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By Milan Ramsey | Agent in Detroit, MI

Section 8 Harper Woods MI Homes Can Be a Great Investment

Section 8 Harper Woods MI homes offer a great opportunity for local and international real estate investors.  Harper Woods is a suburb just outside of Detroit, Michigan.


Real Estate Investing in Harper Woods MI Presents a Great Opportunity

While there are plenty of good reasons to invest in the City of Detroit, there are plenty of really good reasons to invest in the nearby suburb of Harper Woods.

Harper Woods is north of Detroit, near Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Farms, and St. Clair Shores.  All of these places are well regarded throughout Metro Detroit.

Some of the key reasons that Detroit offers so many great investment opportunities apply to Harper Woods as well.  Buying homes in Harper Woods MI will not break the bank for most real estate investors.  Plus, there is a demand from renters, which drives up the amount of rent Michigan real estate investors can charge.  These combine to create a great return on investment yield, which is what the best investors want for their money.

The City of Harper Woods offers some additional reasons for rental demand.  Many people are looking to leave the City of Detroit, but they want to remain close to their family members who still live in the city.  Many people who want to leave the city only have a certain amount of money they can spend to buy houses, and renting homes in Harper Woods remains affordable for them.

Section 8 Housing Harper Woods Real Estate Investing

Section 8 housing Harper Woods offers an additional opportunity for local and international investors.

Something that many seasoned local and international real estate investors consider are buying properties and renting them to Section 8 tenants.

There is a really good reason that many investors consider this.

The Section 8 program is a government program to help ensure that everyone has access to safe housing.  Not everyone has enough money to pay rent for where they live.  They just do not make enough income to pay for life’s basics, like having a safe place to live.

Here is where the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department comes to help.

HUD offers qualified renters a Section 8 voucher.  A Section 8 voucher is a coupon is provided by the government to pay for rent.  This Section 8 coupon can only be used to pay rent.

The Section 8 voucher pays for some or all of the Section 8 tenant’s rent.

Real estate investors get excited about renting their investment properties to Section 8 tenants, because the government sends the rent check directly to the real estate investing landlord.  The investors do not have to worry about whether their tenant will pay the rent this month.  The government pays for all or some of the rent for them.

This rent money is guaranteed. The government always pays the rent, not the renter.

Cash Flow Is King for Section 8 Harper Woods MI Real Estate Investors

There is plenty of Section 8 housing in Harper Woods MI.  The homes are still affordable, and the average rent is aligned with the government approved rent amounts on the Section 8 tenant’s vouchers.

Most real estate investors want passive income with high ROI.

The only way for a local or international real estate investor to get a high ROI is to purchase real estate investments for a low price and lease out those to tenants for a relatively high monthly rent.

Harper Woods offers both of those—affordable houses to purchase with demand from renters pushing up the monthly rent values.

Section 8 housing Harper Woods investors can also collect that cash from the government.  Passive income is money real estate investors make without having to do the work.   The income stream is generated passively.  The government makes the rent payments automatically.

Jetsetters Investment Properties is a real estate investment group that specializes with these types of real estate investments.  They connect local and international real estate investors with area real estate property and neighborhood knowledge and property management.  Jetsetters provides opportunities for real estate investors to make money with and without Section 8 tenants.

More importantly, Jetsetters helps real estate investors from all over the world make wise real estate investments passively, because they take care of their real estate investing customers the way they handle their own real estate investments.  For more information about Jetsetters, you can visithttp://www.JetsettersInvestmentProperties.com.


By Crockerdirector,  Wed Jun 19 2013, 13:41
Section 8 and rentals within Harper Woods has destroyed this town. Awful renters who destroy everything they touch.

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