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Foreclosure help

ABC News reports that there are currently between 2 million and 8 million homes in the U.S. that either have been repossessed by lenders and kept off the market, or have owners that are delinquent on payments and at risk of foreclosure. That number may sound high, but it’s actually a low estimate by some standards. According to RealtyTrac, there are “forecasts that 10 million homeowners will be foreclosed through 2012 as more mortgage holders are unable to refinance their mortgages because of falling home values or give up at the prospect of holding on to their homes all together.” If you need help please ask me a question I have reliable sources for help. here is a number for foreclosure help.


By Chris,  Tue Mar 6 2012, 20:40
I have been working on a loan modification with Chase since February of 2009, one month b/4 Obama developed his. It has been four years. In 2010 I successfully completed a trial mod. where I had to pay the mortgage, which rose $200 higher, for May, June, and July 2010, which I did successfully. Didn't hear from Chase. So I called them. Anyone who has dealt with Chase knows you will get the runaround and be on the phone for a minimum of two hours. Then every 2-3 months they would send me a packet in which I had to send them certain docs. and keep on paying what I was paying b/4 the trial loan mod. I even brought the packet in twice besides faxng and mailing. In March 2011 I lost my job, which I am also disputing. . On top of that my identity was stolen. I found out when I went to apply for unemployment. This was May 2011. Unemployment (UI) asked why I waited so long to file. I said I was hoping to find a job. Not only did they take away the approximately $1,500 they gave me, I am paying it back twice. So from March 27, 2011, to the last week of December, I had no income and finally went for food stamps. Then the first week of January 2012 I started receiving UI again, but only half because I'm paying back again what I never took the first time. I told UI that hypothetically if I had done this scam, UI still has to send you something to live on. It is on their own documents. So Chase offers me an Unemployment Forbearance, asking for the same documents they always do. Today they call me and tell me I don't qualify for the UI program because I am unemployed. Is it me or does that just not make sense. . Transunion, one of the 3 credit bureaus, told me my mother's maiden name was wrong and so was the name of my summer camp. I never went to summer camp. I asked where they got this information. They said over the Internet. So why can't they follow the Internet trail and find out who did and/or is still doing this? If it's not too late, I'm filing for bankruptcy tomorrow and fight Chase. I requested all my documents sent to them all these years. An attorney told me the lenders have to keep all your docs for the lifetime of the loan, and after. I need to send this to the media also so this can get out there. I even tried NACA, one of the 'free' loan modification groups. All they did was travel from city to city, different motels all the time, dining out, renting cars. I want that job. They told me to go to the home of the CEO of Chase and picket his house. Please...I asked Chase what about all the money that Obama just gave to the top five banks a few weeks ago. Chase said they declined the money. Baloney.
By Chris,  Tue Mar 6 2012, 20:57
How do I email the above comment I wrote? I want anyone who is interested to see it.

By bulldog101a,  Fri Sep 21 2012, 15:03
Chase claimed they wanted to help us out by getting us into the Obama loan program. They told us we had to be 90 days behind on our mortgage so to quit paying it. Then they put us into a 90 day trial period where our payment was reduced to see if we could pay it on time. All they did was quit paying the PMI, taxes and insurance on our house to reduce our payment.
After the trial period was up, they said we did not qualify for the Obama plan and we would have to go back to making our regular payments plus make up the difference from what they told us not to pay.
They also told us since they had not been hearing from us on a Weekly basis and only a monthly basis, then we must not be interested in keeping our home so either come up with everything right now or it was foreclosure time.
Needless to say they made sure they foreclosed on us.

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