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Nick & Trudy Vandekar of Long & Foster Real Estate, Devon PA

By Nick Vandekar | Broker in 19333

There are only 3 Reasons why your home does not sell

There are only three reasons why your homes does not sell. That's right three. Even with the worst marketing it comes down to this, of which you can only do something about two of them.

1) Price
2) Condition
3) Location

Obviously you cannot do anything about the location of your home. If it is not in the school district buyers want, or it is located under or within sight of high tension electric wires these are going to affect the sale of your home.

But the other two things, Price and Condition you have the option to improve before you list.

I am amazed at the number of homes I show that are simply dirty and untidy. Buyers comment on this and generally they don't see the house for the dirt, so you are hurting yourself. Either hire a cleaning company to come in and deep clean or use some elbow grease and clean the house. Wash windows, wipe down baseboards, wipe floors, vacuum, dust, make sure rooms don't smell stale, air them out. You basically need to do a spring clean.
Declutter every space and when you think your are finished go through again, be brutal. Again buyers don't see the house for the clutter, the bills sitting on the tables or counters, the lack of space in the closets, toys littered around or piled up.
Kitchen counters, remove everything you possibly can and still function, put away all the wedding gifts you don't use every day.
Dining room talbles are there for eating, remove the homework, and the laundry waiting to be folded.
Clean up the yard, remove leaves, spruce up the beds, weed and then mulch or else the weeds will just grow through the mulch. Put away toys and clean up pet waste, would you want your children playing amidst it. Make sure you mow the lawn and plant some annuals to add color.
Have a home inspection done before you list, this will find the major things that might come up and givce you a chance to correct them. It is always cheaper to fix something ahead of listing than after a home inspection by the buyer. This does not mean you don't disclose, but now you can show you care for your home and have taken the steps to maintain it and keep it in good repair.

Finally the price of the home, you have this in your control. By listing at just below market value you show buyers the value in your home and most likely will generate multiple offers. By listing over market value, you most likely will sit on the market and after several price reductions be priced below what you could have achieved pricing the home correctly from the beginning. You do need to take into account location, as we mentioned above, the age of the home, possible repairs that may be due, such as a new roof or water heater in one or two years. You need to know what is your competition and how you stack up against it and look at your home through the eyes of the buyer.

If you take into account these three things, you should be able to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.


By Connie Fitzgerald,  Fri Feb 15 2013, 11:41
It is hard for a seller to face the reality of price, location, and condition. Figuring out how they all figure in together is often overlooked or unconsidered. Nice post Nick & Trudy :) Thanks for sharing!

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