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By Mike Cooper | Broker in 22602

New App Takes Care of Your Social Media Sites in the Event of Your Death

New APP Takes Care of Your Social Media Sites in the Event of Your Death

There has been some discussion on social media sites about the future of your profile in the event of your untimely demise.  With a number of friends recently passing it has been a much more real question.  What happens to your social media sites in the event that you die?

Pat Kennedy, and a few others, brought this question to the forefront on Active Rain after a few members passed away, and it's a great question.  I have one friend who passed away two years ago, and her Facebook profile is still active.  I haven't had the stomach to delete it, but it probably should acknowledge her passing for those out of the area that have no idea why she doesn't respond to their posts.  

On the site, Mashable Social Media, they displayed a new APP this week called, "If I Die."  This application allows three friends who have been assigned as your trustees to post to your Facebook site.  They are supposed to fulfill your last wishes.  It could be a message from you, pictures or whatever you decided to have the world know at the end.  It's a great idea, and it is definitely a modern day necessity.  Check it out. 


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By Kathy Weber (951) 551-7587,  Sat Jan 7 2012, 08:15
Incredible! Morbid - but a great idea! We build social media friendships from all over that actually become a distant family to us. Great idea! Thanks for the info.!
By Mike Cooper,  Sat Jan 7 2012, 08:45
I'm with you on the morbid part, Kathy, but it is a great idea.
By Kathy Weber (951) 551-7587,  Sat Jan 7 2012, 09:10
Yeah it is! I went on and read the whole concept. Dang, wish I would have thought of it! Someone's making a fortune off of such a simple idea...keep us posted if you see anymore good app's! -0)
By Jennifer Fivelsdal,  Sat Jan 7 2012, 12:39
Mike yes this question is being discussed more and more. There should be some acknowledgement that the account is no longer active so that a consumer won't be looking for a response, that will never come.
By Mike Cooper,  Sat Jan 7 2012, 12:45
Good point, Jennifer.
By Akil Walker,  Sat Jan 7 2012, 15:14
A good app to say your final words on your terms.

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