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By Monica Brewer, GRI | Agent in Clayton, MO

Ghosthunting in St. Louis

St. Louis is a city with tons of history there are a few ghosts stories that last beyond campfire whispers and full moons. If Ghosthunters on the discovery channel just is not quenching your paranormal Halloween thirst, check out this old haunt.

 Most of us have seen The Exorcist  or at least heard about it. 

Did you know that the exorcism happened in St. Louis? After years and years of investigation, it is believed that the family moved to8435 Roanoke in northwest St. Louis county. 

According to an article in the Riverfront Times, the house had been vacant for years and was eventually used as a practicing grounds for the local fire department. Neighbors through out the block attest to the eerie vibes and history of the haunted home. It was on the market for a long time until one couple ventured to buy it, unaware of its spooky past. After they found out, they said they had loved the home and had no problems; retorting that: "We loved that house. Way I see it, the place was blessed so many times during the exorcism, it's probably the safest home in all St. Louis."

Although the actual exorcism occurred at the old St. Louis University Hospital, the home acts as the gateway to the eerie past of the legendary tale. Many thrill seekers venture to the old grounds to earn their spook-free badge of courage; will you take the challenge this Halloween season? Trick? Or, treat?

Written by Ciara Brewer on behalf of Monica Brewer

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