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Sarasota Architecture & Design from Mid-Century to Today

By Martie Lieberman: 941-724-1118 | Agent in Sarasota, FL
  • What is Sarasota Modern? Watch this 5-minute video about Sarasota School of Architecture

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    Want to learn more about the Sarasota School of Architecture and houses described as Florida Modern or Sarasota Modern?
    Watch this 5-minute video!  Featuring Sarasota Architectural Foundation founder Martie Lieberman and architect Sam Holladay, at the Rupp - Seibert House, a famous Sarasota modern home originally designed by William Rupp in 1960, and restored by Seibert Architects in 2004. 
    Martie Lieberman  
    www.modernsarasota.com  (941)724-1118

    For this and more visit The House Smarts Show with Lou Manfredini
  • Sarasota mid-century modern houses dot the landscape

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    Vintage mid-century modern house 1960 www.modernsarasota.com

    Sarasota Florida
    by Martie Lieberman 

    Do you love to drive around an explore neighborhoods? Perhaps you adore finding old 20's Spanish-style houses, or mid-century modern ranches that dot the landscape. Here are vintage photos of a home in the Whitfield Estates neighborhood, just north of Ringling Museum of Art and the Sarasota-Bradenton airport. This neighborhood has an abundance of 20s and mid-century. Drive by and enjoy!

    All my best,

    Martie Lieberman
    Sales Associate, GRI

    Premier Sotheby's International Realty
    The Plaza at Five Points, 50 Central Ave, Suite 110
    Sarasota, Florida 34236
    c 941.724.1118 ::  martie@modernsarasota.com



    Sarasota Modern Houses dot the landscape www.modernsarasota.com

    Front vintage photo www.modernsarasota.com mid-century modern sarasota
    Photos courtesy of owners' family - thank you!
  • Archi:August - Sarasota Florida Modern Architecture Events

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    August is a big month for architecture in Sarasota, Florida 

    THIS SUNDAY: The Sarasota Architectural Foundation invites you to tour the Cooney House and meet the original architects who will speak at reception. August 4th, Sunday 2:00-4:00 PM. Tickets + Info: 
    SAF - Cooney House Tour  Park nearby: MAP  See Photos HERE

    COMING UP: Interviews followed by fine luncheon, with Sarasota School of Architecture author & architects, John Howey and Tim Seibert at the Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota Florida
    See you there!

    Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
    100 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida 34236
    Office Telephone 941.366.8070
  • Sarasota School of Architecture Mid-Century HGTV Contest

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    The HGTV Doory Awards are in full swing, and fans of mid-century modern real estate are asked to choose their favorite, and afterward, enter the HGTV Doory Awards contest to win $2,000. You can enter every day to win! Good luck!
    See rules below.  -Martie Lieberman  


     Cooney House, Sarasota,Florida
    Click on the photos to tour each house, then click the VOTE button for your favorite midcentury-modern home to cast your vote once a day until June 5th.
    After voting, don't forget to enter for your chance to win $2,000 cash.  Come back each day to vote.


    Martie Lieberman, Realtor
    Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
    100 North Tamiami Trail
    Sarasota, Florida  (941)724-1118 

  • Architect Carl Abbott Book Signing - See Photos - Sarasota School of Architecture

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    Internationally noted Architect Carl Abbott will sign books on his work,
    WHEN: 2:00 - 5:00 PM, Friday, March 29, 2013
    WHERE: Barnes and Noble, 4010 S Tamiami Tr, Sarasota, FL 34231

    If you cannot attend but would like a copy of Carl Abbott's book, signed and shipped to you, please contact Martie by return email and arrangements will gladly be made.

    Martie Lieberman, Realtor
    Architecture + Unique Properties
    Coldwell Banker Downtown Sarasota
    941.724.1118 DIRECT Any Time

    PHOTOS Courtesy Carl Abbott - Principal Photography: Steven Brooke Studios
  • Architect Jack West - The Sarasota School of Architecture

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    JACK WEST - ARCHITECT :: By Martie Lieberman  www.modernsarasota.com

    Jack West designed Bank Bldg PHOTO Martie Lieberman

    Jack West building at Bahia Vista and Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Florida. Photo by Martie Lieberman NOTICE the Jack Cartlidge sculpture, front left.

    Architect Jack West (1922-2010) was born in Galesburg, Illinois. He obtained a B.S. in mechanical engineering in 1944, and served as a Navy officer in the Pacific. West received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Yale in 1949, and was employed with the firm of Ralph Twitchell and Paul Rudolph in Sarasota from 1949-1950. After receiving his architectural registration in Florida, West began his own private practice. In 1953-1954, West partnered with Ralph Twitchell, then re-established his own office in Sarasota.

    In November 2001, Jack West joined Gene Leedy, Tim Seibert, Bert Brosmith, Victor Lundy, Mark Hampton, Carl Abbott, John Howey, Robert Broward, Donald Singer, Alfred Browning Parker, William Morgan, Robert McCarter, Frank Folsom Smith, Boyd Blackner, Larry Scarpa, Guy Peterson, the "spirit" of Paul Rudolph, and many architects and scholars who came to Sarasota to participate in five days of tours, lectures, dinners, an exhibition and to screen a documentary film on the Sarasota School made for this event. (The Sarasota Architectural Foundation grew out of this Tour & Symposium.) I met and had the pleasure of working with architect Jack West while co-chairing  "An American Legacy: The Sarasota School of Architecture Tour and Symposium" as president of the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, in 2001. 

    During the symposium Jack West gave a lecture on his work and showed slides of his projects, from the Myrtle West House he designed for his mother (and happily occupied himself, for a time) to the Sarasota City Hall building. 

    Jack West created a number of beautiful modern commercial and residential buildings in Sarasota, and a few can be seen and visited by the general public today.

    In February, 2011, an exhibit was erected in the Sarasota County History Center, called
    “J WEST ARCHITECT: 60 Years of Sarasota Design” with over 70 architectural projects, from 1949 to 2009.  Sadly, Jack West died a few months before the exhibit opened.  A very good article by The Sarasota Herald Tribune's real estate editor and architecture writer can be seen here: “Remembering Jack West”  by Harold Bubil.


    TLOAA: The Life Of An Architect,
    by Jack West,  out of print, look for this logo on front cover

    The Sarasota School of Architecture 1941 - 1966 by John Howey

    Sarasota Modern by Andrew Weaving  | Florida Modern by Jan Holstim, Steven Brooke  |  Florida Architecture: A Celebration by S Keith Bailey, Diane D Greer, John Howey  |  Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses by Joseph King, Christopher Domin, Ezra Stoller

    DOCUMENTARY:An American Legacy: The Sarasota School of Architecture Tour and Symposium DOCUMENTARY by the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota. I was present when Jack West was interviewed for this documentary inside the bank building (pictured above), before its renovation. The documentary also includes interviews with other living architects from the Sarasota School of Architecture who gathered in 2001 for the Tour and Symposium. I might be able to help you find a copy.


    FUN FACT: Jack West included sculptures by Jack Cartlidge in many of his built projects, including Sarasota City Hall, with its Cartlidge sculpture titled “Nobody is Listening.” The last known Jack West project, a renovation of the Hannan Residence,  can be seen below with its Jack Cartlidge sculpture.

    Jack West with Alison Hannan 2006-2007. Note sculpture by Jack Cartlidge, left.

    Thanks for your continued interest in Florida's architecture.
    All my best to you!

    Martie Lieberman, Realtor - Architecture & Design Specialist
    Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

    100 N Tamiami Tr, Downtown Sarasota, FL 34236
    941.724.1117 Direct - Call me any time! 941.366.8070 office 

    Photo Credits: Jack West during WWII from his autobiography, "TLOAA", Jack West exhibit image from Sarasota County History Center, Alison Hannan, Martie Lieberman 


    Posted Under: Home Selling in Sarasota, Curb Appeal in Sarasota, Design & Decor in Sarasota  |  September 2, 2012 7:53 AM  |  2,132 views  |  No comments
    My friend, Pam Kueber, owner of the wildly popular website, Retro Renovation.com asked me to participate in a story on her website called: "How to sell a midcentury house full of original features"    

    Here's my portion of the article. Thanks, Pam, for letting me contribute. Enjoy!


    First up, I checked with Martie Lieberman, who I know from visiting the Sarasota area several times over the past two years. DH and I have been poking around, looking at snowbird condos to maybe purchase when we get closer to retirement. Martie’s website is ModernSarasota.com. I knew she would have thoughtful advice. Here’s what Martie has to say:

    Martie Lieberman is a licensed Florida Realtor, specializing in the sale of modern and unique properties exclusively through Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Sarasota Florida. Martie is a Founder and past Co-Chair of the Sarasota Architectural Foundation. She has maintained relationships with over 2,500 modern enthusiasts from around the world who want to purchase Modern Sarasota properties.

    “Help buyers fall in love with the original features that drew you to the home in the first place.” - Martie Lieberman, Sarasota, Florida

    Question: How do I sell my mid-century house, especially MY HOUSE, with all its wonderful, original features?  As a Realtor who specializes in mid-century and unique architecture in Sarasota, Florida, I get asked this question a lot. My answer: Help buyers fall in love with the original features that drew you to the home in the first place.

    Here is how to do it:

    #1: Hire a Realtor that is experienced in working with mid-century or unique properties. Why? Because 9 out of 10 buyers find their own properties online now, but the websites those buyers use are still fed by the Realtor’s MLS system. So get it listed for the maximum possible exposure and reach more qualified buyers. Those interested enough to see your house will call their Realtor or yours, wanting to see it. It’s about numbers. The more people interested, the more offers, and the highest possible sales price.

    #2: Hire a professional photographer. To find the best in your area, check out the high-end real estate listings, and look for the photography that shows good composition, good lighting, true color, and a sense of what is important. You’ll usually find the photographer’s website listed on the virtual tour or slideshow. For a very dramatic effect, ask your Realtor to arrange for a “dusk” photography shoot, like I did for 
    this property.  Ask for as many photographs as possible, and don’t forget the details, such as kitchen features, bathrooms, storage, closets, etc. Have a slide-show or virtual tour made that tells a complete visual story about your mid-century house and all its best bits. Don’t forget to have your Realtor post a video on YouTube.

    #3: Clear out all excess stuff from closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, every room. Put things in storage temporarily, if you have to. When in doubt, remove. Less is definitely more in photos. Get to the bare bones of your house.

    #4 Get your house inspected by a licensed real estate inspector. Understand what your buyer will find out, so you are ready to negotiate a fair price, or get things fixed before you sell.

    #5 Have your house appraised. Most people get a free opinion from area Realtors, but if you really want to know what your property is worth, especially if your buyer is likely to get a loan, you will want to have this information.

    #6 Make your house available for showings within an hour, but only to qualified buyers. Make sure your Realtor understands this rule, and says “no” to looky-loos. Have Open House dates scheduled so unqualified buyers, looky-loos and people seeking decorating tips can come see your house and tell their buyer friends all about it. But when qualified buyers are ready to see your house, open up and let them in so they can fall in love with your amazing house.

    Good luck and have fun!  -Martie Lieberman

    Thank you, Martie. Readers, you can also see some of the 
    modern Sarasota beauties that Martie has hand-picked on her website here. Yum.

    Thanks, Pam!! and Thanks, RetroRenovation.com

    Martie Lieberman, CALL ME DIRECT: 941.724.1118
    Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate | 100 N Tamiami Tr | Sarasota FL 34236 | 941.366.8070
    Martie's Modern Sarasota Properties Website

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