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By Mikel Defrancesco | Agent in Milton, MA

Different Searches, Different Results?

Different Searches – Different Results?

One of the biggest frustrations buyers can have is after looking diligently for their dream home for months, finally find it…. And then hear it’s already under contract or Sold. How does this happen?  In this week’s blog post we’ll investigate why this happens and how to make sure it NEVER happens to you.

Virtually all listings are input in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS by a licensed broker or agent.  The MLS has been around for decades to solve the previous problem of buyers needing to go to different agencies to see different properties.  Overall this is a great benefit to a buyer.  You can now pick an agent that you think will work hard and well for you and they can introduce you to any  listed property in their MLS by any broker.  There are hundreds of separate MLS’s in the country, and here in MA we are lucky to have one that covers most of the state, and is one o the largest and most comprehensive in the  country.  All that benefits the buyer and the seller.

The issue is that there are thousands of sites that scramble to provide the access to that central database.  So different databases need to “ talk”, whether you’re looking through  Boston.com, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow or any of literally thousands of smaller sites.  These are done in batches hourly, daily or longer… like ANY computer program there can be glitches.  So if you are tired of calling on a property and hearing that you’ve missed it without ever having seen it, what are your options?

Any Realtor can offer an enhanced search at no charge with direct Access to the MLS.  These show up to the minute changes or additions, and can be customized to make your search easier.  One of the best features of an enhanced search is the ability to set up a email notification.  The MLS database will remember what you’re looking for and if a new houses comes on today that meets that criteria you will an email notification the following morning with a link to the property and all the information, photos, maps and more. 

This ensures you never miss out on a property again and simplifies your search since when you search manually you need to try to remember what you’ve already ruled out or have seen before.   After the first day, all you need to do to stay on top of the market is check your email once a day!

We offer free advice on how to hone your property search, as well as suggestions on communities and amenities.  You can visit us at www.SuccessInMass.com or call 617.755.8272 for instant and direct access to the MLS or for a price opinion of any home currently on the market.

If you want a custom list of Milton MA Real Estate for sale, A Free MLS Search set up in Milton MA or a Customized search of Milton MA Properties to be sent to you as they come on the market,  please contact me.  I can always be reached directly for advice or guidance  – mike@successinmass.com or at our webpage www.SuccessInMass.com, which contains direct access to the MLS and enhanced search that will make your Milton MA Real Estate Search more efficient and guaranteed to provide better results.   

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