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By Dale Sikkenga | Agent in Lexington, KY

Thinking About Remodeling Your Kitchen

Thinking About Remodeling Your Kitchen?

Have you ever thought about remodeling your kitchen? Should I call a professional or just do it myself? It cannot be that hard right? Just take those ugly cabinets off the wall and hang some pretty ones up, nothing to it! In two days I will have a beautiful new kitchen. Besides I have seen them do it on television, how hard can it really be?

You begin to tear out your kitchen cabinets, countertop, flooring, and maybe some walls. Before you realize it you have a heap of debris piled up in the middle of your yard. You’re scratching your head thinking what do I do next? Or saying what did I just get myself into?

Here is a reality check, you can remodel your kitchen but you will not get it completed in two days, more like one to three weeks. It takes time to plan, measure, and install. When you watch those “do it yourself” television shows, you have to remember that they have an entire experienced crew working on that project. Because they make it seem so easy on television, unfortunately is not always a reality.

Number one tip to remember and never forget when you are remodeling your kitchen is to measure once, twice, three times or more. Plan effectively, measure accurately, and install your kitchen slowly and you will be able to remodel your very own kitchen!
Hope this helps all you DIY homeowners.

Dale Sikkenga

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