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By Mike Pannell | Broker in Fort Worth, TX
  • Highland Park Texas, Like Living in a Park....

    Posted Under: General Area in Highland Park, Home Buying in Highland Park, Home Selling in Highland Park  |  February 12, 2012 8:04 PM  |  2,257 views  |  No comments
    Highland Park HomesHighland Park Dallas Texas has a population of 8,650 persons. The average home selling price is $1,497,137 as of 2009. On visiting the community we had to chance to listen to some people discussing what makes the neighbourhood such a great place, one person commented that the majority of the world despises America, all America despises Texas, all of Texas despises Dallas and all of Dallas despises Highland Park.

    For those who live in Highland Park the experience is almost like living in a park. There is an excellent educational system. The community also has a swimming pool, local library, friendly officers, Katy trail, and city cervices that are geared toward the needs of the community members. The schools here are the main reason why some residents have relocated others have just decided that it would be nice to invest in a private home and provide their kids with private schooling. At times the educational system can become overbearing on some of the kids due to it’s over achieving nature and students are only allowed to participate in activities that they excel in. homes in this community start at around $650,000 and can go as high as  15 and 20 million.
  • Elite Lifestyle of the Park Cities in Dallas, Texas

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Highland Park, Home Buying in Highland Park, Home Selling in Highland Park  |  September 1, 2011 7:22 PM  |  1,385 views  |  2 comments
    Dallas Moble Real Estate SearchThere is a large suburb known as the Park Cities, which is actually made up of both Highland Park and University Park neighborhoods, which are two very affluent and popular neighborhoods that claim a great deal of high profile residents. The Park Cities is a neighborhood that is known for eloquent shopping malls that are supreme to the others of the city, and offer a more upscale shopping experience. The neighborhood also holds a great deal of the most expensive real estate within Dallas, with the Southern Methodist University and its 11,000 students as well.

    The neighborhood is found to the north of Downtown Dallas, and to the east of the famed Love Field. What brings a great deal of attention to the area as well, is that it is the former home of the previous President of the U.S. George W. Bush. It is also said that by 2013, there will be a presidential library and a policy institute founded in his name by SMU.

    The area is known for the more elite, known for household income around $121,000 on average. The Park Cities are ranked as the first and second of Texas’ most educated neighborhood communities, with most residents holding a baccalaureate degree or greater. The students currently attending public school in the area attend Highland Park ISD schools, with a small portion of the neighborhood receiving education from the Dallas ISD.

    Both Highland Park and University Park are very well known for the most extravagant homes in the city, and even in the state. There have been famed residents, and those that reside in the area generate quite a community reputation as well. There are also many politicians and those within higher rankings of the corporate world that reside in these neighborhoods.

    Homes feature estate, ranch, and even Victorian style architecture, with most encompassing a great deal of land with a very large square footage. Getting these homes will definitely cost a bit more than the average home, with average costs over $500,000 – some homes as much as $1 million or greater in cost.

    Finding something to do in the Park Cities isn’t hard, with recreational options for residents within the community that ensure a greater quality of life through every amenity of the neighborhood. Those that reside within enjoy the privacy of their large estate style homes, and the stretch from Downtown Dallas that allows for a slower paced life.

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