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By Mike Cooper | Broker in Winchester, VA

Death by Email

Death by Email 

One of the short comings of email and texting is that you don't have the privilege of looking the sender in the eye while they are communicating with you. 

I have often received an email from a colleague or client and thought, "Wow!  That was curt, Death by Emailnasty or down right mean."  Then, when I get that person on the phone or face to face they don't have any idea that their message came across that way.

Texts and emails have no personality, and I think many senders just put the information they need into the message and nothing more.  In that case, it may come across in the wrong way. 

Years ago, I had an office assistant who tended to send me long emails late at night.  She would have had a glass of wine, or two, by the time she started emailing.  When I'd receive the email, I would have to ask myself what the heck is she talking about.  I realized right then that email will allow anyone to have a boldness that they didn't have in person.

So, before you text or email someone, make sure you read, re-read and re-re-read your comments to make sure you get your point across without any hidden motives or potential misunderstandings.  Better yet, pick up the phone and call.

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