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By Mike Cooper | Broker in Winchester, VA

Is that a Goofy Watch you're wearing?

Is that a Goofy Watch you're wearing? 

"Is that a Goofy watch you're wearing?"  I replied, "Yes it is, don't you love it?"  When I first entered the real estate business I was an investor.  I did a lot of deals, and a lot of money was involved.  At times it could be intense, but I loved it.  The more intense the better.

For me, it was all about the negotiations, and I reveled the intensity of that part.  I loved the negotiation part so much that I was almost depressed once I accomplished the deal.  It was great to mix it up with someone who was trying to best you in a deal, and yet you knew when all was said and done that you would get everything you wanted, and they would be happy too.  It was great!

Well, because I tended to be a little intense at that time, my sons who were very young, gave me a special gift.  They gave me a Goofy watch.  The unique thing about the Goofy watch was that it ran backwards.  The numbers ran counter-clockwise.  So, if you wanted to know what time it was you really had to stop, take a look, study the watch face and then you could figure out, "Oh yeah, it's 2:15 pm!"

I always felt like I won a prize when I finally figured out what time it was.  There was a reason for the watch.  The watch took me from being the extremely intense and serious about every second of every deal real estate investor to realizing that life is fun.  And, if you let it be fun you can still be successful and happy in what you do.

I was happy, but I was intense.  I never lost a negotiation and part of that was because I was so focused.  I surveyed every meeting room so I could position myself for the superior role.  It was important that my clothes were just perfect in every way.  My body language had to be just right, and the conversation was short, sharp and in focus.  It was intense.  And then, in the midst of it all, I would look at the Goofy watch, and inside I would laugh and remember to enjoy the ride.

Yes, I wear a Goofy watch.  Not because I have to, but because I want to.  Life is too short not to enjoy the ride.  So, as you go through your business day, enjoy it.  Look for something to laugh about.  Find your Goofy watch moment.  Be good at what you do, be laser sharp in your focus, but also be comfortable with your Goofy watch on. 


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