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By Missy Caulk & Team | Broker in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor thinking of moving here?

So you want to move to Ann Arbor?

Did you know Ann Arbor is "25 miles surrounded by reality?"

Didn't think so, you have to live here a little while to know that little tid-bit. 

Ann Arbor the only city in the United States with the name Ann Arbor. If you Google Ann Arbor, it knows what you are looking for. Pretty cool, huh?

Google opens in Ann Arbor

Speaking of Google.... Google opened their ad words division in Ann Arbor last year.

This is also where they are digitalizing the library of all the books allowed without copyright violations.

Huron River in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is known as "Tree town", with the city having over 50,000 trees lining the streets.

Nichols Arboretum, affectionally called "the Arb" is a park with over 123 acres. It is a fun place to visit and walk through in all the seasons, you can picnic with family and friends, sled in the summer, relax under a tree reading a book, jog or take an evening walk.

Many people who move away say the "Arb" is one of the things they miss the most.

The Arb is operated by the University of Michigan and is open and free to everyone from sunrise to sunset.

A sign in a hall at U of M hospitalHow can I possibly tell you about Ann Arbor without talking about THE University of Michigan.  U of M. is the largest employer in Ann Arbor with over 30,000 people at the University and another 7500 at the Medical Complexes.

U of M Medical Hospitals AwardUniversity of Michigan Hospitals were awarded one of the best hospitals in 2007, by US News. The University of Michigan Health Systems includes Motts Children Hospital, Woman's Hospital, Alfred Taubman Health Center and the University hospitals.

You can see by the layout of my blog that we are big Michigan Football fans. We are the largest football stadium in college sports. It is called "the Big House". Nothing is more fun than a Saturday afternoon, watching a football game in the Big House and tailgating with friends. Read the history of the "Big House" here.

                         "The Big House"

My kids on game day

 Michigan Stadium


                                      My kids on "game day"

A move to Ann Arbor would not be complete with out knowing about all the fabulous Ann Arbor Restaurants. Every ethnic restaurant is available for your dining pleasure in Ann Arbor, but nothing as notable as Zingermans.

Zingermans was started in 1982 in Ann Arbor, and is one of the most popular places to eat. A true N.Y. Deli, you will stand in line to eat the best deli sandwich, and baked goods in the Mid-West. I had a client once who flew in from Chicago just to pick up sandwiches and eat. Zingermans has grown into a family of restaurants with different specialties. You can print off the menu to plan your meal.

Food and Wine magazine named Zingermans one of the top 25 food markets in 2004.

Domino's was started in Ann ArborDominos World Headquarters, was founded by Tom Monaghan. The headquarters in Ann Arbor was inspired by the great American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and sits on 271 acres at the intersection of U.S. 23 and M-14.  It includes a petting farm, and a wonderful cafeteria called EBA, (everything but anchovies) During the Christmas season, there is a 2 million light display that you can drive through and enjoy in your warm car.

Other businesses located in Ann Arbor are Toyota, Google Ad-Words, NSF International. and Con Way. Borders Books is also located in Ann Arbor.

I welcome you to visit the Flickr pool of photos. It is a great way to experience Ann Arbor with over 10,000 photos.


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By Nestor Gasset, Katerina Gasset,  Tue Aug 9 2011, 01:20
This is a great post for your area Missy! As one of the expert Ann Arbor Short Sale Agents, posts like this will allow homebuyers in your area to get know more about Ann Arbor and help as they decide on living in the neighborhood.
By Bob Hertzog,  Tue Aug 9 2011, 05:10
Excellent post for your area and for homebuyers in your area Missy! Being one of the expert Ann Arbor Short Sale Agents, your posts will greatly be useful to your readers especially to first time homebuyers in your area. Thanks for sharing this!
By Sharon Paxson,  Sat Oct 8 2011, 21:12
Hi Missy - this is an excellent post about Ann Arbor, Michigan and you have definitely covered the lifestyle.
By thiagodaluz7,  Tue May 14 2013, 07:26
If things work out, that's where I'm moving next year. At least as long as I can bring my windows from Ottawa. Just can't go without those. The "Tree Town" part appeals the most, I love a green city! http://www.goldenwindows.com

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