

    Here's our newest batch of homes for rent in Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, and near Pensacola NAS. Call Realty Masters (850) 473 3983 for viewing instructions and visit our website to tour all of these homes online~

    For more photos and information about all of these homes and apartments available for rent in the Pensacola area, call Realty Masters of FL (850) 473 3983 or tour the homes online on our website at www.PensacolaRealtyMasters.com ~
  • Renters Insurance: $4 a Month!? Watch this!!

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    Renters Insurance should be a Necessity!

    Because you live on the Gulf Coast! Read this - $4 a month insurance from State Farm.

    I just saw a very funny commercial from State Farm about renters insurance. They claim, bundled with your car insurance, that you can get renters insurance for as low as $4 a month!


    Regardless of whether it's $4 or $24, renters insurance is a great investment, especially when you live in coastal areas. I believe in the power and value of renters insurance and suggest it to all of our renters.

    Our company saw the destruction in Pensacola from Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The amount of tenants without renters insurance was disturbing and we had many families crying when their homes were destroyed and all of their valuable goods were lost.

    Renters insurance will replace your items in case of a loss. Remember, a hurricane is not the only time we need renters insurance in Florida. Accidents happen often and can be unexpected. For example, we recently had a toilet supply line bust and flood a house! It also covers theft.

    Of course, not everyone gets renters insurance and most of the time a renter is not required to secure renters insurance.

    Here's a few tips to help you with securing renters insurance.

    1. $4 a month will be a minimum amount of coverage, probably around $20,000 for your contents. Think about what it would cost to replace all the items in your household and discuss this with your insurance agent to adjust coverage as needed.

    2. Ask your insurance agent if the policy covers flood! If not, you may have to get a separate flood policy.

    3. Make sure your policy is secured 30 days prior to Hurricane Season as it's sometimes difficult to get renters insurance in our area during this time. There's usually a hold before the insurance is effective if you have lived in your current rental home for more than 30 days without renters insurance.

    4. Make sure to have an inventory of items you own, and photos of those items if possible, in case a major disaster were to happen and you were unable to document your losses.

    Call your local insurance agent or give our office a call at (850) 473 3983 or email Pam@PensacolaRealtyMasters.com if you would like a referral for some outstanding local insurance agents.

    Until next time,

    Realty Masters of FL
    (850) 473 3983

    Over 60 rental homes and apartments

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  • The OLDEST homes for Sale & For Rent in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties!

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    Pensacola's Historic Homes for Sale:

    How old are the oldest homes available for purchase?

    Ever wonder about the history of the home you live in? Or how old the oldest home in town is? I did some research into Pensacola's history and tracked down some historic homes for sale- here they are: the oldest homes in the Pensacola area for sale and for rent.

    412 E. Zarragossa St., Pensacola, FL 32502- $495,000. Year built: 1839  3Bedroom 2 bath home- on the market since August 2011. Zoned historic commercial so can be used for single family residence, office, or a store. Located near the intersection of N Alcaniz St. in downtown Pensacola near historic Seville Square. Main home with 2 bedrooms 1 bath and an upstairs home with 1 bedroom 1 bath.  1/3 acre lot with plenty of room in the back. Nice hardwood floors inside and updated kitchens and bathrooms. Previously sold for $450,000 in 2005 'with considerable damage from Hurricane Ivan'.

    6829 Pine Street, Milton, FL 32570- $440,000. Year Built: 1870. Estate Sale.   This 4 Bedroom 2.5 Bath home with over 3,100 square feet is located in Downtown Milton near the water. MLS dubs the home 'The Ollinger-Tilghman house and MLS lists this home as being built in 1870 while the Santa Rosa County Tax Rolls show it being built in 1900. Either way, we know this home is antique- take a look at this kitchen! Don't worry, there's a butlers pantry also.


    The house sits on 1.8 beautiful acres. It also states the home was reonvated in 1980 but by looking at the kitchen, we have different ideas of renoavtions. This historic home is definitely charming and one-of-a-kind!

    7421 N Jefferson, Century, FL 32535. Year Built: 1907 Foreclosure -- Bank Owned Property. 

    We don't usually handle real estate in Century but their oldest home for sale is too cool not to share! At over 9,500 square feet, this home (or compound!) boasts 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a banquet hall, and sits on over an acre lot. This home has been listed for sale since August 2011. It appears the home has changed hands a few times including sales in 2000 for $35,000 and in 2003 for $99,000. MLS says the home has previously been used as a hospital, nursing school, and a public school. Wow! 

    There's also a 3400 square foot home on Jefferson Ave. in Century, built in 1901, listed for sale at $55,000. The ad basically says it's a dump and needs complete restoration. Not as cool as the ranch above!

    4412 N Spencer Field Rd., Pace, FL 32571- $224,000.

    Year Built: 1963!

    This beautiful home boasts over 3,100 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. This spacious brick home sits on 3 acres and has a pool!! It's located off Spencer Field Rd. just a few minutes from the heart of Pace and Hwy 90. The agent notes say the sale is as is sale and it does appear the bathrooms may need some updating but the home does have cast iron plumbing, copper wiring, new windows, and some other energy efficiency features per the agent's comments in MLS.  It appears that the home previously sold in 2000 for $140,000.

    90 Duncan Ave, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561- $1,750,000.

    Year Built: 1948.

    Listed in the tax rolls as 80 Duncan Ave, the oldest home available for purchase in Gulf Breeze happens to be the 2nd most expensive home in Gulf Breeze for sale too!  It's marketed as a "Unique Estate overlooking Pensacola Bay" and is located in the Gulf Breeze proper area off Hwy 98/ Gulf Breeze Pkwy just a few blocks from the 3 mile bridge into Pensacola. On the proeprty is a main home, guest home, 'caretakers cottage', and a workshop with over 4,600 square feet in just the main house! This property is definitely one-of-a-kind hom! One acre tucked privately in Gulf Breeze with a gorgeous view. gated courtyard, granite countertops, lap pool... This home is fabulous. You must look at all the pictures of it. http://www.trulia.com/property/3027753149-90-Duncan-Ave-Gulf-Breeze-FL-32561

    It appears this property sold in 2005 for approximately $2,600,000! It also appears from looking at both sets of photos that the new owners did extensive remodeling in the home. Wow!

    7136 Nelson St, Navarre, FL 32566- $114,000. Year Built: 1972! Ha, the oldest house for sale in Navarre was only built in 1972. This home has been listed since March 2011 with the wrong address: listed at 1736 Nelson St. in MLS so either they have the wrong address or I do. Anyways, this home is a 3 bedroom 2 bath on .81 acres with 1200 square feet. The home was previously sold in 2005 for $157,900. It's cute inside, close to the beach.

    The Pensacola area's Oldest Homes for Rent

    514 W. Wright Street, Pensacola, FL 32501- For Rent $795. Year Built: 1908.

     This pet friendly 3 bedroom 2 bath home is located in downtown Pensacola off Devillers and W. Wright Street. The home is 1200 square feet, no garage, on a long narrow lot. It's been remodeled with a nice kitchen, nice washer/ dryer, and clean bathrooms. The home has beautiful hardwood floors in common areas. The house has been listed since November 2011.

    911 N Spring Street, Pensacola, FL 32501. For Rent $500 & $575. Year Built: 1900

    The oldest apartments for rent in Pensacola are located off Cervantes & Spring Street in North Hill downtown Penascola. This historic home has been converted into four apartments and two are currently available- one 500 square feet upstairs studio apartment and one 650 square feet downstairs 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment. Tiny kitchen with gas stove, fridge, and ceramic tiled floors. No central heat and air- wall and window heat and cooling! Some utilities included, small pet friendly. On the market since November 2011.

    5049 Canal Street, Milton, FL 3270. Year Built: 1930. 

    This 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment is for rent $600 a month. (it appears there are mulitple apartments for rent both upstairs and downstairs.  This historic home that was previously a boarding home before it was converted into 5 apartments. It's located within walking distance to Blackwater River off Canal Street near downtown Milton and Hwy 90. Beautiful hardwood floors inside, nice kitchen (no dishwasher in the photo) and has central heat and air. It's a great bargain as it also includes utilities (gas, electricity, and water/sewer/ trash!) ! The building is also for sale for $275,000 in case you are interested!

    4716 Hamilton Bridge Rd, Pace, FL 32571. Year Built: 1973.

    This 3 bedroom 2 bath home is brick and features 1400 square feet and is for rent at $875. Built in 1973, this is the oldest home in the Pace area available for rent but definitely isnt a historic home! The home has been updated inside with a beautiful kitchen and bathrooms. It also features a large wrap around deck and a huge privacy fenced backyard.

    419 York Street, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561. Year Built: 1958!

    This 3 bedroom 2 bath is located in Gulf Breeze Proper. With 1100 square feet, the agents are asking $1300 for this home! Th home has beautiful refurbished hardwood floors throughout and has some other updates including in the kitchen and bathrooms (although not a complete remodel!) The home was rented in the past at as low as $895, but new owners purchased this home in October 2011. They also fenced the yard completely. The home has only been on the market for 2 days. Although this is a high rent for this sized home, the Gulf Breeze proper area barely has any rentals right now (2!!) so they are trying to get as much as possible I'm sure! Good old supply and demand!

    7482 Harvest Village Ct., Navarre, FL 32566. Year Built: 1991!

    This 3 bedroom 2 bath patio home was built in 1991 in the Autumn Trace Subdivision and is the OLDEST home I could find for rent in Navarre! This happens to be listed by our company- visit this link to view more photos and information. It comes with all appliances including a Washer & Dryer~ Beautiful hardwood floors in the living areas. Nice deck on the back of the house and a big nice fenced in backyard! The home is undergoing some painting and ready for move in by January 15, 2012 for $900 a month! There are also very few homes for rent in the Navarre area right now!

    Things to Consider when Buying or Renting a Historic Home

    I've been in one of these homes and I thought it possibly had a subfloor issue. (it's surely not the one built in 1991) I only bring it up to make an important point that needs to be made here: with an older home, there's always a possibility  of more serious issues with a home. Make sure to get a home inspection before purchasing an older home (or any home!)

    It's always something to always look at when renting an older house- that and energy efficiency. I've heard of utility bills as high as $400 in older homes, especially larger ones. Make sure your budget can allow for an increase in you experience one after you move in!

    So how old is the oldest house in Pensacola?

    My best guess is 1805. that's the oldest I've seen and it's owned by the state of Florida.

    I can tell you that Historic Pensacola Village probably knows the answer- they offer 45-minute walking tours of the downtown's oldest homes including an 1825 "high house" (which I assume to be a luxury home), with a fully furnished homes dating back to 1805 (205 E. Zarragosa Street), and others built in 1832 and 1890 that are equally well preserved. This is a fun activty- and very information. Great for the kids! These homes are situated along Zarragossa and Tarragona Streets in downtown Pensacola.

    Further Interested in Pensacola's History?

    Check out the National Register of Historic Places using this link to view everything in Escambia County ~  Search for your county using the home page http://www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com/

    Fun Pensacola History Facts

    • Pensacola was 1st settled in 1559!
    • Pensacola was named after Indians and first referred to as 'Panzacola'
    • Fort Pickens was completed in 1834. From 1886 to 1887 Geronimo, the Apache Chief, was imprisoned at Fort Pickens! Free and guided tours are availabe at Fort Pickens so be sure to take one.
    • The Battle of Pensacola took place at Fort Barrancas in 1814!

    *Photos taken from Escambia and Santa Rosa County tax appraisers website & MLS listings. Thank you*

    Until next time!

    Realty Masters of FL

    Over 65 rentals available at http://www.pensacolarealtymasters.com/

  • Zip Codes Explained: Guide to Zip codes in Pensacola, FL & surrounding areas.

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    Zip Codes for, in and around Pensacola, FL

    Including all cities in Esambia & Santa Rosa Counties, FL

    If you're new to the area or looking to move to the area, then you should appreciate this quick tutorial on the many zip codes encompassing the Pensacola area!

    Below are all the local zip codes our real estate company rents homes in as well as some attractions and landmarks in each zip code.

    Escambia County, FL Zip Codes

    Graffiti Bridge ~ 32501

    A. 32501- Downtown Pensacola
       *Baptist Hospital, Graffiti Bridge/17th Ave. Train Tressel, The Coffee Cup Restaurant, Five Sisters Blue's Cafe, New Liberty Lanes Bowling

    B. 32502

    - Downtown Pensacola including S. Palafox Street to coastal areas.  *Pensacola Civic Center, Vinyl Music Hall, Escambia County Courthouse, the future Maritime Park!, Port of Pensacola, Joe Patti's Seafood, Historic Pensacola Village, Pensacola Museum of Art, Gallery Night, Seville Quarter, The Fish House, Saenger Theater, Pensacola Little Theater, Veterans' Wall South Memorial , Palafox Pier

    Veterans Wall South ~ 32502

    C. 32503- SE Pensacola, East Hill & East Pensacola Heights

       *Highest # of parks per capita, Pensacola Christian College, Bayou Texar Public Boat Launch, Jerry's Drive In, Scenic Hwy Bluffs, 12th Ave. Tree Tunnel

    D. 32504-Northeast Pensacola
       *Cordova Mall, Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola State College, PSC Planetarium, Target, Walmart, Cordova Lanes Bowling, Pensacola Regional Airport, Every bank in Pensacola

    12th Ave. tree Tunnel ~ 32503

    E. 32505- South/ North Pensacola
       *Marcus Pointe Golf Course, Sam's Fun City, Car City Pensacola (the best selection in car dealerships), Renfroe Pecan Company, Fast Eddie's Fun Center, Rave Cinemas

    F. 32506- Southwest Pensacola- including Blue Angel Pkwy & Hwy 98 to the Alabama/ Florida state line in Lillian
       *"Myrtle Grove Area, Pensacola Greyhound Racing & Poker, Target, Walmart, Lillian area

    G. 32507- Southwest Pensacola & Perdido Key- Back gate of NAS to Alabama/ Florida State line in Gulf Shores
       *Perdido Kids Park, Big Lagoon State Park, Lost Key Golf Course, the infamous Flora-Bama bar, Vallartas Mexican Grill, Johnson's Beach, Gulf Islands National Seashore 

    H. 32508- NAS Pensacola including the Naval Exchange and Navy Musuem
    I. 32509- Saufley Field NOLF
    J. 32511- Corry Field
    K. 32512- Pensacola Naval Hospital

    L. 32514- Northeast Pensacola
       * University of West Florida, West Florida Hospital, University Mall, I-10 Davis Hwy exit, Dreamland Skating Center, Scenic Hill Golf Course, Ellyson Industrial Field

    Interesting Note: The zip code of 32520 belong sto Gulf Power & 32521 belongs to the City of Pensacola~

    M. 32526- Northwest Pensacola, Beulah,
       *"Bellview Area", Pensacola Fair Grounds, Publix, Georgestone Academy, Pensacola Equestrian Center

    N. 32533- North Northwest Pensacola, Cantonment\
       *Solutia, Winn Dixie,  International Paper Company, Hwy 29- the route to Hwy 65

    O. 32534- North Northwest Pensacola
       *Navy Federal Credit Union, Home Depot/ Lowes, Chili's, Walmart, LiVE Nightclub and Music Venue,

    P. 32535- Century- Hwy 29 north to Hwy 65 and Alabama/ FL State line

    Q. 32577- Molino

    Santa Rosa County, FL Zip Codes (and some Okaloosa)

    32561- Gulf Breeze (proper) & Pensacola Beach

    *Gulf Breeze Hospital, Andrews Institute, Flounders, Santa Rosa Island Authority, Gulf Breeze Rec Center, Shoreline Park, Publix, Beach Ball, Flounders Restaurant, Dolphin Tours, Fishing Charter!, Parasailing

    Gulf Islands Ntl Seashore ~ 32563

    - Gulf Breeze and Midway area (the rest of)

    *Gulf Islands National Seashore, Wal-mart, Tiger Point Golf Course & Sports Park, Ruby Tuesday, Lowes, Gulf Breeze Zoo, Gulf Breeze Flea Market, Oriole Beach Public Boat Launch, Breeze Cinema

    32564- Holt, FL

     32565-Jay, FL

    Navarre Beach, FL ~ 32566

    32566- Navarre & Navarre Beach, FL
       *The Butterfly House, Navarre Park, Juana's Restaurant (Ski, Sail, and Volleyball), Helenback Pizza, Souvenir City & Shark Museum, Publix

     32569- Mary Esther, FL- East of Navarre off Hwy 98 before Hurlburt Field AFB- beginning of Okaloosa County

    Butterfly House ~ 32566

    32544- Hurlburt Field Air Force Base

     32570- Milton- East of Pace, North of Gulf Breeze in Santa Rosa County
       *Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Santa Rosa County Courthouse & Library, Blackwater River Tubing & Ziplining adventures, David's Catfish House, Milton Bakery, Pensacola State College Milton Campus, Locklin Tech Center, A

     32571- Pace- Western Santa Rosa County between Pensacola and Milton

       *Oops Alley Bowling, Plenty of shopping including Wal-Mart, Shoe Carnival!, TJ Maxx, Target, Pet Smart, Ridge Cinema, Wal-mart, Home Depot, Lowes, & much more

     32583- East Milton & Harold, FL

       *Garcon Point Toll Bridge, Peter Prince Air Field, Harold, FL, Bingo Magic Inc.

    PO Box zip codes include: Pensacola (32513, 32516, 32522, 32523, 32524, 32560, 32591), Gulf Breeze (32562) Milton (32530, 32572) but who cares because you can't rent a house in any of those zip codes!

    Of course, you can always look it up at www.usps.com by clicking on Find a zip code!

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    Email them to Blog@PensacolaRealtyMasters.com or call us Monday through Saturday at (850) 473 3983.

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