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By Natasha | Home Buyer in Sacramento, CA
  • Bad Realtor: Do NOT work with this guy

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Sacramento, Home Buying in Sacramento, Financing in Sacramento  |  March 21, 2013 10:04 AM  |  159 views  |  1 comment

    I HAVE to vent this somewhere.  I have been wronged by my realtor and I can prove it.  He dumped me on March 19th because I was “unrealistic”.  But I would like to point out some evidence that not only am I completely realistic, but that he did next to nothing to help me buy a house.  To give a little back story, he helped me buy a house in 2011 and it was a wonderful experience. I asked him if would help me buy another house in 2013 and he said yes.  He is also a friend of my granmothers, so I trusted him completely.  He told me I needed to secure a loan first, and I agreed.  It took a few weeks and I didn't ask to look at anything during that time because I knew it would be gone by the time I got the loan. So we were waiting. But even when the money came, he was unresponsive.

    1) He sent me an email on Saturday March 9
    th, saying that the loan was close and asking when I was available to look at properties the following week.  A good sign, right?  I told him I was free Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I didn’t hear back from him until the 19th. It took him 10 days to respond to me.

    2) I sent him anothr email on March 14
    th saying that the money was officially in the bank, and that I found a house I was interested in: 347 Lampasas.  When he wrote to me on the 19th, he said he was not available until the 21, a full week later.  Unfortunately, I found out the house was only taking offers until the 20th.  We were going to miss it.

    I just checked his website for the first time today.  He has a pending sale listed that fits everything I asked for. 5325 Poplar Blvd North Highlands, CA 95660.  I had been working with him since January and he never told about this place.  In fact…

     He never told me about any place.  The one time he met with me face to face, (sometime in February) he showed me 3 houses.  He did a search when I got down there to see what was available right then.  He never sent me any listings.

    I asked the listing agent to show me the house I wanted on March 20th.  I made an offer that same day.  How unrealistic is that?  I've known this woman for all of 20 minutes and she is going to get the full comission and he's going to get nothing.  I guess that's some justice.

    Still, it's been much more stressful than it should have been.  I won't even go into the nasty emails he sent at the end.  Talk about unprofessional!  I was planning on using him again in the future and refering him to anyone looking for a place in the area.  Now I'm telling everyone I know NOT to work with him.  He will leave you high and dry with a loan in the bank and no agent to help you.
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